RIM to launch a branch in Indonesia

By Yousif Abdullah on 24 Sep 2010 08:43 am EDT

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Following the massive popularity and demand of BlackBerry in Indonesia, RIM is planning to open a branch in the country soon and has also been in talks with local application developers to provide a more complete BlackBerry experience for Indonesian users. Despite security concerns in the air, this move could prove to be a fresh breath of hope for RIM in Middle Eastern countries.

Still, it is not clear whether RIM agrees to build a local server in the country, but given that Indonesia has become a very important market for RIM, the two will most likely find a way to build rapport. Interestingly, RIM has so far reached 50 million global subscribers, and markets outside North America account for 52 percent of its revenues.

Reader comments

RIM to launch a branch in Indonesia


Wow!!! That's my country!! Guess it won't be harder to find parts for blackberries across Indonesia!! Congrats RIM!! I hope that they agreed to make a local server to for my country!! :D

Great! RIM just do the right thing! Indonesia is the most Blackberry user in ASEAN, RIM just play its right card :)

I wish they all ditched their Berries. Get an Android or iPhone or N-Series or even Chinese phoney smartphones. I'm sick and tired to listen the same ringtones as mine when they're chatting with their Berries in the same waiting room. That's how I describe how big BlackBerry users here in Indonesia. Please RIM, don't open your branch in Indonesia. I myself about to sell my BlackBerry for the basic function cellphone. To me BlackBerry is just another consumptive must-buy trendy device with mediocre technology. If you want technology, get an Android 2.2 Froyo OS or a more sophisticated iPhone 4. Start to learn that Android 2.2 Froyo and iPhone 4 are better than Torch. IMHO

This made my day! I felt the same while in Kuwait and I am sure that there are many who buy a BlackBerry for the "must buy" factor, but then again there are many who buy a BlackBerry for legitimate reasons. Take this from someone with a BlackBerry and no data plan. You read that right; where I live there is no BlackBerry service, yet I still find reasons to justify the need to import a BlackBerry smartphone. And of course, nothing beats a keyboard :)