RIM Introduces the Built For BlackBerry Program

By Bla1ze on 5 Jan 2011 12:55 pm EST

Being BlackBerry owners we all love to have nice accessories to go along with our devices. Research In Motion recognizes this as well. The new Built for BlackBerry program launched today is meant to highlight the best products from Research In Motion and their partners. As taken from the press release:

Today, Research In Motion launched the Built For BlackBerry Program, a new initiative that brings RIM together with select market-leading brands in the development of accessories and peripherals. Built For BlackBerry products are specifically designed to work with BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The program will offer technical, strategic and marketing support, allowing members to complement the BlackBerry portfolio with exciting accessories.

At launch, members in the Built For BlackBerry Program include: Case-mate, Speck, Incipio, Otterbox, Tru Protection, iGrip, Vaja, Dicota and Trexta. These members are brand leaders in their markets and offer products that appeal to a wide range of BlackBerry customers. Approved products can be identified by the Built For BlackBerry logo appearing on member packaging and marketing material.

The Built for Blackberry logo itself is new however; the Shop Crackberry Store has a ton of products designated with the previously used "Authentic Blackberry accessories" logo. Buying products specifically designed and tested with your device is just good practice. If you're going to be picking up any Built for Blackberry you might as well take advantage of the up to 70 percent off sale Shop CrackBerry has going on now until January 10th.

Reader comments

RIM Introduces the Built For BlackBerry Program


How does RIM/Otterbox juxtapose the "built for Blackberry" against the Otterbox Commuter case for the 9650 which had a design flaw that Otter never fixed???

No Seidio? Makes me wonder if the companies had to buy in somehow.

I only knew 5 of the 9 brands listed. Not familiar with Tru Protection, Vaja, Dicota, or Trexta.
Anyone? Not looking for a link; I can search as well as you. Just curious who else had previously heard of these brands.

I've heard of Vaja which makes extremely expensive cases. I prefer Sena Cases myself.
I also wonder what it takes for a company to "qualify" for this branding. I suspect money exchanging hands has something to do with it.

Seidio has had complaints about the fit of the 9650 extended battery door covers for some time now. As far as I know, the issue is closed with them.

Maybe they were not on the list because of their quality was not up to RIM's standards?

And just how long has Apple been doing this very thing! Ha nice try BB to little to late,BB should have been on top of all of this 4G madness & maybe they would have had a chance to compete...But instead Lets star a Made for BB campaign,That will take us right back to the top!....Im Sorry But this is exactly why BB continues to lose their share of the market :(

Tell that to the celebrities and business corporates.. I just read in a magazine that the iphone is merely a fashion accesorie or toys to immature ungrown adults.

BlackBerry is growing. So is the market for accessories for it. When I first got into BlackBerries, You couldn't even find cases from Speck, CaseMate and the lot, the companies who are stars of the iPhone accessories market, and now you can find plenty.

Your comment makes no sense.

Auli is 100% right,BB is the Phone of choice for Celebs & Business,Mainly because of security & If this were still 2004 that would be great! but its not Numbers don't Lie,New activations are on the Rise,Grandmothers & Grandfathers are getting cell Phones,& not BB's...Apple & Google ARE grabbing shares of BB's Revenue! Xdakx you can find more accessories for your BB not because BB is growing...Because cell Phone use is Growing,More & More People are ditching home phones(landlines) for cell phones,& even more for smart phones,So the market is there,it would be stupid for any manufacturer not to make accessories for all devices,Trust me Dude Speck & Casemate do make cases for devices other than BB's. BB had a nice run but the Money behind Google is just to hard to beat,The ultimate marketing scheme,make nice apps,Make them FREE,Collect data from the user as they use the App & sell that Collected data to Marketing firms,While advertising to the user simultaneously!....Oh yeah I almost forgot My 4G reference,What direction do you think Business is going? 3G or 4G? how many devices(4G) does BB have "0" (until Summer's Sprint Playbook)

I've been using vaja cases for a while now and they are by fay the best cases available. True they are expensive, but they are well worth the price (in my opinion) as they offer both protection and class to the overall device.