RIM launches BlackBerry Entrepreneurship Academy in Saudi Arabia

RIM Launches BlackBerry Entrepreneurship Academy
By DJ Reyes on 24 Jan 2012 01:10 pm EST

There has already been a lot of news about RIM this week, and it's only Tuesday, but that's not the only thing that has been happening at RIM, on the International front RIM held a joint conference with Saudi Arabian Investment Authority (SAGIA) to announce the BlackBerry Entrepreneurship Academy over the weekend. The Kindgom recognises that there should be more support for "digital entrepreneurship" therefore the main aim of the project is to increase the growth of mobile app development as well as to "foster the growth of local software developers". In a statement, Fahd Hamidaddin, chief of marketing and competitives initiatives of SAGIA said, "We see an increasing demand in this region for localized applications and mobile content and this is creating an opportunity for enterprising software developers".

The academy allows RIM to implement training workshops, provide a support team and consultation that will help budding entrepreneurial developers in the Kingdom with commercial and technical perspective to develop mobile applications and content.

With BlackBerry smartphones and tablets continuing to grow popularity in the middle east, it is good to see RIM provide more support within the area to help current and upcoming developers to create apps and content for the BlackBerry devices we love to use.

Source: Arab News

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RIM launches BlackBerry Entrepreneurship Academy in Saudi Arabia


Hopefully this is good news for BlackBerry users in the Middle East, since residents of Saudi Arabia seem to be getting "half" the experience that others get in the rest of the world.

RIM needs to know that people in Middle East are frustrated that since the official launch for BlackBerry PlayBook in Middle East last June until this moment, there is no support or official statement regarding the Arabic Language Support for their tablet !

Did you forgot to mention no Video Chat in Saudi Arabia or u are not aware of.
Saudi Arabia has the shittiest BlackBerry® service

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