RIM Introduces Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook

Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2011 12:35 pm EDT

RIM announced today that Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook is now available in beta form. The app is available in BlackBerry App World and offers IT managers enterprise virtualization from the PlayBook. With the Citrix Receiver, users can access virtual desktops on servers with Windows as well as an organization's enterprise apps.

Features include:

  • Multitasking - similar to the PlayBook's multi-tab browsing experience, the Citrix Receiver allows for multitasking between virtualized apps and desktops, and between multiple desktops themselves - all on the tablet's seven-inch screen
  • Single "Sign On" Access - one single sign on access point provides full access to virtual apps and desktops
  • IT Controlled Built-in Enterprise App Hosting - IT managers can give self-service access to enterprise apps, much like you select apps from BlackBerry App World
  • Security - the unique FIPS-certified BlackBerry PlayBook tablet security protocols protect your data when using the Citrix Receiver
  • Peripheral Integration in High Definition - by pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you'll gain full access to your remote desktop and apps on the PlayBook's brilliant HD screen

Check out BlackBerry App World for more information.

Download Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook
Read more at Inside BlackBerry

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Reader comments

RIM Introduces Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook


Tried but can't connect via bridge. Looks like you must have Citrix Gateway or some outward facing Citrix solution in place.

We do have a pnagent site setup internally. Great for our devices on the BES, not so great for external devices. Will have to look into implementing something soon.

I already tried out my company's Citrix server. It looks good, but will be a lot easier to use with a Bluetooth mouse paired to my PlayBook. It's not easy to click on something precisely with just your fingers.

Finally! This is what I have been waiting for. For a tablet that sells itself on business productivity this is huge.

Awesome! This is a game-changer for PB as now can be used to login to my office PC's Remote Desktop running behind Citrix.

EDIT: uhhh, never mind. Citrix Access Gateway support isn't part of this release. The waiting continues....

RIM .... seriously... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What in the world has taken you so damn long to produce a crucial thing like a Citrix receiver for the Playbook!! other devices has have this almost since they hit the market.

But hey... it get's better... how much more do i have to wait to get the Vmware View connector in the PB ??? if i follow the same wait time i did for a citrix connector might as well jump ship and get me an Asus eee Pad...

my loyalty is growing thin the longer it takes you as a company to take care of your customers... business productivity tablet... sure... have you look around new trends like Citrix Receiver (which you finally made available) and Vmware View (which God knows when will it be release) ???

no kudos to you as a company until you are able to satisfy the demand of loyal customers like myself... and i am certain i am speaking for many.

I think you meant to log into cryberry.com

RIM does not make Citrx products. So why how does it make sense to blame RIM?

I think you're right.

But he also has a point. These types of programs should have been available in April. Perhaps now that the NDK is in closed beta we'll see some quality start popping up for the playbook.

Edit: it IS rim's fault for not having the ndk available a lot sooner.

If RIM releases the Playbook NDK in October, it will be the fastest platform to release the NDK.

It took Apple 9 months to release their NDK. It took Android seven months to release their NDK (when Google released Android 1.5).

Citrix announced that the Citrix Receiver would be available in a million different platforms --- including the dead HP TouchPad and the not so dead Google chromebook.

If you want to blame somebody, blame Citrix.

I wouldn't blame Citrix. I would blame RIM - just when did the NDK become available (in closed beta mind ya)... Thank you - put blame where its due - SHAME ON RIM FOR TAKING SO LONG to release the NDK (still in beta).

The iphone didn't have NDK until 9 months later. Android didn't have NDK until Android 1.5 seven months later.

If RIM releases the NDK in October --- it will be the fastest platform to release the NDK out of the three.

Not working for me. Getting an error stating "Citrix Receiver has experienced an error. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your administrator." This pops up after I get an "Invalid Certificate" error.

The preview doesn't support access gateway and cloud gateway yet. So if your company's setup requires that --- you can't use the preview yet.

for a technology preview version it is quite smooth, though the keyboard doesn't show up anywhere while in a citrix session, anyone else had this issue?

Doesn't seem to work for me . Does it work with citrix secure gateway ? Which version of Citrix gateway do you need ?

I can see al the apps from the company appearing, when trying to launch I get the error
"Application launch failed. Please contact your administrator"

Can somebody please help ? Thx

For those who tried, how do you activate the keyboard when you're inside a published application or in a xen desktop?

This is a great feature. I am getting connection error: You do not have the proper encryption level to access this session. Any help would be appreciated....

It's about time this was released but there is still a lot of work to do. It does work when connecting to a XenApp Services/PNAgent site. Hopefully access via the gateway products or WI will be supported soon. I was able to get a BT keyboard to work but not a mouse. The mouse pairs but no pointer shows up in the session. Has anyone had any luck with this?

Physician: Just bought the Playbook purely for accessing hospital records / lab results through Citrix. Could not load apps from external WiFi (apparently problems with security / encryption over open Internet connection). Works fine so long as using internal Hospital (private) WiFi- not actually a problem since use home computer / laptop outside hospital, though bit buggy; occ freeze.
Would be killer app: Playbook actually fits in lab coat pocket (vs "others") IF ONLY COULD ZOOM! Problem: In hospital existing apps require data entry (patient ID / name) to access records. Data entry fields optimised for desktop computers: too small on Playbook to be any use, making an otherwise great tool useless. NEED ZOOM IN / OUT!