RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2012 08:21 am EDT

A Bluetooth Keyboard and Case combination for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Preorder now at ShopCrackBerry.

The wait is over. We've seen this much anticipated keyboard case for the PlayBook pop up more than once, and now the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook is available for pre-order for $119 US. Kevin has toyed around with the keyboard a few times in the past, but you can be sure we'll have a full official review once we get our hands on one [Kevin will be following up shortly with first impressions]. If you want one for yourself, you can preorder now from ShopCrackBerry.com. In the meantime, check out our official walkthrough video above and keep reading for the full press release.

Press Release

Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today introduced the BlackBerry® Mini Keyboard, a new accessory for the BlackBerry® PlayBook tablet.

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is ultra portable and comes complete with a stylish convertible case that doubles as a stand for the tablet. In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, it offers an integrated touchpad that allows users to navigate and control the BlackBerry PlayBook as easily as using the touch screen on the tablet itself. When the keyboard is active, the PlayBook tablet's virtual keyboard remains hidden, freeing up 100% of the display for the task at hand.

"Whether you're typing email, creating documents, surfing the web or using other apps, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard and its integrated carrying case is an ideal accessory," said James Poulton, Director, Advanced Accessories.

  • Powerful Multi-touch Control - The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes equipped with a touchpad that supports BlackBerry PlayBook gestures. The touchpad also offers additional gestures similar to the standard mouse and touchpad controls on a laptop, including a single tap to simulate a mouse click, a two finger tap to right-click, and a two-finger up or down swipe to scroll vertically.
  • Ultimate Portability - The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is ultra-portable and lightweight, measuring less than 6mm thick.
  • Security - The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard connects to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via Bluetooth®, and features 128-bit encryption to keep the data passed between keyboard and tablet secure.
  • Powered and Ready When You Need It - The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard conveniently uses the micro-USB charger that comes with the BlackBerry PlayBook (one less charger to carry), and the keyboard battery lasts up to 30 days on a full charge.
  • Third Party App Support - The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is a great productivity enhancer. It works with the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Messages, Contacts and Calendar apps as well as Documents To Go, and provides an optimal user experience for third party apps such as Citrix Receiver, which allows users to remotely access their Windows desktop and apps from the tablet.


The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is now available for pre-order internationally at shopblackberry.com for US$119.99. Also available for preorder at ShopCrackBerry.com.

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Reader comments

RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


Ah!! I just got a third party one! This makes me so angry and I was so excited for this when I first saw it back in october was it?


Do you have to take the tablet out of the case to charge it? I keep my playbook constantly plagged into the power supply on my bed-stand when I'm at home.

lol, RIM didn't think when creating the keyboard. you probably have to plug the second charger for the keyboard as well. and youneed a flat surface to use it, try to use it on the bus while sitting down. they need to come out with a keyboard dock like the asus transformer. now that is innovation.

Me too. I just ordered Blurex leather third party case and Rii mini bluetooth keyboard with touchpad. Awe man...

Also, guys, no pictures of the stand option is there one?

see for once i actually disagree and its about the right price. in the uk its £80, now when you consider its (to all intents and purposes) the same as an apple bt keyboard and a convertible case, those two would cost you about £75. so from way of looking at it its a comparable price.

What ????? Apple is ALWAYS over priced.... should never compare to the most expensive... IPad is 499 PlayBook is 199.. the keyboard is more then half the tablet makes no sense

ok, i`ll remake the point, im basing it from UK prices.
bottom line is a convertible case is £30, so a bt keyboard of any decent quality is gonna hit around £50.

as for the $499 for ipad vs $199 for pb, here in uk it was £399 (now £329) vs £169 so thats why i stressed i was basing it off uk price only.

ok what about high street case/keyboard?
Those are selling for $99. The same price as this & they don't also have the intergrated touchpad.

When comparing the price you need to add up, a case, a keyboard, & a mouse & then see how it compares. Also, remember this one has specifically designed PB buttons & guestures.

The Highstreet keyboard is horrible. Connects and disconnects from bluetooth which made for frustrating times. I returned it.

The one thing it did have was a place for the charger when the PB was in the case. This looks like you have to take it out to charge.

Yes, very nice product and very over-priced...are they trying to make up the low selling price of the playbook with expensive keyboards...this thing is good and should be included

JackKennedy - I'm getting very bored and tired with reading all the negative and critical comments you have to say about RIM and BlackBerry. You know what they say, "If you haven't got anything good to say, don't say anything at all."

By the way, everyone, THE SOURCE (the source.ca) is taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook; and they are selling it for $99.99, for a limited time!!


