RIM kicks off BlackBerry Jam Session Hackathons in Brazil with plenty more planned!

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2012 05:32 pm EDT

Ever since BlackBerry World, RIM has been focusing on developer relations across the globe and with the first inaugural BlackBerry Jam session hackthon having now taken place in Recife, Brazil, RIM is ready to host plenty more. They've set up a whole slew of dates in different regions and are inviting anyone interested to join in on the fun. Developers will surely know what a hackathon is but for the uninitiated, an explanation:

A Hackathon is a place where you can “hack” (work on) your app ideas in a couple of hours. It’s where you meet people from the industry, tech experts, and code your app in one day, all with good food and drinks. It’s the opportunity to turn the feeling of “I think it can work” into something real and exciting. In the end, judges will elect the winners for every category, and each winning team will receive great prizes.

That's right. A bunch of developers learning from each other and experts in their fields, fueled by pizza and RedBull. At the Recife, Brazil, event after 10 hours there were 16 apps ready to be shown off. If you're a developer looking to build a BlackBerry 10 app using HTML, C++, Cascades, Adobe AIR or Java/Android then a hackathon is where you'll want to be. As mentioned, RIM is hosting quite a few of the events over the next little while so hit the link below to learn more about when and where.

Learn more about BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathons

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RIM kicks off BlackBerry Jam Session Hackathons in Brazil with plenty more planned!

Yes, much like thousands of other sites that use GoDaddy DNS - http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4500993

Whoever made that video should be responsible for making the BlackBerry 10 commercials. The music was really cool and the video as a whole did a great job of outlining what a BlackBerry Jam session is.

Very true. Just shorten it and make for a product to sell, add samuel l jackson. And its a wrap!

On s different thought, crazy that venezuala is gonna be aprat of this.

And I just remember that sam jackson is ios

Definitely a well done video; got all the points across and I felt like I'd a good idea what the jam sessions were all about.

It's just awesome how much attention is RIM putting on the region, compared to Google or Apple!.

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