RIM internal documents offer a better look at the BlackBerry 10 homescreen and how it all will work

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2012 01:51 am EDT
BlackBerry 10 Homescreen

When Thorsten Heins introduced the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha on stage at BlackBerry World, many folks got a quick look at the BlackBerry 10 homescreen. Previous to that, we showed off some leaked images of what RIM was working toward which ultimately turned out to be accurate in terms of visual styling and now, we're getting a better understanding of what was happening in those images. Rather then the homescreen being "widget" based, you can think of it as more of frequently used app task manager.

The main screen will house your four (maybe more?) most recently used applications, though you should also have the ability to stick them there should you wish. To the right, you have all your current open application notifications. Where the messaging system itself never shuts down, all those items are only a quick swipe away which allows for easy access and quick glancing. On the left, is essentially your apps screen where you can access all of your installed apps. If it's not running, you can swipe over to it, tap and then run from there.

Though it's not entirely possible to be shown here in the images, it has already been confirmed that access to all these items will be gesture based. To get to them, you'll be swiping back and forth across the screen in specific ways, where each way will cause a different reaction. We'll have to see how intuitive that all turns out to be but until then we'll just enjoy the view of these concept images from RIM themselves.

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RIM internal documents offer a better look at the BlackBerry 10 homescreen and how it all will work


Nope. Most of the UI looks so good, I'm just not sure I understand or agree with this choice here.

Live widgets are 1,000+ times more useful than any amount of static icons. Four static icons as a homescreen is hardly cutting edge or intuitive.

Think about this as well, you have no control over those four icons. They will be whatever you use most. Maybe you can add to them, but this is not how to build a UI from scratch. In my opinion the best UIs give you the most options and control over how things will look. So if I use an exercise or running app seven days a week, will it take preference over other apps, even though I don't want it on my home screen?

Why not just give the option of what the end user wants on their home screen? On any of the screens for that matter. Why not make the tiles "live", constantly updating, so we don't always need to swipe into them to see what's going on?

Have you never used the PlayBook? When apps are minimized, you can put the the PlayBook into "showcase" mode which keeps the apps running in their minimized state. You're looking at a static image right now. Based on the PlayBook, it's likely that you can still watch videos in this tile mode, or if it's a map you can still see the progress, and that sort of thing. I'm guessing they're much more than boring old tiles.

I hope you are correct. That would certainly be better than how I'm perceiving it as described/pictured.

that's a good point thou, giving the ability to the users to have their home screen customized to their own needs would be just great !

I hope RIM is considering this ! Looking forward to have the first BB10 device in my hands ASAP :D

I suspect this won't change until BB10 hits. RIM is putting all (or vast majority) of their resources into BB10, and not spending time fixing these issues with PB2.0. With BB10, the browser will be using Cascades as the front end, and I suspect this annoyance will finally be removed.

This is the fishy part, everyone keeps saying RIM put all their resources on BB10 over and over again, but yet BB10's release date is so far behind...I mean RIM literally has enough time to build a rocket to the moon.

As much as people like to say that RIM HAS TO get it right this time after the Playbook incident, there's certainly a balance between launching a technology product in a date when its still competitive and getting things all polished. It is certainly possible to do both. The later RIM launches BB10, the higher the expectation will be and RIM's development is not nearly as fast as other oses with so much more resources.

If they launch this "compromised android" UI in late 2012, I certainly don't understand who would possibly buy BB10 except the limited number of fanboys here.

Agreed. The home sccreen looks like they halfway ripped off the WP7.5 UI. It would be cool if they were live tiles, though. On a positive note, I LOVE the Blackberry messages UI on the right. I am glad it survived the move to 10 more or less intact.
But this is all irrelevant. The only thing that is important is what apps will be available at launch. The apps are going to make or break this OS.

I'm not so sure apps will make or break this unit....for true Blackberry die hards. Remember, Apple has tons of apps because without those apps, internet usage would be limited. Android has tons of apps because Apple has tons of apps. I don't think bb is trying to compete in an app war as much as they are experience driven. Meh, I dunno.

The home screen seems to have more in common with harmaten then windows phone 7. Hopefully though the Os allows apps to have some sort of widget like or live tile like glance mode functionality when in the minimized mode.

and hopefully a chance to turn off the live tiles like on the playbook. Since a lot of us would consider saving battery a top priority too.

UI looks amazing, if this is what they are planning to deliver.. good that they did something different and still follows the usecases of most of the current BB/android/iphone users. I am a Computer Science student and I want to explain it in those terms.

If you go to Android , the number of widgets you can add in the first screen will be around 4-5 or may be less. I dont know whether iphone allows widgets? In my case, I have added the shortcut of gmail, googletalk and maps in the main home screen. But I rarely customize my homescreen, though I wish facebook and to-do app would have automatically come to my main screen without my intentional customization. This is applicable for all those users who generally customize things once during their device learning curve and leave it for ever, not because they are happy with that but they dont want to spend time for that. And, 85% of mobile users are like me.