- CB

It WILL probably be even less than $70. Look at the BB accessories that RIM sells on the shopblackberry site -- the charging pods, leather pockets, etc. Only someone who doesn't know any better would buy those accessories there at full price. That's because they are all around 65% off those prices on Amazon. So you could very well see the keyboard case going for $50 at some point in the not too distant future. Maybe even $40.

agreed. costs half the price of a 16gb! ..ridiculous. sweet product though - will buy once price drops to $50 or so.

Been waiting for this... it's expensive though

CB Team- can we have a keyboard showdown between this one and other 3rd party produced ones?

Good Idea on the keyboard showdown. There are a few out there cheaper. I do like this one, but will probably wait until the price comes down or I win one on CrackBerry! LOL

Definitely too expensive. Many PB owners bought the PB for less than double the cost of this keyboard.

Overpriced but still awesome looking.

It does seem a bit expensive at first glance. Don't think of it as a $120 keyboard. It helps to think of it as a $55 case and a $65 keyboard/touchpad. :)
If you need it then it's probably worth it. I don't need it so will pass.

Which I already have, and if I'm going to be on the road and will be doing some serious typing in a doc, you know I'm going to bring that along. Docs 2 Go on my PB doesn't come anywhere close to Word on a netbook.

Strictly for amateurs.

Sad, but true.

Really, if you wanted the full keyboard, you should have just bought a netbook or an ultra slim notebook.

The way the Mouse trackpad wokrs.... It's well worth the money...
And it's encrypted which is good for business users.... It turn your playbook into a nice little FULL remote desktop system.... Nice and portable.... With 1 full month of battery on heavy usage.... There's simply no competition.

Well...I do think the security concern is a bit out of hand...way more than overrated...normal people working for normal companies do not need encryption to prevent keystrokes being recorded...This is really too much for normal people...if you work for the CIA I can understand you need this level of security, but I genuinely think that no normal people would require it...if someone bother to figure out ways to hack into your Playbook then they can probably get the info easier from any of your other equipments unless you work for CIA or something...

Yes, RIM put a lot of resources on security, but sometimes I do wonder if it's too much and they are suffering in other areas...There are certainly governments that are not very fond of the high security...Does it matter for you to be extremely secured when there are no hackers targeting tablets and smartphones...In the consumer point of view, having a high level security and a low level one is effectively the same if there are no hackers targeting them.

Could RIM take some of those resources and use it on other developments?

I have to respectfully disagree. MANY companies are worried about hacking and corporate spying.

Having said that, in order to meet Dept of Defence, Police and other gov agency requirements security is a MUST.

BlackBerries are known for thier security, even though most people dont need it. Its secure for those that DO need it.

You must work for a business, maybe apple, where security isn't an issue and you don't have to deal with banks or credit cards or other regulations. In the real world, businesses are VERY concerned about security. I spend a good part of my job dealing with security issues in our company. RIM has this part dead on..

Considering most of us paid $200 for the PlayBook, $120 is asking a lot. $80 max I would pay, but not very happily. $60-70 is the magic price point.

Apple Keyboard $69.00
What’s in the Box
- Apple Wireless Keyboard
- Two AA batteries
- Printed documentation
Add Apple Magic Mouse ($69.00) the total cost of the combo is $138.00.

BlackBerry Keyboard $119.00
- Keyboard with built-in mouse
- Convertible case, lets you carry your PlayBook tablet and Keyboard together.
- Internal Battery
- Printed documentation

I believe you get more from BlackBerry along with convenience. The price is right. Take away the mouse and case, and you get the Apple keyboard for 69.00.


People shouldn't be complaining about the price because it is integrated, has a mouse, keyboard AND a case.

I paid $800 including taxes for my 64G but I won't pay $119 for this. I don't know what they are thinking. It should have retailed at $75 and sold for around $50 generally. There are many BT keyboard options out there that seem more reasonable. You can get an Apple keyboard and mouse for less than that! Not a good sign of the new RIM (the old RIM was responsible for the fact that it's almost a year late to market!)

Thank you, thank you RIM!! This will make things so much easier for Citrix Receiver. I had given up using it as it was just too darn hard to use. As far as everyone complaining about the price, I think it's spot on. Encrypted BT, full KB and mouse, and a case. All in one. I'll be buying one of these bad boys.

Hi @smfa1965,

Ty from RIM here. You’re very welcome. Sorry to hear you were having challenges using the Citrix receiver without a physical keyboard; adding the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard sounds like a nice solution.

Once you get it up and running, we’d love to hear how the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is improving your experience. Feel free to let us know here, on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or on our Facebook page: http://bbry.lv/bdmrXv. Enjoy!


