RIM launches BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal

BlackBerry Enterprise Portal
By Adam Zeis on 15 Nov 2012 08:50 am EST

RIM has been all about the developers heading up to BlackBerry 10. They have shown no lack of support and have provided plenty of tools and training for devs to get their apps going. Not to be left in the dust, they are also supporting the enterprise space just as well. Today RIM introduced the BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal which is the next step from the BlackBerry Alliance Program for enterprise. The enterprise portal is free and provides developers, vendors, and organizations access to early hardware and software, technical and commercial resources, and more. Keep reading for the full press release.

Research In Motion Supports Enterprise Partners with Free-Access Portal

November 15, 2012 - Research In Motion (RIM) today launched the BlackBerry® Partners for enterprise portal to support independent software vendors, system integrators, application hosters, professional services organizations as well as corporate developers looking to enable or deploy BlackBerry® 10 applications and services for enterprise customers. The portal will be free for members* and will provide access to pre-release hardware and software, self-serve technical and commercial resources, and facilitate communications among the members.

"We've been listening to our enterprise partners and we're fully committed to ensuring they have the application development resources they need to develop for BlackBerry 10," said Derek Peper, vice president, enterprise partnerships for RIM. "We also want to provide them with a forum where they can share ideas, solutions and information, not only with us but among themselves. They have a tremendous understanding of their customers' needs and the creative solutions to support them."

The BlackBerry Partners for enterprise program, which will succeed the existing BlackBerry® Alliance Program for enterprise partners, will include access to the new portal with the latest news and updates, such as partner technology previews, access to RIM sales resources to support customer opportunities, access to marketing resources to support in country demand generation, enhanced technical support, and access to pre-release devices and software for testing purposes.

"New Toronto Group (NTG), a leading mobile development professional services company, is pleased to be involved in BlackBerry Partners," said NTG president, Glenn James. "We are very excited about the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10 and the major business opportunity it represents for our company. The BlackBerry Partners program will allow us to communicate our BlackBerry 10 strengths and capabilities to potential customers and other members of the growing BlackBerry enterprise developer ecosystem."

"Though we are new to the BlackBerry platform, we delivered an SAP HR HTML5 prototype on the BlackBerry PlayBook in a couple of hours, giving the application a native look and feel with BlackBerry WebWorks," said Romeo De Leon, vice president, product strategy, Nakisa. "The BlackBerry crew demonstrated passion and commitment to speed our efforts. With limited effort, this app also worked on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 together with RIM's presence in the enterprise market represents a significant opportunity for us."

For more information about the BlackBerry® Partners portal or to register for access to the portal please visit: http://partners.blackberry.com

A series of webinars will be held on Monday, November 19 to provide more information about the new program. To register, visit:


* Terms and conditions apply.

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RIM launches BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal


I like the new RIM... IF and that's a big IF RIM fails it wont be for the lack of trying. They are putting their best foot out and doing all that is necessary for success. you know what they say... hard work pays off!!!

Interesting photo choice... Now could someone please explain what a photo of devs coding at the (pre-BB Jam Americas) Hackathon has to do with an article about RIM's "enterprise portal"?

The phoenix rises from the ashes!

Great and positive news that seems to endorse a concerted effort to make BB10 a total success and valid competitor to the current market leaders.

I just look forwards to the BB10 version of my Qwerty 9900 - heads up RIM you are doing the right thing and many who left will return should it live up to expectations!

The crap will be squeezed out of the shorts very soon.
All it takes is one big buy .... and this stock could have HUGE upside. They are thousands of shareholders sitting on hundreds of millions of shares. Very few shares in play according to the AIV reports.

I just talked with someone who misplaced an Android device. I said his IT department should be able to remotely wipe the device. He didn't know what I was talking about. Let's +10 this.