RIM introduces Trade-Up and Recycle Program for Enterprise and government customers

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By Adam Zeis on 16 Aug 2012 11:04 am EDT

RIM's BlackBerry trade-up program has been successful for consumers since launch, and now RIM has also introduced a program for Enterprise and government customers looking to upgrade devices. The new Trade-Up and Recycle Program aims for larger groups and organizations to be able to trade in older BlackBerry smartphones for new BlackBerry 7 devices. The program gives customers up to $100 for their old devices. 

Keep reading for the full press release and head to the BlackBerry Trade-Up page for more.  

Enterprise and Government Customers Can Save Money on BlackBerry 7 Smartphones with New "Trade-Up and Recycle Program"

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - August 16, 2012) - A new program from Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM)(TSX: RIM) can save enterprise and government customers on the costs of upgrading to BlackBerry® 7 smartphones while also helping with the responsible recycling of old devices. RIM announced today that it is working with e-Cycle LLC to offer a new trade-up and recycle program to customers in the United States.

Under the program, enterprise and government customers can get a rebate of up to $100 per device purchased when they trade in an older BlackBerry smartphone for the purchase of a new BlackBerry 7 smartphone(i).

"RIM is pleased to work with e-Cycle to help customers upgrade their older BlackBerry smartphones to the latest BlackBerry 7 models, while also helping to facilitate responsible recycling," said Richard Piasentin, Managing Director for the U.S. at RIM.

"This program provides BlackBerry customers with a cost effective way to upgrade to the latest BlackBerry smartphones and helps reduce the impact on the environment by diverting electronic waste from landfills," said Christopher Irion, e-Cycle founder and CEO.

For more information about the BlackBerry Trade-Up program, visit www.blackberry.com/tradeupbusiness. The e-Cycle process can be viewed at http://e-Cycle.com/how-it-works.

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Reader comments

RIM introduces Trade-Up and Recycle Program for Enterprise and government customers


Alright RIM! I've been waiting for a firm program like this for years! I know of some orders that can be pushed through because of this!

Perhaps if they had done this sooner, BYOD wouldn't be such a big deal in corporate environments today.

Everyone knows that BB4 & BB5 devices had a crappy browser and since the BES often restricted downloading apps, users were stuck with a phone that just did email and BBM.

i do not agree with this method.what u want to do with old device?throw it to other countries and every distributor will change the case with the new casing, so it looks a new device but in fact refurbished?...unfair method..please do not continue this program

As long as they are sold disclosed as refurbished or used articles that sounds way better than adding to the mountains of ewaste in India China Bangladesh slowly seeping toxic leach water into the drinking water of local people.
Solid program RIM!

Look around, this is what everyone is doing, this is how you give customers an incentive to upgrade and weed out the older devices, this is how you recover valuable materials to recycle in newer devices, this is how you minimise the the used devices market cannibalising sales and edge people towards buying newer devices.
You are assuming RIM is unethical enough to dupe its customers in poorer countries by selling them older devices as new. That is just not the case.

This should clear up some of that inventory. It will also be a lot cheaper for companies to upgrade their devices to BB7 instead of changing their system to BB10.


I'm so sick of hearing people complain about Blackberry, then pull out an ancient 8300 issued from their job.

Even though I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and a BlackBerry Bold 9900, I will NEVER trade in my BlackBerry Curve 8330. This phone has proven to be so dependable and reliable it would be stupid and foolish to get rid of it! I use it to surf the Web all the time and know the BlackBerry security that RIM is known for will protect me. And the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard is second to none.

I do use my other BlackBerrys but always go back to my 8330. The 'ease of use' of this phone allows me to quickly get things done!


Hahaha! LOL! I've seen the same!!!! These people unfortunately also have the mindset that BlackBerry has the worst browser -- yeah, that was 4 or 5 years ago, but the PlayBook and BB10 are pretty much leading the pack and even the BB7 browser is fairly competitive with the competition according to html5test.com and other respected sites like acid3.acidtests.org.

OS7 devices should be given away at this point. $20 off a phone for my old one isn't going to convince me to go out and buy an OS7 lameduck device for $580 instead of the regular $600. if RIM wants people to jump allover contracts and lock in for BB10, RIM needs to offer a firm upgrade path TO BB10. not OS7.
OS7 devices should be basically free at this point.

I totally agree with you. I wish Rim would bite the bullet once and for all. The handset division of Rim has fallen behind. Rim is a software and service company. They provide security for mobile devices for governments and enterprise better than anyone. That is their bread and butter. Handsets were essential but they have fallen behind. Handsets have one shot and that is BB10. The future of Rim is BES and Mobile Fusion. Providing mobile security across all platforms for all devices. This reminds me of a similar situation. I once did a private placement for Clayton Homes. I took an institutional investor on a due diligence trip at their Knoxville headquarters. Clayton Homes marketed mobile homes under a handful of brands for all the top manufacturers. I asked them why they would offer their competitors products and they said it was the only way they could keep their manufacturing division competitive. They sold manufactured homes across all platforms, they insured them, and they financed them. They generated so much cash flow Berkshire Hathaway bought them out. I would love to see Rim leverage their security, open a chain of outlets(with partners like the carriers, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Wireless Giant) called Mobile Fusion and provide sales, service and security for mobile devices across all platforms. One stop shop for all your mobile device needs for governments and enterprise. Sales, service, security, financing and insurance at one fixed price to meet your needs. What other company could make that offer. Of course if the handset division can deliver a compelling device that would be a bonus. Rim needs to focus on providing security for mobile devices across all platforms.

This program is a good option. It is not mandatory. If the company thinks it is a good deal then they will do it.

Frankly, the OS7 devices are going to make quite a few people happy. I love mine and the older BBs are past their prime in my view.

I'm still giving my 9860 a lot of love, at least until the BB10 devices arrive :) The 9860, 9810, and 9900 are still great phones! Why are many corporate users still carrying 9700s and 9000s? Really?

its sad. And in terms of budget, im sure many can afford to upgrade. Especially since a lot of company's are switching to iPhones. I really think its just due to lack of marketing, and the many numerical choices of Blackberry's to choose from. Some might think they're upgrading when they ditch the 8300 for the 8350's lol

So... why is this not available in Canada?

I mean of ALL the countries that have BB customers.. CANADA should be the first!

I like this, definitely going to trade up from my lowly Bold 9650 for a touch screen BB 10. Getting $100 is very good value considering I paid like ~$200 for a refurbished BlackBerry. I wonder if RIM is going to lose big money on this program, certainly hope not.