Ty, RIM Social Media Team

I don't even think I can convince my boss to let me buy this... but it would be very handy if you do A LOT of typing.

the good news is that rim is behind playbook and it will not drop it any time soon the bad news is that the price of this keyboard solution is high

Anyone know employee pricing for this product? I'll try and get it through a friend if the price is reasonable. There's just no way I'm paying $120 though, and don't think even employers will be okay with it. Hopefully we see a nice price drop. Or ability to use the 50% off code with it.

I have been waiting for this and i WILL pay the asking retail price. I have tried almost all the other keyboards on the market that are available and have not been happy knowing that this was on the horizon. You need to look at the entire package together....keyboard and case. When you consider you have both products together and made for the PlayBook then the price is completely acceptible. I bough my first 64 GB PlayBook at full price, $789.87 with tax in Ontario Canada plus I got the convertable and journal cases. I have not found another case/keyboard on the market that has all the function of this one and can't wait to get my hands on a few of these cases for myself and family members. The only part I am frustrated with is the delay from first seeing this product to its final release date........but just happy its finally here now!

Do you think that a screen protector may be mandatory to use this product? I'm very careful with my PlayBook and don't have anything on my screen, but I'm wandering if the keyboard resting against the screen will scratch it over time?

Matt Frey, PGA
PGA Golf Professional

My thought exactly...I would be concerned of key impression or scratches on the display when closed and under any sort of pressure/weight. I see it happen with laptops...but understand that this is a hard glass display vs. softer LCD.

Really like the form and function.

but do keep in mind that Gorilla glass can be scratched...if you drop a gorilla glass on a rough surface the impact is enough to get it scratched/shatter...and keyboard is a rough surface so the concern is legit...

Actually, the size and shape of the keyboard exactly matches the size and shape of the Playbook and all the keys are slightly recessed below the outside edge of the keyboard, so there won't be anything rubbing on your screen. Check it out on BlackBerry's website for yourself. Yup, BlackBerry doesn't build cheap stuff, you gotta love it.

i have a bold, a playbook, docks for both, the bluetooth stereo gateway but this just seems way up there in price. guess i dont need it as bad but i can see plenty of people snatching this up.

the bold remote-keyboard should do fine for now !

now for the giveaway :)

Please price it right from day 1 . Dont compare with apple as a lot of people buy apple because of the emotional factor attached with it . Just think why will I buy a keyboard for 119 if I have bought a tablet for 199 ?


RIM doesn't want to sell you something cheap. If you want something cheaper, there are alternatives but the quality won't be the same.

Wow. I have one of those and I never even thought to use that for the PlayBook. Thank for the good idea :)
Boldly sent from my 9930

I'm confused. the video shows them running Citrix, but the Citrix site does list support for Blackberry devices including playbook. Does anyone know if Citrix supports Blackberry?

There is a genuine Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry app in App World. Citrix is available on BlackBerry smartphones AND PlayBook! Check out App World. Yup, it's supported.

@ $120 this is NOT expensive. You are getting a CASE, a KEYBOARD and a MOUSE.

Is it ok to pay $70 for a Apple BT keyboard??? Well, you are getting a Case (Convertible Case is $35) and a Mouse. Plus, the trackpad is CLEARLY designed just for the PB and as some pretty cool features because of that.

If i didnt have a Convertible Case and a BT Keyboard already I would pick this up without a doubt. This is actually a very GOOD price for what you get.

Also, the way the keyboard is attached to the case makes it look like it could be removed from the case, which means if you have the dock you can use this as a netbook on your desk all day long!

Great product but can't have the playbook plugged in to power at the same time... Charging point is in the wrong place!

Staples online has them (portable rapid chargers)for $39.97 here in Ontario Canada

I bought 3 of them. I had to print out the price and take it into the store for them to match.

$119.00 is pretty pricey. I have been waiting for this, and I'm excited it is finally out, or soon will be. I am not excited about the price, but I will pay the price to get it. I use my playbook everyday, and I'm constantly looking for more ways to exploit it's abilities. This tool just provides more usefullness and ability to use consistently. Thank you RIM for this product, ouch on the price though.

I hope PlayBook OS gets an update before this keyboard is released internationally or it will be another product released too soon... There's no settings to set the input language for the keyboard, it just types in QWERTY, without any support for international characters. This has been one of the main features I've been looking forward to find with the 2.0 update as I already own a Bluetooth keyboard and it's currently useless, I hope they will fix this before the official release!

Agree with FSeverino. Most good BT keyboards cost $70. This one includes a case (with stand) and trackpad.

PlayBook can be charged with magnetic rapid charger or you can flip it upside down and use the USB charger, but that would be more awkward. Again, this is designed for mobility.

