RIM launches gameplay v1.4 - A cross platform development framework for indie developers

gameplay framework for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 2 Aug 2012 12:50 pm EDT

Back in April we let CrackBerry Nation know that RIM had released an update to their Open Source gaming development platform called gameplay. Today RIM has announced that they’ve updated the development platform once again, to version 1.4.

New features in v1.4

  • Lua script bindings on all public interfaces of the framework.
  • Script binding generator tool for creating user-defined Lua script bindings from Doxygen XML.
  • AI state machine for AI programming/scripting on game objects.
  • Virtual gamepad input support with custom theming using UI system.
  • Optimizations using NEON math for mobile platforms.
  • Compressed texture support for DXT, PVRTC, ATC and ETC1.
  • Improved modular shaders with support for #include in shaders and new light map support.
  • Optimizations and Improvements to the UI system such as inertial scrolling and scrollbars.
  • Pre-built versions of the gameplay-encoder and gameplay-luagen tools.
  • Optimizations in animation and physics.
  • Fixes to support Maya 2012/2013 COLLADA DAE_FBX export.
  • FBX 2013 format support.

RIM also announced that things like support for physical gamepad input from Xbox 360, Wii and Bluetooth HID controllers would be making their way to the gaming platform in future releases. Until then developers can use the systems virtual gamepads but will also be able to create their own theming to make the controls unique to their game. Developers can grab the full opensource system at GitHub and can learn more about gameplay from gameplay3d.org.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog



This is great - had no idea!


This is, to say the least, very interesting


"RIM also announced that things like support for physical gamepad input from Xbox 360, Wii and Bluetooth HID controllers would be making their way to the gaming platform in future releases."

*School girl squeal!*


I've finally decided to stop a little bit on developing applications and started learning some OpenGL to develop some games, specifically for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook using the Native SDK, and I'm almost finishing my first game that I'll publish at App World.

For sure I'll take a look at this framework to make my life easier on the next games I develop. Congratulations RIM for being so supportive to your awesome developer community!


I'm glad to hear this, and look forward to buying your game/apps. Good to see devs. Working on bb10 dispit what the android and apple fanboys try and say.


This is truly a great idea but in order to get support from Android and iOS developers as well, I think this article needs to also be posted over on iMore and Android Central.


Ohhhhh now this is interesting!

Looks like a pure C++ system which is AWESOME.

We are currently using Marmalade and .... well it has it's own annoying issues ESPECIALLY for the $499 yearly license costs.

I must experiment with this.....

Check out Alpha Wave, the most intense asteroid shooter for Playbook!


Just grabbed the update and trying it out. Love the original! Thanks for the great game guys!
From the keyboard of my Neutrino powered Playbook


They're moving along pretty quickly. I believe it was only three or four months ago they announced version 1.2.0 and there are so many new features since then. I'm looking forward to the editor most I think.


Im trying to red the comments but Facebook pages keep creeping across my page. I cant even see what im writing right now...


It would be kinda neat to use a game pad. Hook up your PB to your TV and play Nova HD


What does this mean?


lua script eh, I got a few games built with that. must port em over.. also it would be nice to include sony's dualshock as a controller input, the 360's controller sucks for me.


I do not see internet connections API are mentioned (neither is GPS).
So one even cannot share its score with the friends!?