RIM introduces App World 2.0 with carrier billing, BlackBerry ID and more

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jun 2010 09:15 am EDT

BlackBerry App World

This is probably going to become official very, very, very, very, very, very, very soon, but it looks like App World 2.0 is on the way bringing some cool new features including the long-awaited carrier billing. This means that users will be able to purchase applications within BlackBerry App World without having to use Paypal, and can instead have the applications billed with their phone service through their respective carrier. The new version also includes BlackBerry ID (BBID sounds wicked) which lets you take your account with you when you change devices, so no more worrying about not getting into your App World account when you swap devices or carriers. The My World section as also been updated with some more features as well. We're not sure exactly when the new version will be available, so stay tuned for more.

Via: PhoneScoop

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RIM introduces App World 2.0 with carrier billing, BlackBerry ID and more


For FINALLY focusing on something that needed to be improved. let's hope there are performance upgrades in there as well!

I hoe this upgrade makes it at least as good as Crackberry/Mobihand's AppWorld. I usually try to make my purchases via Crackberry/Mobihand because it is simpler to get new registration codes when I upgrade my phone.

This sounds exciting. Let's hope it does everything needed. The carrying your world sound nice. Hopefully this means when I restore my device it won't kill me getting all the apps back.

Of course, this only simplifies apps purchased from app world. You will still have a few extra legs for anything DLed OTA.......But no biggie.

This blog post sucks! Negative negative negative negative.....

Just wanted to keep your streak going of always getting a negative post :)

Carrier billing? Ew... I could see that getting waaaay too out of hand. I totally prefer PayPal since it comes right out of my account. Good thing they let us keep using PayPal.

Will they drop the BS of not letting you use Paypal because of the country you are? Really, I've been using Paypal for years, long before they came to Brasil.

If I got Paypal, if I have the money, why couldn't I use it?

Yea, I totally agree! I'd prefer using PayPal than having that added to my bill!:) But it's nice to have that option though!

PayPal will still be available (at least in the countries that it currently is in). Using PayPal may also help more of your money go straight to the developers as opposed to the other options (although this is not 100% clear)...

Hoping Vodacom South Africa will be included in the list of carriers Blackberry App will support. At the moment only free apps can be downloaded in South Africa.

Any word on if they took the time to cut the fat out of the app? For what is a glorified RSS reader and software list manager, App World is without a doubt the worst functioning thing on my Blackberry.

With the improvements listed here, bb6, and the bb beta zone, it looks like rim might be picking up steam on the software side. I hope I am right.

This service will be offered for all carriers and all countries?

When is "very soon"? august? november? december?

I just hope that we have a choice when buying an app, paypal or carrier billing and not just forcing us to use carrier billing.

Some of us have our BBs on work plans and shouldn't bill apps to the carrier phone bill but can buy them with paypal.

Will probably depend on where you live, but most people will have a choice between paypal, credit card, and carrier billing...

"RIM has events scheduled around the App World for tonight and tomorrow, so the official word could come as early as this afternoon."

from PhoneScoop's article: "The "My World" part of Apps World will contain more information about the user's apps, including where they are stored (device memory or storage card)" Micro SD as an option? SINCE WHEN! did they listen to us? What about the stuff stated by the security dude Kevin interviewed @ WES??!!?

AFAIK, it's device memory ONLY for apps. Would love for that to change, though. Maybe OS6? Maybe RIM is prepping add-on apps to be compatibe with the new OS?

Actually - and this is me dreaming - maybe RIM is going to let BBs store apps on SD in OS6 to free up device memory to allow slightly older phones to upgrade to OS6.

where is the APP ? why they still have the old version on their website? i am really piss with RIM now, they have their heads so far up the ass, not moving fast enough..... But i still love Blackberry

Thats awesome. Can't wait til we see this come out and use it. It will bring alot more ppl into buying the apps they really want.

Appworld is the reason why I'm leaving BlackBerry. For over two months, and many phone calls to Verizon, RIM, and PayPal, I am unable to login and purchase apps. Even after the hours of tech phone calls, they were unable to fix it and told me I'd have to wait for the next update. Well, the last one didn't work, and their customer service has left me shopping for a droid.

That same problem has had many blackberry customers hunt for their Android phone. I know of at least 8 blackberry 9700 owners that switched to Android and they say they will never look back. I bought a Nexus One but will never give up my blackberry. The E-Mail and messaging ability is just so easy. It works like no other device, I need that for my business to operate.

hope this will work not than the last buged update that don not let apear the icon on bb 9700

I wonder if they will have the "Search" feature working with this release. Every single time I try to search for something on that App, it finds nothing. Arghh!

I have lost my old Tour 9630, I mean, botton of the river lost !!!!!! I have over 200 bucks in nick nap apps... I can seem to log on, but, i get this LOVELY reply!!!!!! PLEASE WAIT WHILE CONTENTS ARE BEING RECIEVED, then... CANNOT CONNECT TO THE BLACKBERRY APP WORLD CENTER.... I have read until im cross eyed.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have did the Allow crap on the apps i did re download, ans, i have tried improper paswords to see if that was the proble, NOPE... tell me right from the jump, I have wrong pass word.. Also, the PIN problem has already been solved.. NOW WHAT?? (Make sure your device is connected to the wireless network, and try again later... this is month THREE !!!!! i have made a cazillian calls, i KNOW its somethin simple...PLEASE HELP!!!!!! ill pay pal ya ass something, just help please!!! Im a computer A+ certified tech.. this is a diff. game all together,,I will be SO SO GREATFUL !!!!!!