If I can spend $750 for a 64GB Playbook, then I don't think that $119 is too much for the keyboard, also it is a RIM product and not a third party product, besides I prefer to support a company I like and believe in, also this is considered a luxury item, if you do not want to pay $119 for this keyboard with the trackpad then continue to use the virtual keyboard on your Playbook, do not get on here and complain about the price, everyone wants something for nothing nowadays.

Holy crap.
Yeah, if you step back like two steps, $119 is a ridiculous asking price when you compare what it costs to purchase a 16GB PlayBook.
I think RIM has forgotten there is a presentation and mental concept when it comes to pricing and how consumers view a price and compare it with other products.


Disappointed? The $199 price tag on a 16 GB PlayBook is a promo price -- heavily discounted to encourage app developers to support app paying customers :) It's working!

If you're comparing prices, what about Apple selling the iPod Touch 8 GB for $199? The 16 GB PlayBook is the same price and has a 7-inch screen, and a much longer list of features (including GPS) that the iPod Touch can only dream about.

Apple's BT keyboards run from $70-100 with no case, stand, or touchpad with mouse support (i.e., right & left button control)! Someone said the Source in Canada sells the PlayBook's mini keyboard for $99. I think I might buy one too!

Apple can sell their product at almost any price and their cult will follow.

Unfortunately RIM hasnt developed into a large scale religion, it seems to be full of a passive followers with the exception of us, we would purchase it but what about your average consumer.

Apple will never undersell and cheapen their brand. Don't have to and ever will by the looks. That's why they dominate.

I would have hoped for a mini lead to go from the keyboard into the PB, so that both units can be charged (admittedly more slowly) from one charger.

The Playbook is 199.... RIM WHERE DO U GET 119 FROM ??????? Thats VERY disappointing... How are u suppose to win supporters ??

Remember, you, me, and many others got a sweet deal on the PlayBook for $199. You can't expect the company to stay in business by always charging far less than the competition. Apple is charging the highest prices for their products and accessories but I don't see any Apple fans complaining. I think $100-120 is a fair price for what they're selling here: keyboard, touchpad, case, stand.

It's about time, a little pricey.....maybe I will wait since everything concerning the PlayBook prices drop considerable in a couple of months. $50 to $75 would have been a good price range in my opinion.......WOW....RIM. Does it come in LEATHER???

Wow blackberry people are cheap.... 100 bucks to make my playbook even more awesome.... Sign me up..... Those isheep people line up every year to fork out 8 bills and we are whining bout 100 bucks??? Too funny.... Oh and os2.0 was free wasn't it?

Make sure you guys shop around online.

As I posted in the forum, they start as low as $88 CAD.

Fifteen minutes could save you $30

Three hundred bucks for a tablet/case/ and fully functional keyboard with a track pad is NOT a lot of money... :)

For those who are complaining about the price. Go to your local computer store and purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth mouse and a leather case and see that it totals.

From my local store, the average Bluetooth keyboard is $80, and none of them have track pads. The average Bluetooth mouse is $40 dollars and the average leather case is $50. This solution with all the added features like the track pad with swipe functionality is cheaper than I can buy the separate pieces.

And it isn't a netbook. The playbook can be removed from the case and give the flexibility you need.

Since RIM is DISCOUNTING the playbook at a big rate, why should they not charge a correct price for other pieces. Looking at all the alternatives in terms of individual pieces, you will be saving money with this keyboard.

almost every post goin on an on about the price, if u dont like it, dont buy it. anyways, wat i wanna know is where do i get that citrix reciever app, its dope and it can be used without the keyboard,(bb remote baby!)

This looks cool, but I will wait to purchase one (hopefully after they go on sale). I paid the full $500 for my 16GB Playbook on launch day, and I don't feel like subsidizing a new RIM product again right away.

Demonstrates keyboard used with Citrix Receiver.

Keyboard doesn't have F keys on the keyboard.

Good job RIM, you've managed to make another huge oversight for the business use of this tablet.

You should check out your facts before posting. IT HAS F KEYS. Good job RAYSAI, you've managed to make a huge oversight for your post.

Sorry RIM; your way too late for this product to come to the market. Glad you finally joined the party but this accessory should be released some time ago.

F keys might be important to some but I have been running a successful small business for over 9 years and the F keys and numeric keys on my PC keyboard are covered in dust. Won't stop me from buying it :)

I this product expensive, Maybe a little, but for a total of $320 for the keyboard and playbook, I don't think its a bad deal. Yes you can buy a netbook for that price, but then you are limited to the capabilities of a netbook. There are a very small if any amount of things that a netbook can do that a playbook cant, however there are many things that a playbook can do that a netbook cant.

I think as a total package, and that is how consumers should be looking at it....its a good deal.

How do the keys not scratch the screen when closed? I am sold on every aspect of the product, but the demonstrator didn't address screen protection.