But I do agree we need some kind of customization in the home screen to avoid those apps which we dont want to show it to others like any porn app ... :P .. I think, they should be allowing that .. just few hours of a programming thingy.

Secondly, we all follow Zipf's law. It means, we finally converge to a 5-7% app list which we always use. For example, in ipod we have thousands of song. But the one we always listen will be from a range of 10-100. So it is always handy to easily access the most frequent apps which we use.

So why not 10 -100 apps in home screen?? According to Millers law(The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information), number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 5 to 9. Argument 1: even though you have some apps for special purpose, you always dont remember you have installed it. You always go for google Search . Argument 2:
Most of the human are in the range of remembering 5-7 objects. So it is always good to have a small number of apps in the homescreen to easily glance and select it rather than many.

'Live Tiles of WP7'- The Live Tiles on Start show you what's happening with your apps, your upcoming appointments, your social networks, and more. Get a quick weather update, find out when someone likes your Facebook post, and see how many calls you missed during your afternoon run. - If you see the other leaked images of BB10, it shows you always have all the updates handy which ever screen you are , just by a gesture. Moreover, it is using the push technology for these apps and hence battery performance will be better than the pull technology of WP7. But , still I am skeptical about live tiles. It is a simple waste of battery though it looks fancy initially. I think, if they allow live tile, they should better be customizable to show the updates or not. I have my GPS and wifi for my android always on 'off' mode, to save battery on go. The most important thing is to get all the important core messages/communication with a single gesture. If they can manage to bring all those leaked images to BB10, then I would say they can claim BB10 is for successful people. They did a good amount of research in human usecases.

All the other non-frequent apps seems to be available in a single gesture usecase, so not a big worry as it is same as in iphone or android.

I really dont like the tiles look at all. It looks like a windows phone and theres a reason i dont have a windows phone... I dont like the looks.

I just hope that the key to success for RIM is to make everything they do look the same as everyone else.

Don't forget to turn in the application for the 2nd mortgage on your house. You're gonna need it to pay for the bag full of spare batteries you're gonna need. Everybody who wants animated icons and tiles are usually the first to complain when their batteries go from fully charged to dead in less than 90 minutes....

K if RIM makes a mini playbook 4.3, quad core, 8mp camera, full hd, micro sd, hdmi out , i will pre order it RIGHT NOWWWWWW ! . . . . . . . Ohhh 4G LTE toooo

I glad I am not the only one thinking of what specs bb10 will be running. Truth be told, we know what is on the market right now. We know what the masses are crying for. The glimpse of the OS we have seen is awesome, but will definitely need some juice under the hood. Like the specs you pointed out. In a fews we will all see what they will do
They have do e an awesome job thus far.

While we don't know everything we can gain insight into to some of the hardware specs from what RIM has said and the development alpha device. Both the playbook and development alpha device are powered by TI OMAP SOCs. So, it's extremely probable that the BB 10 phones will be as well. That and what Mike L said about the performance, power efficiency and availability of the chip its virtually a lock that it's OMAP 5. This means 2+ GHz dual core A15 28nm with PowerVR SGX544MP2 (dual-core) @ 532 MHz[28] + dedicated 2D graphics accelerator. This platform supports LTE and cameras up to 24 mega pixels. Sine they showed off timeline lens its likely that the camera will be decent or they would not make the new camera interface a showcase feature.

We also know hdmi or mhl and nfc are sure things as RIM has said nfc will be there and both the alpha and playbook have hdmi though they may make hdmi available through mhl to save space on the final product.

Neither the playbook nor the alpha has micro sd but we can all be hopeful that RIM includes this functionality in the final product. We can be virtually certain the screen will be 4.2" and 1280 X 768 resolution which if you do the math is 356ppi or retina display beating world dominating resolution.

It will also likely come in different memory capacities like the playbook if it does not support micro sd.

Other then that we don't know what other sensors will be there though likely to match or exceed the playbook, and we don't know what bands it will operate on and what regional variants there will be. But as you can see we do know quite a bit about the innards of the first BB 10 device and we know it's hardware will be competitive with ANYTHING launched this year.

Only four? (Mail, bbm, browser and one spare) This feels like the old days of needing a theme! Hopefully gestures will address that. Looks very pretty though.

Since it is showing the running apps, the assumption that it can only display four seems rather flawed to me and the odds are that it displays four per screen and you simply scroll that screen to see more of them.

That's a good point, maybe it shows as much as you have open on the home screen (up to 12 maybe?) And be customisable pehaps to give a default.

Yeah, I think everyone is just assuming it only displays 4 based off the picture. Maybe someone knows something else, though.

I think it would have to show all your open apps really after they make such a big deal of everything being open all the time and flowing etc, the only thing that shouldn't be showing up on that screen should be the inbox that gets its own screen all to itself.

Agreed. Sounds like a step back.

G-d I hope the BB Maps program has been re-written from the ground up as a full fledged mapping and navigation program that at least tries to compete with Google Maps on Android. BB is the only platform that really forces a third party solution on its users. Granted Telenav is great on OS7 (not as good as Garmin was on OS5)for $10 a year; but this is one application that I think works best as an integrated OS solution. A basic weather application would be nice as well. A strategic partnership with Bellshare could be very helpful here.

