RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320 - A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected

By Bla1ze on 9 May 2012 12:13 am EDT

Press Release

RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320-A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected

WATERLOO, ONTARIO - May 9, 2012) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced a stylish new smartphone for socially-connected customers. The new BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 smartphone features all the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features that keep people connected, and it offers global 3G connectivity backed by long battery life to allow users to make the most of their day.

"The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 is designed to make it incredibly easy for users to stay socially-connected," said Carlo Chiarello, EVP, Smartphone Business at Research In Motion. "The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 will be especially popular with customers upgrading to a smartphone for the first time and existing Curve customers looking for a step up in speed and functionality."

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has everything a customer needs to stay in touch with the people and things that matter most to them. It features a dedicated BBM™ key, bringing the power of RIM's popular mobile social network up in an instant, as well as the best keyboard in its class for quick and easy typing. It includes a built-in FM radio, allowing users to tune into their favorite local stations, and listening to the FM radio does not require a data plan or use data services. Designed to allow both 3G connectivity and long battery life, customers can get up to 7 hours of talk time or up to 30 hours of FM radio listening or music playback with headphones.

Customers can easily interact with their social network in real time, using preloaded apps for Facebook® and Twitter®. The new Social Feeds 2.0 app is also preloaded, allowing users to post updates to multiple social networks simultaneously and capture updates from news sources (RSS), social apps and instant messaging apps all in one consolidated view. The integrated camera includes a flash and supports video recording, and pictures can be tagged with their location thanks to the smartphone's built-in GPS.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 comes with the new BlackBerry® 7.1 OS, which supports features such as Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi® calling where available.* Parental Controls is a brand new, on-device features that provides parents and guardians with simple options to help protect children by restricting access to specific functions, features and applications.

Pricing and availability of the BlackBerry Curve 9320 will beannounced in conjunction with RIM's distribution partners. For more information please visit: http//worldwide.blackberry.com/blackberrycurve/9220-9320.

* Please check with your carrier for availability.

Reader comments

RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320 - A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected


This is really a great little device. Seems to be just as peppy as the 9360 from what I have seen. Just it's little brother sort of like the 9790 to the 9900. It's great for the price. This will be great for the prepaid market if it comes to the US. Even if it doesn't Amazon UK is selling it, and they will ship to the US IIRC.

its a great little device, but considering RIM is flooding the market with low-end devices, like the Curve 9360, then they are competing against themselves, as bottom-feeders usually do.

There are constructive positive and even constructive negative comments. But there are also dumb comments that add no value. Yours is a model of the later.

They often come from dumb people or people whose reality has been "distorted" by clever marketing.

You should consider translating bottom-feeder for good value.

Does you phone let you play FM radio without data cost?
Does your phone let provide you with the best security?
Does your phone withstand harsh conditions like this one?

RIM provides choices for all the people of the world. It is not so arrogant as to think one size fits all. You would have to talk to a price fixing, tax dodging competitor for that.

What does this mean for the Curve 9360, is the phone better, cause I thought it was the lower entry device for the BlackBerry OS 7 lineup?

The Curve 9360 was initially priced higher than previous generations of curve in countries like the UK, so the older models like the 9300 and 8520 were never actually phased out like they would have otherwise been, so the purpose of the 9320 (and 9220) is to finally kill off those older models and the 9360 will be sticking around.

Is it me or does  seem different? I think the dust has settled since the move at the top and the laser focus we heard about at BBW is real.

I'm willing to bet the whole atmosphere at rim is totally different than it was not so long ago. Seems like they are working hard in Warterloo and I for one am pulling for them.

I still dont know why anyone would buy a BB phone now when BB10 is just around the corner. But I do say, I really like the idea of a dedicated BBM button on the phone - that's cool - and I like the inclusion of an FM radio.

Having the latest and greatest phone isnt important for millions of people. This is a phone my mom would get.. she has an old curve.

Because my wife is still using a Storm, kinda wants a keyboard but we can't afford to shell out for a Bold.
I want this for her, but wish for better than 3.2 MP....

Child market
Emergent markets
Great-grandparent market. I might buy one for my father for his birthday (he will be 90) because he could manage it.

Apple ignores these markets because they are focussed on people with a large disposable income. BB10 is for the corporate market whose IT departments really, really don't want to have to support either Apple or Android but whose users are demanding the same facilities so they can view management reports and dashboards on line, scribble on PDFs, or make presentations without needing a laptop.

With Nokia heading down the chute and people increasingly aware that Chinese phones may be spying on them, RIM sees a huge opportunity.

It is not so much them seeing a huge opportunity as them continuing to take advantage of that opportunity just as they have with models like the 8520 and 9300.

While not true for all countries, in many, this will be an ideal smartphone for payg tariffs.

Cost, this is an entry level phone,for kids,developing markets and those those who want a basic communication device.

