RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in the US

RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in the US
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2011 12:47 pm EST

Today RIM has announced it's new BlackBerry trade-up program for customers in the US. Through this program, customers who purchase a new, eligible BlackBerry are qualified to receive money back for trading in their existing "eligible" BlackBerry device. According to the site, users can receive up to $120 back when trading in an old device. Of course the device you trade in and your new device will have to be on the eligable list, but the most recent devices including the 9670, 9800, Pearl 3G and 9700/9780 are all there. If you're looking to trade-up and get a new device, head to blackberrytradeup.com.

More info on the BlackBerry Trade-up Program

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RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in the US


The primary problem with the trade in program is the very limited selection of phones. While my Storm 2 is far from perfect, I see nothing good in the selection.

The Tour 9630 isn't even two years old yet and it isn't included in the list. Another slap in the face for Tour owners?

Yep. At first I was upset, and then I remembered that all of these slaps in the face led me to make the decision that I'm never getting another Blackberry, and thus this would be useless to me anyway.

Why do people even waste their time with post like yours?

I get it. You've moved on/are planning to move on. Ok.

Let it go. No need to waste your time here anymore.

There are other blogs/forums for whatever phone you like now.

Go post there.


No. That's the whole point. RIM won't regret it. These changes make ZERO!!!!! difference to the company. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS! As with any company out there they are trying to build the best product they can to meet the needs of their users and potential users.

I can see bitching about some person you talked to on the phone to alert a company to poor service, becuase the service person might not give a fig about the company they work for. But to come on here and bitch about phones or product strategy is just so dumb that it is annoying as hell.

Grow up.

Tours are on the list, go to the section labeled "details of old phone". My Tour is worth $80 to move to a Bold.

If you clicked the link to see what old phone were eligible, you would see Curve, Bold, Pearl, Storm, and Tour.

When I went through to see how much I could get, the 8330 wasn't listed (although some other curve models were).

Hope that comes to Canada. Would make it easier upgrading every year depending on what they give you...


Like I did when I upgraded from a Storm to a Storm2, I will give my older phone to a deserving teenager or someone else that will benefit from the phone greater than RIM would. This is another ploy to refurbish and resell to 3rd party companies.

I don't see how this program will work when buying the new phone from a carrier. It would be better if the transaction was dealt directly with the carrier via RIM. My 1yr old 9700 is worth $120 through the program and my older Curve 8320 only $30. Both are in great working condition so I'm better off just unlocking them and selling on Ebay. Less paper work and I'll get the funds much quicker than through this program guaranteed. My 9700 is worth at least $200 unlocked!

When I'm ready to upgrade to a newer BB, I'll just use ebay as usual. This isn't worth what you could get on Ebay. They don't offer enough money for the devices considering the new ones that on may want to upgrade to in the future are $400-$500 easy. (I usually make a go for it before my contract is up so...) Yep. Ebay's a better avenue than this, I totally agree.

Just checked and if I traded my 8530 in for a Torch 9800 I would qualify for a refund of $80.00. And even though the list of countries only includes the US at this point it appears that all Canadian carriers are listed so maybe? I would definitely take advantage of this when upgrading.

This would be nice to use in addition to Verizon's new every 2 program that give a discount for a new phone.

What RIM wants to give me money back on my phone? What a crappy company trying to dupe me into giving up my phone, I'm so retarded that I can't figure out for myself whether this is an offer I want or not. All I know is I come to crackberry every day so I can write comments about why I hate RIM and BB phones.

Seriously, if you do want to use this program don't do it.

If you want to write bitchy comments here, do us all a favor and go stick your head in a toilet and flush!

it's a good way for RIM to move staling inventory and prop up sales numbers for the quarter.
there are some good trade deals if you are in the 2 year old ish mark.

If this is what RIM has to do to prop up stalling sales, they're more hurting than I thought ... so much for generating "new" customers. This is a desperate attempt to keep existing customers from jumping ship.

Like Apple's free bumpers program? Like Apple's "Buy a Mac and receive an iPod" promotion? Desperate to keep customers.

Yup, offering promotions/incentives means being desperate.

This is only good is I can use it towards getting a PlayBook ... If not then I will use Best Buy's program, I can get $200 for my 9550, 9530, and 8130.

Here are the instructions after filling it out for trading in my Curve 8300 for the VZ bold that I bought a year ago:

1. Include the used phone, this shipping receipt and valid Proof of Purchase. Valid Proof of Purchase is the invoice or a copy of the UPC from the side of the new phone purchased.
2. Ship your used phone to the Trade-In Center within 30 days of purchase of the new phone and prior to the required postmark date.
3. Only one Proof of Purchase will be accepted for each Promotional Credit.
4.Please note by sending in your phone you confirm that:
i. You have deactivated the used phone and there are no outstanding balances
ii. You are giving up full ownership rights to the phone
iii. The phone will not be eligible for returns
iv. You acknowledge the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed at www.blackberrytradeup.com.

