RIM launches BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

BlackBerery Mobile Fusion
By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2012 08:39 am EDT

RIM has announced today that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is now available. Mobile Fusion enables IT departments to manage and support BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices and also allows end users the freedom to choose their own device. An initial release for BlackBerry phones and the PlayBook launched in February and today's release brings Mobile Fusion to iOS and Android devices as well.  

Press Release

Introducing BlackBerry Mobile Fusion - RIM Launches Next Generation Mobile Device Management Solution for Government and Business Customers

Cost-Efficient Solution Delivers Secure, Reliable, Scalable and Easy Management of BlackBerry, iOS and Android Devices

Waterloo - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today launched the highly-anticipated BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, RIM's next-generation mobile device management (MDM) solution for enterprise customers. Built on the foundation that has established BlackBerry® Enterprise Server as the gold standard for government and businesses, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion delivers a cost-efficient, secure, reliable and scalable solution that consolidates the management of smartphones and tablets running BlackBerry® OS (including support for BlackBerry PlayBookTM and future BlackBerry® 10 devices) as well as AndroidTM and iOS®*, and provides a single, unified, web-based console for easily managing all devices.

"For businesses and government, managing a mix of mobile devices on any scale is chaotic. Organizations face pressure to allow employees to bring their own devices into the workplace, and they are looking to RIM as the global leader in the enterprise mobility space to solve that problem," said Alan Panezic, Vice President, Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at Research In Motion. "BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows organizations to manage a mixed environment of devices in the most secure, simple, and cost efficient manner possible. It also means that businesses and government do not have to move to the lowest common denominator on security for all the devices they need to manage."

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion integrates the market-leading features and security architecture of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (version 5.0.3), providing advanced IT management and controls, a single outbound security connection (256-bit AES encrypted "BlackBerry VPN"), enforceable IT policies, support for BlackBerry® Balance technology, and over-the-air app and software installation capabilities for the management of BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets (as well as future BlackBerry 10 devices).

For the wide range of government workers around the world and approximately 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using BlackBerry smartphones today, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows them to leverage their current end-to-end BlackBerry security infrastructure and have flexible options for individually liable devices while keeping costs low.

In addition to providing unmatched functionality for BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion also provides comprehensive mobile device management capabilities for iOS and Android devices including:

  • Support for multiple devices per user
  • Application and software management
  • Connectivity management (Wi-Fi®, VPN, certificates)
  • Centralized, easy to use, unified web-based console
  • Security and policy definition and management
  • Asset management
  • Configuration management
  • Security and protection for lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe)
  • User- and group-based administration
  • High scalability

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion software is available as a free download and is priced by the number of devices being managed. Client access licenses (CALs) start at $99 per user or $4 per user per month (billed annually); volume discounts are also available. In addition, RIM is offering a 60 day free trial, so customers can deploy a pilot before purchasing a single CAL. The 60 day free trial is available at https://www.blackberry.com/eBES/trialOrder.do?id=121.

For more information, visit www.blackberry.com/mobilefusion.

* iOS and Android devices require the Mobile Fusion Client app to enable the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management services, which is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores. Device security, manageability and controls vary according to the inherent capabilities of the individual device operating systems.

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RIM launches BlackBerry Mobile Fusion


BIG advantage here is that Fusion will allow users (enterprises) to switch back and forth between BlackBerries, iPhones, Android phones as they see fit. As new devices become available companies can switch without the huge costs of revamping all their servers. Could be good and bad at same time ... only time will tell.

So having this product, companies can now safely go to iPhone or Android platform and ditch the BB phones. Yes, revenue wise, RIM can make some money out of it but then, what happen to BB phone users?

... BUT it also makes the Playbook a full partner on the BES. BYOD is here to stay; at least Fusion gives RIM an in on infrastructure management.

Ok. Think about it, I think its ok. They had Nokia or Windows phone that connects to the BES so I guess this is fine... As long they come out with a damm good BB10 phone

- Charles

Hi @chaddeus,

Luke from RIM here. More and more enterprise IT departments are facing the challenge of managing multiple mobile OS environments in the enterprise as part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend. With Mobile Fusion, IT departments get a simple and secure solution (built on the valued security model introduced with BlackBerry Enterprise Server) to support a whole range of tablets and smartphones, including Android and iOS, as well as those for BlackBerry – now and in the future.

For a deeper look into Mobile Fusion and its features, check out today’s post on our Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog: http://bit.ly/Hi6YHs.


Luke, RIM Social Media Team

I may only be using a few Blackberry Smartphones and the Playbook but I know this is going to be good! Their constant mention of "for future BB10 devices" as well just shows everything will be cross platform and compatible.
And after the bad news on financial side, this is probably what we needed to hear!

This is just the begining. These are the things that RIM needs to do to cement their position in the mobile industry. Clearly it has been lost; but steps like this, even though small will make them a force once again. Long Live RIM

This may slow the loss of BES systems deployed as they can now be leveraged to control the devices users want to use, but won't stop the consumer from choosing Android or iOS over BB for the BYOD device. I agree with the CMO comments above too, when is RIM going to fill that position?

Well, Halliburton is going with the iPhone. If RIM can sell them this, they can manage their iPhone deployment with the existing BES servers. And then perhaps some of their staff will decide that the iPhone is too fragile, or too awkward to keep charged in the field, or too prone to signal loss or that the iPad is too big, and amazingly they can use something else. It might be a BB or a Motorola Defy or a Panasonic Eluga, but the playing field has been levelled.

Exactly, instead of losing BlackBerry subscribers along with BES systems, they keep a foot in the business for a come back as the company will already have a supported infrastructure and it can be implemented at a minimal cost.