A whole lot of trying to convince people it's either the right price or the wrong price. My thought is, if you won't pay the asking price, it's too much for you. If you will, then the price is just right or maybe even a bargain for you. If RIM sells enough at their asking price to meet their minimum profit goals, it was right for them; if not, then they'll probably feel they priced it too high (or possibly not marketed it well enough). In short, the market will tell. For me personally and my daily use of my playbook, I wouldn't get $119 out of its use, so I'll hold out for sales.

I think the price is ok but I think a backlight for the keys could come in handy. Especially if it could be switched on and off or use the playbook light sensor, but now I'm just getting picky. I'll still probably buy one.

Funny how people always want better products from RIM, but are not willing to pay for them. If you want a product that can complete with Apple stuff you are going to have to pay for it. I for one have no issue with this price, as I think the keyboard would be very useful for me.

Apple Keyboard $69.00
What’s in the Box
- Apple Wireless Keyboard
- Two AA batteries
- Printed documentation
Add Apple Magic Mouse ($69.00) the total cost of the combo is $138.00.

BlackBerry Keyboard $119.00
- Keyboard with built-in mouse
- Convertible case, lets you carry your PlayBook tablet and Keyboard together.
- Internal Battery
- Printed documentation

I believe you get more from BlackBerry along with convenience. The price is right. Take away the mouse and case, and you get the Apple keyboard for 69.00.

Way overpriced imo. I'll buy one if they cut the price to $80 or less. For now, I'll just use the remote on my phone.

I can't make the pre-order here for Spain.

I enter to shopblackberry.com, go to the "north america" site and it just says "keep me posted".

Anyone can help me?


Wow,.looks good RIM. I'll be getting one of these sometime in the future. Maybe I'll get lucky and win one. Sign me up for the contest crackberry.

The key usp is it will make the real estate screen size bigger to view and type.
I've got an idea, why not make a bigger device so it just works...........like the iPad and have world domination.
I thank you!

Apple Keyboard $69.00
What’s in the Box
- Apple Wireless Keyboard
- Two AA batteries
- Printed documentation
Add Apple Magic Mouse ($69.00) the total cost of the combo is $138.00.

BlackBerry Keyboard $119.00
- Keyboard with built-in mouse
- Convertible case, lets you carry your PlayBook tablet and Keyboard together.
- Internal Battery
- Printed documentation

I believe you get more from BlackBerry along with convenience. The price is right. Take away the mouse and case, and you get the Apple keyboard for 69.00.

Either RIM have sold their pre-order allocation or they are simply not taking pre-orders (looking on the UK site anyway)

Damn it - now i have an impatient wait!!

Huh?? This keyboard has both. Of course, the USB port is for charging only; I'm not sure if you were implying that you wanted to be able to mount USB drives to the PB's file system.

Not gonna sell a lot for $119.00. Especially to full price purchasers of the playbook. We should be given a credit for one. lol

Is very overpriced, I think RIM need to get a better price for the accessories and more for that people (including me in that group) that were early adopters of the Playbook and paid 200 bucks more for the tablet!

For example, Nintendo gave free games for the early adapters of the 3DS after they decided to cut the price tag of the 3DS, this in reward of they fidelity, but RIM only charged more to the loyal people!

STOP!!!!!! Stop think of the 16gb Playbook as a $200 device, it is not. RIM is basically blowing its brains out at this price to get the tablet into the marketplace so using the price of the tablet as a reference price point is "wrong". This is a loss leader for RIM. Come on Crackberry addicts, this combo (keyboard @ $119 and tablet @ $200) is well worth $319.

Would have much preferred a fold-out full size keyboard (like the couple I had for my Palms) - this tiddly keyboard is smaller than the ones you get on netbooks - and they are too small for my stubby fingers to touch-type on.

Anybody agree?

Anybody know of a fold-out full size keyboard which works with the PB?

I'm happy with my 9900 and convertible case. I just wish there was access to the micro usb and micro hdmi ports in the bottom of the case

Okay, so I was originally stoked about getting this, and was eagerly awaiting its availability. But while I waited for RIM to release it, I discovered this: http://matias.ca/foldingkeyboard/tablet/. But now that both products are actually available, I find that I need more information to make a truly informed decision.

The Matias keyboard has the following advantages over the BB keyboard:
1. Full size. Its keys aren't reduced in size or cramped together to fit a smaller form factor, so typing will be faster, easier, and less error-prone than on the BB keyboard.
2. Numeric keypad. Yes!!! 'Nuff said.
3. Retails for ~ $20 less than the BB keyboard.

The advantages of the BB keyboard over the Matias are:
1. Built-in touchpad with supported multi-touch gestures.
2. Integrated case. (Cost advantage only; makes up for the $20 price difference.)