I guess number 2 disqualifies me.

Great, my mint condition 8310 is worth $25?? I know it's older but come on now. It's worth a heck of a lot more to me as a great back-up phone if something should happen to my 9700. Oh well, it was worth a shot just to see what this gimmick would say it was "worth."

If I go to RIM's TradeUp site in IE, it won't let me pick a Carrier. If I use Chrome, it won't display anything after selecting. Guess they need to hire some web folks. Sheesh.....

Nice how the tradeup site requires Flash to see a quote -- making it unviewable on any BB.

For a company based in Canada, I don't understand why these kinds of services aren't launched simultaneously for us users down here as well!

What a Great plan!!! Come Autumn when all the new BBs will be out, it will make it much easier to upgrade!!!

In addition to the phone they list on the site they also say this...

"You must trade-in a working BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Curve™, BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Storm™, BlackBerry® Tour™, 8700 or 8800 series smartphones"

So I guess you can trade in a Storm 9550 or Tour 9530

Um, this site doesn't work. First off, it's totally broken under anything but IE, and even under IE it won't let you select a carrier, and then it won't continue because you didn't select a carrier. FAIL.

I still don't understand why anyone falls for these types of "promotions". Why trade in your device for less than you can sell it for on Craigslist or eBay? This is like trading in a car to a dealership... You will always get more selling it on your own. For those that would rather take less than deal with the "hassle" of selling it on your own, the money obviously isn't an issue for you so why not just keep the phone as a spare and dump the $8/mo insurance the carrier wants to sucker you into? To each their own I guess.

Did RIM not have this program a while back? I remember seeing the Trade-Up program years ago on their web site.

I have a Tour 9630 and I want to upgrade to the best offering from Verizon which is the Bold 9650 however this upgrade tool does not consider the Bold 9650 to be an OS6 phone (since it does not ship with OS6 I believe) what a bust.

Nevermind, it looks like they fixed it.

They are offering me $120 for my 2 month old 9700. That's more thtn I paid for it new. It's a good deal, but I have a contract and the no commitment pricing is too high. This kind of program should go right through RIM.

Ok so they offered me $75 to upgrade my Storm 1 to a Storm 2, but that means the $75 would go to the full retail price only?

I also saw on VZW where they are offering a refurbished Storm 2 for FREE but I think that's only with a new plan or something.

My interpretation...

If you do manage to get the website to work for you and step through the process, you'll quickly see that it sends you back to your carrier's website to purchase a new device if you haven't already done so. Which means you still have to deal with your carrier upgrade eligibility requirements. The trade-up program doesn't appear to circumvent that. You can't purchase the new device from RIM directly as part of this trade-up program.

Is that correct? And if it is, then what is the benefit in this program?

My 9700 is in near perfect condition and I'm still making payments on it. $120 just is not enough to make it worth upgrading. Yet. Maybe when the "Dakota" is released though!

there is nothing available for canada, so you all know that RIM have headquarters in waterloo ontario but they let many canadians down for this trade up programs !! what a terrible shame.

This program is miss labelled since when you go through the process the Canadian carriers are listed as well and it will let you select them. So I would change this from the US trade-in program to the North American trade-in program.

$95 for an 8-month old Bold 9650?

This program (like BlackBerry's strategy in general) is RUBBISH.

Android here I come.

I had to reload the website, and when I did, the "promo code" field had "BBrim" in it. Aparrently it's worth another $15.

Still not as good as selling on eBay though.

Check out usell.com. I saw the ad on tv and decided to check it while smoking one night. My Bold 9700 was showing that it sells for $145. That's a little more than RIM is offering.
I also checked my Storm 9530, $45.
Nokia N95 8gb, $58
Nokia N95, $53
iPhone 3GS, $100 (I think, can't remember the exact numbers).

I seem to have gotten a raw deal and cannot get any help. I sent in a perfectly good 8900 that I was trading up for a Torch. Now they tell me that it didn't pass the start up test and are only going to give me $13. Seems the fine print is that they will not send your phone back and I have been asking for several days to have the issue escalated!!! Caveat emptor...

Who do I contact???

I've been a Bold 9650 owner for almost 2 years now. Can I trade up to an iPhone 4S?

What's that? No?

Watch me RIM.

No more lousy browser, no more lousy apps, no more 2hour updates and battery pulls. No more suck.

I'll take an iPhone..RIM can have the suck!