This is amazing. It simply offers better security for all without reducing
Blackberry security!
Who else can compete with this level of technology?
This is a huge success for RIMM.

Guess I'm the only one that see this as the down fall of RIM here...Palm started to sell Windows OS on their phones when they got desperate. Now Rim is securing other products and help their products get the boot from companies. Hope they make enough money from this.
Folks it's over, I saw this with Palm and when they took forever to update the phone I left and came over to BB, now I'm with Google.
Sad to say but those BB 10 phones will may never see the light of day and if it does it will be late again with 1 1/2 year old technology.

No, this doesn't represent "desperation". The consumer market may not care much for BlackBerry handsets right now, but RIM is still respected on the infrastructure side.

Would you rather they fight BYOD? Or worse, ignore it?

we have over 5,000 blackberry's deployed and about 300 ipads, this product would enable us to now manage both from the same system, get it?

Exactly. And, psychologically, if you don't have to use a particular vendor on your corporate network, they cease to be identified with the restrictive policies of IT. Forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter, doesn't it?

I am still not sure if RIM will survive, at least in its present form. There is a risk that BB10 will be too much the same as the rest of the industry. But in a consumer driven world it helps if your product isn't too much associated with the management.

Brand new technology 1 1/2 + years to develop.
Who is competing with RIMM? No real competition!
Why is RIMM constantly criticized for keeping their Monopoly over true security.
Playbook OS2 proves technology works.
Mobile Fusion lets RIMM compete where others can't even come close.

You lost ALL credibility when you said "BB 10 phones will may never see the light of day"....

RIM is a company with a LOT of cash on hand and is still profitable or at least even. They know their future is with BB10. They have more than enough money to go ahead with BB10 especially since they already basically have it on the PlayBook. There is a 0% chance that RIM does NOT release a BB10 phone.

Now, if that BB10 phone is a COMPLETE failure, than RIM may be done, but if it is even a remote success, RIM will stay around for at least a little while longer.

"Folks its over..." Yeah, I can see how you'd think that. I mean the stock has plummeted 72% in a year....they outsell iPhone by 3:1 in the middle east and 5:1 in latin america two of the largest emerging markets in the world. They wont be emerging for long, these are some of the world's fastest growing economies. With over 77 million subscribers world wide (up 2 million from last quarter), their momentum is growing. If you read the parting comment in the article, "* iOS and Android devices require the Mobile Fusion Client app to enable the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management services, which is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores. Device security, manageability and controls vary according to the inherent capabilities of the individual device operating systems.*" they are clearly about to showcase ALL the vulnerabilities and shortcomings these phones have. As far as BB10 phones never seeing the light of day, I can see your point about how a company that only made $4.2B last quarter will probably be bankrupt in 6 months...lol

Saw the presentation at BIF in Toronto a few weeks ago and although it is still in its infancy, it is very solid and is a huge step in broadening the BlackBerry brand.

It'll bring needed revenue but it will ultimately put more pressure on RIM when BB 10 becomes available. . .(if it's truly a next gen device then they'll be no problem) . . .people will choose the better device) of course this is assuming people actually know about the device (*cough marketing cough*)

I have a question about this. If Mobile Fusion allows a company to secure any phone and follow their IT policies- wouldn't that prevent those with all their apps from downloading some of those apps? Is this going to limit their phones that they will still have to carry a work phone and a play phone?
I have no idea how this works -hence me asking-NOT trolling or anything. I am BB all the way!

I think I read somewhere that personal and business apps were seperate. The company can push the apps they want you to have through BES. Don't quote me on that though

Yup yup, BlackBerry Balance is only available on BlackBerry devices.
I think that once everybody activates their Droid/iOS devices on the BES through Mobile Fusion and realize how limited they now are due to IT policies and such, they will want to get a BlackBerry device just to take advantage of BlackBerry Balance.
Work and play all in one device (securely), how could you go wrong?








""RIM should find itself refusing to fall into absolute despair, after all Hope is what one maintains against all evidence to the contrary"" ALL D BEST RIM.. :)

Basically it's more good than bad. RIM prides itself on its 75 million subscribers to the BB service. When these people want let's say an iPhone, RIM loses their subscriber AND their Blackerry phone owner. Now they have the opportunity to retain their subscribers even though they chose a different phone. They make a lot of their money through their service. Yes they did hurt themselves a bit by allowing blackberry owners to leave and go to another phone maker but they can always win that user back in the future when their devices with more apps are released. For now RIM is adapting to the trend of bringing a device other than a blackberry to work. If RIM can successfully rev up developers and get apps onto blackberry10 that caused people to migrate to the competitors, combine this with a powerful new device line up in the fall, then we will see a trend of people returning to their trusty bb's. For now, mobile fusion is sort of an investment/foothold. Android is a contender to the powerful Apple because of software similarity despite different designs and interface. When RIM can supply this then mobile fusion may not even be necessary.

Great. Makes you wonder if BB10 could actually run in a secure QNX Bubble on iOS / Android devices. Controlled by Mobile Fusion.
But like a suped up BB version of Good.com 's Enterprise soln.

Received this little bit of news from RIM Australia & New Zealand (10 x 9900's to be given away in Australia!)

Received this from RIM Australia & New Zealand and thought you may want to share?

Thanks in advance,


"Hi Thomas – we have launched a new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion microsite today - http://aublackberryfusion.com/

What is BlackBerry Mobile Fusion? BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows you to manage BlackBerry® smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets as well as iOS® and Android™ devices, all from a unified interface.

It features links to download Fusion, Videos, Training links and the opportunity to win a Bold 9900!"