From reviews, it would seem that both keyboards have excellent build quality and keypress feedback, and the differing form factors each have their own advantages, so no edge goes to either product there.

So the big advantage that the BB has over the Matias is the integrated multi-touch touchpad. Which leaves me with two questions:

1. Would a bridged BB provide the same functionality as the BB keyboard's integrated touchpad?
2. Would a BT mouse provide sufficient functionality? Specifically, could I use its right and center buttons/scrollwheel in the tablet OS and/or in remotely-connected OSes when using VPN/VNC/RDP/Citrix?

If I knew those things, I'd be able to make a better comparison of the two products. Anyone got any input?


I would say the BB Keyboard offers an advantage over the other due to the case, touch pad, and keyboard all in a single carry item. No additional case needed. I carry my playbook now in it's case everywhere. The new keyboard only adds an extra 1/4" - 3/8" to my current case. This makes it really easy to carry around an not an issue to flip open and use anywhere. The full keyboard woudl need more room to use, a place to carry it as well. Add a mouse off to the side and suddenly you need moore room to use and a case to carry it all in. Good luck in your choice. I ordered mine, grin!

Not at that price. For $55 I can get a Targus Bluetooth keyboard, packaged with a "universal" tablet stand, stylus (which I wouldn't use) and cleaning cloth.

Sure, it wouldn't come in a case, but if I wanted an "all-in-one", I'd stick to my laptop.

Is it possible that the keuboard will be sold by itself as well? I already have a case that I like but would like to get this keyboard.

Someone thinks this is a good deal? The keyboard is 119 dollars and the tablet (16GB) is 80 dollars more. How does that pricing make any sense? Remember when all the model tablets had the price point of 299? Crazy! The price of this will go down, but you will always have early adopters. I know some people paid up to 800 dollars for a 64GB tablet and I got mine for 299 no tax. Same tablet for hundreds less. That is a nice keyboard, but I can wait for a cheaper price before getting it. Maybe they could bundle it with the tablet or have some special offer to help move inventory.

$119!!???? I just bought my 64GB Playbook for 190$ off craigslist!!!! too much money RIM, guess ill stick to using my bridge keyboard ;)

curve 8530 -> style 9670 -> Torch 9850 + Playbook 64GB + 11" Macbook Air

That price is beyond ridiculous but essentially people will buy it LOOL. Great accessory though #teamblackberry

Looks totally awesome! Would it be okay for me to ask this as a belated birthday gift from a group of friends when another group has already given me a playbook case? Somehow it sounds very.. Egocentric? And ungrateful??

Everyone's harping on price. Geez people, get a backbone!

ANYWAY.... does anyone else besides me think that RIM doing some engineering tricks? Someone looked at the Blackberry phone and separated the keyboard and the track pad and made the Blackberry Mini Keyboard.

Now, how much you wanna bet they take the QNX powered Playbook and Blackberry Mini Keyboard, shrink it all and introduce the new BB10 phones! Hey kinda like what Apple did with the iPhone to make the iPad! (Don't flame me for that last sentence).

I love it and I'm buying even if it is a bit pricey because I want to support RIM. RIM, please don't disappoint us the hardcore fans like myself. PLEASE release the dock that leaked that has the full size USB ports, HDMI and add full size SD card support thanks!!! Also, add USB hosting and DLNA support, thanks.

I would have purchased this had it come out before the Bridge Remote Control. Now I just use my BlackBerry as my keyboard and it works perfectly.

Next thing you know, they're going to come out with a standalone mouse (Oh wait, they already have that. It's your BlackBerry smartphone via remote control) for those who don't have a BlackBerry. Hmm....starting to sound like a laptop...

If Blackberry was forced to lower the price of its tablet to $99 then should the keyboard be only $20?

Stop comparing the price of the keyboard to the price of the playbook. It is expensive but as far as accessories go its not that pricey. I know the ipads cover/stand sells for $80 and its a thin piece of leather with a magnet.

Blackberry users must be the most critical on the planet, RIM launches Playbook OS-2, Playbook remote control from your phone and a very nice bluetooth keyboard and case for the playbook and all I read is its too expensive. At the same time apple lauches the iPad 2 with a brighter screen at $599.00 and there is a queue to buy it, go figure

Happy to see that RIM hasn't given up on the playbook, they are still doing it all wrong... 10 months waiting for OS 2.0 and now they will release this for 120??? way to expensive for the year old tablet, the playbook should have shipped with OS 2.0 when it came out and should have this accessory available back then...

I will still use my blackberry bold 9930 as a keyboard... I'm just about done with RIM they need to really impress me with the next gen hardware/software or I'm jumping ship

There is a lesson to be learned about buying products as soon as they are released...the other comments are right about it not being expensive if you factor in the current price of the Playbook...