This phone is not meant for anyone that would even be remotely considering a BlackBerry 10 phone. This phone has a BBM button and built in parental controls, it's for kids, and for countries where BBM is cheaper then texting and phones are not subsidized. BB 10 won't be a hit in Indonesia or India for a couple years yet, these phones will sell in those places and help RIM keep the cash coming in to get BB 10 out the door for us. RIM needs these phones, they would be stupid to launch a new Bold or a new Torch this year at all because it won't sell cause it's target audience is waiting for BB 10. But I'd rather give this to a 10 year old who's going to break it or loose it in a few months anyway then a phone that's $500 to replace.

What's the point of this with BB10 in the horizon? Why would people buy a new phone knowing that in the future they won't be able to upgrade..

It looks like we won't see a cheap BB10 for a while, if ever. Not everyone can afford an expensive phone, especially off contract. This fits the bill for the cheap market.

360 Million North Americans, another SEVEN Billion elsewhere, just like the fools on Wall-Street, North America aint the be all and end all!! Nice little device for developing markets and for kids with the built in parental controls

I myself do miss bbm so I will be picking this up to hold off till the bb10 phones come out. It finally has camera flash, 3G and wifi hotspot so it'll be perfect for a cheap bb.

Hi @luqman24,

Alex from RIM here. The new colors and style, combined with the speed and power of the BlackBerry 7.1 OS and dedicated BBM key make this phone a tempting pick-up. If you want to learn even more about it, you may want to check out this new “Things You Should Know” post about the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on our Inside BlackBerry Blog: http://bbry.lv/JcgwUI.


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

It allows them to phase out 8520/9300 curves to simplify their line-up and also you have the issue that the first bb10 curve must be a year or more away simply due to the cost of the processors and displays not having dropped sufficiently to suit a lower end model.

Even tho these BBs are Curves , their color scheme is still awesome . They need more color schemes like this for the Bold and Torches .

Actually, I was hoping to see the major change in phones being introduced at this point being a dual core processor. In other words BB 10 ready, I don't understand the point of this product for any market, including emerging markets.
When you see the financial press and the battering RIM is taking (terms like "most hated company http://money.cnn.com/2012/05/07/markets/thebuzz/index.htm?source=yahoo_q... ) you can expect a product like this to bring the stock and RIM's reputation down even further.
Get it together RIM! I want to use BB for years to come.

If they were going to introduce any bb10-ready phones at the higher end then those would be showing up with a dual-core, but this model is intended for the entry-level to replace the 8520/9300 since even the 9360 was too expensive for carriers to kick those two models out of the ranges let alone something with a dualcore in it.

This phone is exactly what they advertised. Practical and easy to use. This i think will be a big hit with the younger age groups and in APAC, EMEA.

This video is exactly what is frustrating with BlackBerry and CrackBerry nation. There's nothing "new" about this new Curve. It's just another iteration, and there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe it's being marketed to a "new" segment or has "new" color schemes available but the phone itself is the same 8830 I started out on, with the expected evolutionary upgrades through the years.

I would like to see RIM do what Nokia did in the late 90s, make interchangeable, low cost housing replacements that owners can use to make the Berry a fashion accessory as it once was. I know silicone cases can do this, but then you cover up some of the beauty that is BlackBerry's function-driving-form differentiation.

I'm still waiting for BB10 to drop, hopefully 10=QNX. Android is great in a lot of way, but it's no Bold 9700 or Torch 9800.

Former BB Fanboy who came up the ranks from a Curve to a Bold to a Torch before jumping ship to a couple of Android and Windows Phone 7 models before landing with Motorola's Atrix 1 and 2. Waiting longingly for the BB that brings me back. It's an OS thing, not form factor.

RIM recently introduced a new Curve to India and Indonisia - The 9220.

I compared the specs on this new 9320, and the only difference I noted was the 9320 has a 3.2MP camera compared to a 2MP camera on the 9220.

Am I missing something? I fully understand the requirement to have a Curve with a lower price point in developing markets, but why have two models with virtually the same specs?

I have no doubt there's a very good reason for it....I would just like to know what it is?

A fairly crucial difference is that the 9220 is only a 2g device, whereas this one also supports 3g i.e. this is a payg entry-level model globally rather than being particularly aimed at emerging markets.

This looks like a good, solid, tough and practical little phone. Put a screen protector on it and you're good to go. Throw it in your pocket and hit the trail. Not some dainty, wafer thin piece of glass and plastic that you have to coddle and protect like a new born child. I'm sick to death of all pansy ass, pretty boy phones with a 2 ft by 3 ft screen and a freakin stylus, that'll break if they're not covered in 4 inches of bubble wrap. Give me a good solid communications device that works when you're more then a 1000 meters from the cell tower. If people were categorized by the phones they carried, then North Americans would be a bunch of wussies (Wussy = Wimp + Pussy).

I like the phone I don't care if they are for kids or not love, love the radio and the bbm key awesome gets me more excited for BB10.......hopefully BB10 will have some of that in it! Cant wait :))

My nephew's 8320, which he loved, just bit the dust. Looks like we jumped the gun by moving him to a MyTouch. Something tells me he would have really liked this new Curve.