RIM Launches The Official Blackberry Blog

By Adam Zeis on 30 Apr 2009 04:37 pm EDT

Inside Blackberry

It's no secret there are tons of BlackBerry related blogs out in cyberspace, and with new ones popping up every day, some slip under the radar.  We're not really sure how this one managed to slip by, but the latest arrival to the blog party is Inside Blackberry - The Official Blackberry BlogTo our knowledge, there was no press release or announcement of any kind, but from the date on the first post, it looks like the blog popped up around April 15th.  Pretty cool that there is an "official" blog now so we can keep up with the news straight from RIM employees.  Head on over to http://blogs.blackberry.com/ to check it out. 

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Reader comments

RIM Launches The Official Blackberry Blog


I give them a month before they shut down or disable comments due to floods of, "when is the new Storm OS coming?!"

Once more of the CB community gets a whiff of this, ouch! I say this site stays up less than a month (from today)

I don't see the point. They have 3 people who have each posted once in a two week period. BGR gives us more then that and Kevin and the team here give us more then that on a slow day!!!

RIM might make our smartphone of choice but lets face it Kevin has the web site of choice when it comes to Blackberrys and I think RIM needs to face that fact.

They may not want to hear/read this, but I think the official blog site for BB has become CrackBerry. Maybe someone forgot to inforn them of that. If CB doesnt have it, then BerryReview or BGR will.