For those who bought the Playbook early on; yes, it is terribly unfair that people showed support and hanged onto an os that wasn't ready for commercial release for quite a long time and then have to pay so much for a keyboard.

If I were RIM I would just release the next gen Playbook with this keyboard and two cases (one for without the keyboard) and raise the price of the entire package to something reasonable.

RIM's main competitor is Windows 8 (face it, they are not going to be competing with Apple for quite a while) and if Windows 8 Tablets is launched with office and a desktop, then RIM really need to figure out what the Playbook is suppose to do; is the Playbook mainly a media player? If yes, then how does it enhance the experience other than just playing the media, and how will the user get media content. Is it an office tool? Then how will it give us something that would either enhance or different from traditional word processing and sharing. How will the playbook and BB work with each other and other electronics. Motorola launches all these docks last year which RIM could have done and now the opportunity is taken; Samsung launches all these sizes and varieties; but when I look at RIM, I don't even know what they are doing...Yes I know they're trying to modernize their os and make an os that's like other oses in the market...but that's not a selling point. Sell pico projector attachments, a home projector unit, location profiles so BB and Playbook automatically route functions to each other depending on your location, or just do what Motorola did and add a bigger battery, there are so many things that RIM could do and they do none of them. They are either somehow severely misinformed despite all the press or that their management really do not deserve their jobs.

Time after time, it's bad enough that the product is always behind and these guys have say they leap-frogged their "competitors". What the consumers have always wanted is very simple, something unique and useful, and it doesn't even have to be something that changes our lives but just things that people can actually use. I think RIM is perfectly capable of buying/developing a full office suite with full functionality and formatting of office, and if RIM could do that and eliminate my notebook, then yes, people would line up to get Playbooks. Right now, yes a tablet that's does what generic tablets do, a phone that does what generic phones do, and a keyboard...how much typing would a normal person do on a Playbook? The company has no direction, launching a generic phone/tablet with generic accessories should not be a goal of any company if you want to stay competitive.

As much as using the relative price of the Playbook (at present) is an irrational approach to assessing the keyboard as "too pricey", it's equally irrational to use the combined keyboard / Playbook price (again, at present) as proof that it's reasonably priced. It has to be assessed for what it is, standing alone, as compared to other similar items that might be available.

Saying that the price of the two combined is reasonable, therefore the price of the keyboard is reasonable, lacks any logical reasoning. You may as well say that a screen protector, priced at, let's say, $85, is reasonable, because the Playbook is so inexpensive right now.

Nope...don't compare the price of the keyboard to the price of the Playbook; compare it to other keyboards.

Just pre-ordered mine from Shop Crackberry for $99 and 2-day UPS for $4.95. A bargain for what it will give me. Thanks Crackberry!

This is really an awesome price for what you're getting. Too bad, I just ordered a Blurex case and an Rii mini bluetooth keyboard.

I still don't have a clear answer whether it also works as a stand, or does the part that holds the PB stand up automatically just like a netbook?

Considering my other option was the HipStreet BT Keyboard and case for the same price, $99 through thesource.ca in Canada, and that it ships on my birthday, this was a no-brainer. Ordered mine and can't wait for it to arrive :) Happy birthday to me :D

I want 2, but CB Canada is not taking any pre-orders. If they don't make it available in the next few days, I will just drop by my local The Source and pre-order from them.

It's designed specifically for the Playbook, it has encrypted bluetooth connection, a built in track pad and a case, yet so many complain about the price. If it is Blackberry quality, then it's well worth it. I take it as a sign that the sales of the Playbook are going well enough that RIM would consider such an offering (remember they are in it for the money, right). When I originally bought my Playbook at Staples, all the Playbook accessories were on sale; not anymore. It would seem that the Playbook (and RIM) are not as dead as all those intellectual giants that write articles about this stuff were saying -- surprise, surprise..... Now all I need is a shiny new BB10 phone to go along with my beautiful BlackBerry Playbook and Keyboard. So please hurry, RIM, I need to feed my addiction. ; )

I don't get it. Go out and buy a Bluetooth Keyboard, a bluetooth mouse and a case and see what your total comes to?

If you don't need one or all of these accessories then fine, don't buy it, but stop bitching about the package of all three being to expensive. Nobody at RIM said you had to have this, nor did they promise it at any specific time.

It's here now, if you want it then pick it up like I'm going to. If using the keyboard on your BB to remote to your PlayBook works for you then great. This is like anything else, if you think it's too expensive for you, then don't buy it, just move on. If you don't think all 3 products bundled together is a pretty good price at $100 then pick it up and enjoy it.

