RIM introduces BlackBerry Jam - a new resource for BlackBerry developers

BlackBerry Jam
By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2011 01:09 pm EDT

Taking the stage at BlackBerry DevCon Americas was Alec Saunders to speak of a new initiative for BlackBerry Developers - BlackBerry Jam. For a while now, BlackBerry Developers have never had a one-stop-shop for all BlackBerry resources but now, with the introduction BlackBerry Jam, developers will be able to find a wide array of developer resources. Another new initiative is a recognition program for developers who continue to embrace the community. So what all does it mean?

  • Jamming is innovating together - Build and innovative on the BlackBerry® Application Platform in your development language of choice.
  • Jamming is collaborating together - Connect with experts, partners and the broader community to be more successful on the BlackBerry platform.
  • Jamming is creating success together - Get help to go to market, be more profitable and build your business. 

Developers have long been asking for better online resources and better community resources and now RIM is working to make that happen.

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Reader comments

RIM introduces BlackBerry Jam - a new resource for BlackBerry developers


Alec Saunders should do ALL of RIM's keynotes. He's a much better public speaker than Mike L.

Also, he kinda looks like Kevin

"Alec Saunders should do ALL of RIM's keynotes"

Please no. I had to keep leaving the screen to avoid being ill.

Lots of tools for development but no news on how to make better devices to compete in the consumer market which is what is killing RIM.

Maybe RIM is trying to stay exclusive to the business/professional market because consumer market is where the competition is reigning (Apple, Google, etc).

QNX is taking a long time once again just to be outdated almost as soon as it is introduced.

kept saying Blackberry Jam, and Marmalade. didn't they realize it's Lunch time on the east coast!! kept making me SO hungry...

Nothing annoys me more than fools that re-brand and claim to have a "new resource".

Its the same old stuff regurgitated under a different name.

Save us from marketers who have no clue about development. Alec Saunders last developed in 1987.

I'll bet they don't even reduce the size of that humungous image on every forum page.

If workers at this company aren't looking for another job, then they deserve their fate! This companies a DUD!