RIM introduces the BlackBerry in Niger

By Yousif Abdullah on 15 Nov 2010 10:37 am EST

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West Africa, you have reason to celebrate. There namely is a newcomer in RIM's portfolio of BlackBerry supporting countries, and that country is Niger. With the cooperation of service provider Moov, customers in Niger will soon be able to experience the incredible world of push e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger and more. At launch, Moov Niger will offer the BlackBerry Curve 8520, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphones. Definitely, a handful to choose from, and even more than Japan has in its collection so far.

Positive about bringing BlackBerry to Niger is Ben Cheick Haidara, CEO of Moov. He commented, "Since March 2008, Moov has revolutionized the telecommunication market in Niger, and continues to do so with the introduction of the BlackBerry solution. Moov will offer a selection of powerful BlackBerry smartphones at affordable prices that will allow our customers to enjoy the various mobility benefits that the BlackBerry solution offers both in their personal and professional lives."

There can not be enough BlackBerry supporting countries, can there? I personally welcome Niger to the broad world of BlackBerry. And here is to hoping that RIM will introduce the BlackBerry solution in other countries as well. Any CrackBerry readers from Niger already? Introduce yourselves in the comments!

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RIM introduces the BlackBerry in Niger


Niger is a tiny country. We need them in Nigeria. We pay so much for the BIS service monthly yet we can't access blackberry application world or blackberry beta zone! So not fair

i could not believe this when i saw it until i went to the BB website to read it myself. i am really shocked at this development. i believe RIM have more customers in nigeria than in any other country in africa, so it doesnt make sense that they are going to niger. its frustrating that even a minor application like "BB app world" doesnt work in nigeria. infact, am so pissed off right now that i dont know what to say...i feel like smashing my BB 9800 on the floor for this nonsense.

(sorry to RIM,Niger or any reader if i was rude..i was just expressing my mind)

thank you

African carriers that dropped their BB data fees have seen an exposion in usage. A good example is S Africa where it cost about $10 for BIS (I could be wrong about the exact amount), everyone has a blackberry.

Hopefully carriers in Niger will do the same thing to encourage mass adoption.

The smartphone has become the sole source for voice, text and now internet for many users in Africa.