Well said my friend. BTW, I ordered one from The Source last weekend and one from Staples today.

Watching the video I thought to myself if it is under $100 I will buy. I saw the $119 and thought what the heck, get it anyway Went to shop crackberry and it is under $100 with free shipping!

Hey Adam... will it be in Crackberry Canada???? I Can not find it - I see it only in the US version.

Help please.....

In Canada you can pre-order from The Source for $99 bucks and I've pre-ordered 2. One for me and one for my wife's playbook. She and I prefer typing on an actual keyboard so this is a no brainer for us.
The playbook is totally worth every penny we spent on it. I'm not concerned about the price cause of the full combo.
Don't be cheap people... It's just a hundred bucks... RIM and it's products are worth it!

People keep saying this keyboard is overpriced, and they can get the Playbook for $199... Do they realize the Playbook is underpriced!!! You cannot find a tablet on the market with similar specs priced at $199. After the 2.0 software update, the Playbook is more advanced than most tablets on the market. The only thing the Playbook lacks are apps; however, hopefully that will be a non-issue soon...

So is The Source currently the cheapest place to find this? I can pick it up for $112 total after taxes. Has anyone found something better?

Too pricey? Then don't buy it. Everyone knows the Playbook is a steal. Does that mean they have to take a loss on everything? It's worth it to me. I placed my pre order this morning.

Looks great to me. I agree its a lot of money but I feel it's worth the price. I can't tell by the video. Does anyone know if there is a "tab" button. I feel that's key for typing on a keyboard.

From looking at the keyboard under the magnifier on BlackBerry's website, it would seem that holding down the "sym" key turns the space bar into a "Tab" key. It's just an assumption on my part, so you should really have a look for yourself, but that's the way it appears to me. I'll also add, that from looking at the keyboard under the magnifier I'd say that it is a very well built and thoughtfully designed device. Not that that should surprise anyone, after all it is a BlackBerry.

can some one add my pin n tell me?? my pin is 259a4b5a
and i also wan to know how to put android market in because i'm still new with play book

Great value and have pre-ordered 3 already. Awesome addition to the PB and a fair price. Having purchased my 64GB April 2011 at full price, it would have been nice to receive a freebee or discount. Oh well. That's not stopping me from being an early adopter yet again.

Now RIM needs to start marketing and advertizing the heck out of this. I have already converted a half dozen iPad users over to the PB at work once they saw how I was using it. Once I have this sweet device I know I will convert even more.

Looks amazing although i have to admit it is quite pricey indeed. I'd wait for it to drop down to about $50 before i will consider purchasing it. CrackBerry should hold some sort of contest with one of these babies as a prize :)

Just ordered. This will be a perfect compliment for my Playbook. Replying to emails, blogging, etc. while on the road just got easier. The best part is I can still have my tablet for basic surfing/games at night. Good job RIM. It took you long enough, but I will take it.


I don't suppose the keyboard is programmable, such that you can modify Alt-1 to be mimic F1... etc. Also would be nice to have a key to mimic the Windows key switch to the desktop when viewing Windows 7 or 8 on the Playbook via a remote desktop.

The price isn't terrible if it saves time typing and look you get another case.


Aww man. I've been waiting for this for ages, just didn't dream it would be this expensive!!! :(
$119?? I can't afford that sh*t!

I was going to get it, but then I didn't want to let my leather case that I've had almost a year just sit there collecting dust, so I'll wait till you can get it solo. It's really pathetic it's taken almost a year for this to come out, quite ridiculous...

Does this work at the same time as Bridge, considering that it also uses Bluetooth? Because if it doesn't, well, there goes half of its usefulness for BES users. Sorry if this was asked already, PlayBook browser doesn't have a search feature...

I don't know when RIM is planning to release a new PlayBook, but I would be interested to know if this case would be compatible with it. I would hate to buy this accessory and have a new PlayBook released and not be able to use it.

Oh look, they have re-invented the clamshell design of a laptop PC.

Actually this is really neat.

Ordered one yesterday.

If there's one thing RIM knows how to make, it's a good keyboard. I've tried some cheap bluetooth keyboards and you tend to get what you pay for...

Is it sad that I'm most excited about finally having access to arrow keys?

Can't order from Shop BlackBerry as they don't accept debit cards (credit card exclusive shop the UK one is) and CrackBerry Shop charges an additional $48 to ship

Can't justify either now - damn it!!

Pricey considering the PlayBook 16 GB model is only $200. But I love the virtualization! That is so great that you can run PlayBook OS, Android, and virtualized desktop OS like Windows, maybe Linux too?! This is beyond cool with like 3 OS in one hardware solution. Definitely putting money down for it. I'm going to get another PlayBook, so both of them are going to share this one keyboard/case.