RIM launches Mobile Fusion Trial - Better manage mobile devices and tablets

Mobile Fusion
By IsaacKendall on 21 Feb 2012 01:50 pm EST

In the event you missed it, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 launched today and most of the world in rejoicing. I say most, because in the security conscious corporate world new shiny products and updates are approached cautiously.

When a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) in engaged the IT department is less guarded to new devices since the BES is a rock solid security solution. With PlayBook OS 2.0 there is cause for some concern now that your PlayBook can connect directly to the corporate mail server using Exchange Active Sync and bypassing the traditional BES.

Good news today from RIM, they have made Mobile Fusion for PlayBook Administration available for a free 90-trial download today! Look for a more deeper look at how the Mobile Fusion sausage is made a little later, but for now hit the RIM site to signup for the 90 trial.

More information and download Mobile Fusion Trial

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RIM launches Mobile Fusion Trial - Better manage mobile devices and tablets


Welp, we were ready on BES 5 months back, but that guy jumped ship, so now we are trying to get the server back up and running. They offered us a beta version, but I guess the trail version will be our next stop.

I'm allready using my bes info in my playbook, with that finally, receive mails but no phone calls once the bussines hours are over

If I read the web page right the Universal Device Service doesn't work for iOS or Android yet. It says 'expected in 2012'. Plus it looks like it runs alongside a BES server for Blackberry management. SO I guess I will be waiting for those before I use the trial ;)

The company I work for is getting ready to roll out BB Balance and Fusion pilots. If any of you guys and gals (BES Admin and like minded) are keen to swap info, stories, challanges in regards to these endevours, I'd like to start a BBM group. Drop me a line and we can swap details

I could swear that I read somewhere that iOS and Android support will be added in March - but now I can't seem to find out where I read that particular part :( Still, I hope I remember right :)

The MDM will support iOS, Adnroid and BBs. That is a new area of IT admins need to get familiarized soon as more and more employees want to use person devices at work and work devices for personal use.

So what is the selling point of Fusion as oppose to other well-established MDM for iPhone & Android?

Too few informaton yet. WIll this be part of the BES package? If not, what is the pricing structure? I don't get why on top of BES, my company would have to "pay" for Fusion to be able to manage RIM own playbooks.

Mobile Fusion is the top layer for managing 3 products, BES, BDS (BlackBerry Device Service, and the UDS (Universal Device Service). The BDS supports BlackBerry 10 devices including PlayBooks, the UDS supports iOs and Android devices. One stop shop for all enterprise devices (excluding MS for now). I beleive the UDS will be released mid to late March. Pricing has not been set but I have heard it will require a cal per device (so basically same as running a BES server plus maintenance).

Selling point of Fusion is that you can now control all devices through a RIM solution instead of having one BES solution and one MDM solutoin for other products. There are solutions out there that do the same so will be interesting to see how this plays out.

From the way you describe it, it should replace the BES all togheter. No point in having a BES if you want Fusion as well.

they should offer BES customer to replace their current CAL to switch to fusion then buy additionnal CALs for the new devices.