RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in Canada

RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in the US
By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2011 10:14 am EDT

RIM has announced that its BlackBerry trade-up program is now available in Canada. The program was originally introduced in the US earlier this year. Through this program, customers who purchase a new, eligible BlackBerry are qualified to receive money back for trading in their existing eligible device. Users can receive up to $120 back when trading in an old device.  If you're looking to trade-up and get a new device, head to blackberrytradeup.com for more info and a list of eligible devices.

More info on the BlackBerry Trade-up Program

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RIM introduces BlackBerry trade-up program in Canada


Will this work next month for the new phones? If so, my 9700,currently worth $120 against a 9780 will go for a new bold touch.

WOW, $170 for my Torch? Sweet. Hopefully this works with the next gen phones. Monaco would be nice!

Do you get paid by post? How about checking a link before you put up an article so you quit wasting everybody's time!

They should pay people for their Android and Apple phones. Even if few people took them up on it it might be good PR. haha.

Hi ...I am just wondering...do you pay full price for the new phone or you pay what the discounted ( tie you in a three year ) carrier price term price?

I'm thinking i'd still rather just sell on Craigslist or Kijiji and put the cash towards my next BB...Dakota

If I read this correctly, they even say, "go buy your phone wherever" (not in those exact words), then come back here to complete your trade in.

So I take that you could buy, for example, a phone off the Verizon website, getting the best offer you can, then once you have the new phone in hand, you go back to the site to complete the tradein. They just want to know yo uare not trading in a BB and going elsewhere (droid, apple, etc).

My Bold 9650 is worth $95. Hell, at VZW, I think you can get that at a 2 year contract price of $50.

So, if I went Bold Touch, this could make it affordable for me.

i dont get this trade thing.... so if u have your old bb and u get your new one... does that mean u have to send back ur old phone to them or what? i dont get it

Oh man again a program that is only available in the us and canada !
What about the bb lovers in Europe?
No Playbook release date, No Trade-Up for old devices...

RIM: Take apple as an example: The release date of the ipad2 in the us and in germany
differed only by a few weeks and was announced at the presentation in the us...

key words (up to $120) i know some will be expecting to get $120 no matter what phone they try to trade up with