RIM introduces the $10K Developer Commitment and Built for BlackBerry program

BlackBerry 10k Developer Commitment
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2012 03:07 pm EDT

Back at BlackBerry 10 Jam RIM spread the word that they would be luring in developers with a pretty sweet incentive. As part of the $10k Developer Commitment, RIM is basically guaranteeing that qualified apps will make at least $10k in BlackBerry App World, and if not, they'll make it happen. Through the program, developers who have apps that earn at least $1,000 but not more than $10,000 will get paid the difference - straight from RIM. Not a bad incentive.

Also coming along is the Built for BlackBerry program for apps. This works much like Built for BlackBerry accessories and will help to further promote great native BlackBerry apps.

Both programs will be launching later this year. More details can be found here

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RIM introduces the $10K Developer Commitment and Built for BlackBerry program


Great job guys! We've been eagerly awaiting this info, and I'm glad to see it's got a lot of thought behind it.

It isn't going to just stuff the store with a pile of crappy filler apps, and yet in most cases competent developers with legitimate apps won't have much trouble meeting the criteria.

This is excellent, I love the criteria. Some real thought went into this - these won't be easy for the casual developer to meet. This helps to ensure it's not a repeat of the 'get a free playbook' drive that accepted any app that came stumbling through the door.

Well done.

anyone else find it interesting that the submission deadline is Jan 21 2012? sounds like a release date to me!!!

I believe this program actually rewards mediocrity, and removes the incentive for developers to keep improving their apps after collecting $1K from their users. A better approach would be to simply pay the developer more, for example double the app's earnings, within the same 1K-10K range.

While i do like your double reward suggestion... I fail to agree with your initial comment. We as user would be rewarding mediocrity to purchase subpar apps in the initial stage to put 1k in the developers pocket. Remember there is a reviews system, people dont generally buy apps if the reviews are low. If the developer is interested in making more money than what RIM is going to reward they'll continue to update the app. Remember 10k isnt the limit to they can make. If you are serious about making money this the way.

I don't have specific numbers regarding the average app's lifetime earnings, but it may very well be less than 10K.

Under this system, a developer who makes an app that earns 1K on its own, will collect the same amount of money as a developer with 9.9k in actual sales. I don't think it is in anyone's best interest to reward failure this way.

just paying when an app passes the $1k threshold would maybe make you right, however the app needs to meet the requirements of the Built for BlackBerry program, which is set up with the criteria that would need a good app for it to pass.

as for updates/improvement, thats just for your mind, you dont need to update an app for it to be good. yes you`d need to for a bug fix, however that`d need sorting prior to the certification of Built for BlackBerry, but if ya `update` something a billion times, it still doesnt make it better. As for improving, well if it does what it says on the tin from the outset, then maybe that doesnt need improving. Example, i have Shazam on my 9900, have had since it was free with the BIS outage, not ever seen an update/improvement for it, but its works perfectly, so thats simply not needed, unless ya have a love for placebo`s i guess ;).

Thats just what jumped out at me from the article. The deadline. Late January, Early February... Give me my BB10

I hope they work even harder at attracting "apps" like: netflix, dropbox, and maybe even Microsoft's "Live" stuff..... the financial incentives will need to be even bigger.

If those developers or companies want to make an app for blackberry 10 or blackberry 7 smartphones, it will be up to them. Big coorperations seem to not be influenced much.

Built for BlackBerry program for apps "later this year"?
It's already September, what on earth is gong on?
Yet another OS10 device delay?

NFC is the way to go, hope they can roll this out for UK London Oyster and other Asian Transport micro-payments like Octopus. By the way, here in Asia, you can use NFC micro-payments for anything from McDonalds to buying grocery! Even auto-top-up payment with your bank account if linked!

I wonder why it has to be a Native App, and not a good app repackaged from Android for the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps

I am not a developer, but I hope that RIM will be getting the word out through good channels. Channels that has developers from Apple and Google, so that they too can start making their native apps for BB.

I am glad it will be Native only, I am really getting sick of scrolling through tons of apps and having to find which ones are native. I really hate Android apps, and would definitely never ever pay for a port.