RIM launches the BlackBerry Torch in Australia

By DJ Reyes on 22 Oct 2010 12:00 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch

Optus Telecom is the first network in Australia to offer the BlackBerry Torch with other networks (Telstra and VHA) to follow in the coming months. It will be available to both business and consumers. Customers will be able to pick up the phone device for $0 upfront on the $79 Optus Cap plan, this includes a $900 call value and mobile internet data, unlimited mobile access to social internet sites and unlimited SMS/MMS to Australian GSM mobiles.

Phil Offer, Marketing Director of Optus Small and Medium Business, said, "As a leading provider of smartphones, our aim is to provide customers with greater choice and exceptional value so it's fitting that we've taken the market lead as the first carrier to offer the BlackBerry Torch in Australia.

The BlackBerry Torch has been an anticipated device in Australia and carriers there are excited to be able to offer it. Research In Motion also issued their press release for the announcement which, you can view on the RIM website.

Source: Optus



Finally! Now I need to decide if I'm happy to go for this or get a 9780... I'm just not 100% sold on the torch after reading what people have been saying about it. I'd love OS6 because my Bold 9000 gets used for texts and email and I do everything else on my iPad or iPod touch as they're just so must easier for internet connectivity


I think its too late to get my business for it now. I would of happily gotten one when it was first launched as it was the only proper smart phone that had both the touch screen and keypad in Australia. But since looking around at the other smart phones especially htc and finding out that they already make proper touch screen phones with a slide out keypad (just not available in oz) and the faster processors and really stepping up to improve battery usage I'd have to say I'm getting ready to upgrade to the new htc 7 before xmas.