I assume it's handling it like the N9 where you can scroll down to see more open apps. just check a Nokia N9 hands-on video.

yes, that is a nice gimmick too. I am not a BB user, but i'm really looking forward to BB10 and hope RIM doesn't mess it up.

BlackBerry 10's UI isn't just about swiping, it FLOWS. For the record I've seen those minimized windows on PlayBook's first before anywhere else.

nope, check the Maemo 5 UI of the Nokia N900. Anyway, it doesn't matter who was first, only the success matters.

You also haven't seen webOS then. But I guess it doesn't matter as both OSs aren't on sale currently or have unfortunately been declared dead by their creators.
Using a N9 and sometimes a HP TouchPad (although this one is barely used anymore because of my PlayBook) I really like that RIM copies and/or enhances a lot of principles of those two operating systems.

Heins seems to have the guts that Elop and Apotheker didn't have, I just hope that the board and the investors trust him and give him enough time to execute on BB10 and also give it enough time on the market.

The board trusts him and his mandate is to execute the BlackBerry 10 plan. But blackberry 10 is not his brainchild. You can thank Mike L for BlackBerry 10 as he is the one who saw the potential in QNX and assembled all the pieces to build the platform over the last two years. Investors have faith as well but wall street likes to fortell the demise of RIM.

I agree that Thorsten has much more courage then Mr Elop. But Elop was brought in by a board that had no faith and flees like rats from a sinking ship. RIM has shuffled a few seats around on the board and lost Jim B but the board of RIM chose Thorsten over an outsider precisely because they believe in BlackBerry 10

yeah, it really looks like the Swipe UI and I am totally fine with that :) go ahead and try the N9 and see how innovative the UI is. So where can I pre-order the BB London?

Go to a BB10 Jam Session, get a BB10 dev alpha, develop some apps and exchange the BB10 dev alpha with the first BB10 device when it is out. ;)

Mix htc one x, iphone 4s and samsung s3 make no plastic case..use a style like bold 9900 materials but new design and you are again back in the game. But one stil a problem, the android market.....appworld is not good for the world.

Agreed about the 9900 materials. Lay off the android/iphone look-a-likes and stick to your own brand RIM.

I disagree about using the Android market. App world is getting better and better and the apps available are quality apps, not apps that are pure uselessness. I'd rather have 10 high quality apps than 30 less quality ones.

If it works the way I think it does, then it looks like it could be ultra intuitive and dead simple to use. I'm so excited!!! :D

Should be dual -core qualcomm Krait, 1.5, which will dust all the quad-core on the market and have better battery life.
It's all gonna be magic.
Just need the top 1,000 apps, and that should happen. Don't let the touchscreen scare you : should be the best in the world. One thumb all the way. Woo-hoo!! :-))

Actually an S4 is more likely due to the better LTE support of the chipset and if they do stick with OMAP then it is unlikely to be the a15-based model rather than just the updated and higher speed a9-based models.

A9 are there since last year and even the dev alpha/playbook 4g is using a updated a9 and FYI..TI OMAP A15 are scheduled for production sometime this summer, my assumption is it would be a TI SOC + Qualcomm LTE chip. One more reason to believe it is TI because RIM and QNX have spent almost 2+ years sorting through the bugs on TI OMAP (playbook, dev alpha etc) SOC and I don't think they would make such a drastic decision for their first product launch to go with S4. Also Mike L's claim that they are waiting for launch of a chip during the summertime points to TI OMAP A15's

Actually it doesn't point to any such thing, the timeframe of the S4 actually fits much better as it is only just coming out now and then Rim have their general slowness to market so their stuff comes out a few months later, whereas devices using the OMAP 5 are not expected to be released until the end of 2012 or early 2013 according to interviews with TI people at the last CES meaning that companies would only initially be getting those chips in the summer.

Another thing to bear in mind, Rim are going to have developers who have more experience of qualcomm and then others who have worked more with the omap stuff, so we could very easily see a regional variation in hardware in the same way that HTC did with one of their new HTC One devices that was an S4 in north america where it needed the lte support and was a tegra 3 elsewhere that only needed hspa+ for now, except in the case of Rim it would be omap instead of tegra.

I think the live wigitized apps is a great idea. I hope there is a slick option for the rest of the open apps too, such as a swipe down on that page. My excitement is building for BB10.

So internal documents are leaked by someone inside RIM and posted on CrackBerry.com. Gee the skeptic in me thinks RIM approves these "leaks" either tacitly or is ignoring a significant on-going breach of corporate security. Care to reveal the truth bla1ze?

RIM docs always leak. Seems to be due to the high amount of interns the company hires, but who knows? Let's just say it would seem silly for RIM to release its own trade secrets.

But as far as I know all employees, interns, and contractors must sign a blanket confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment. Maybe someone needs to sick corporate security and the legal department on those responsible for the leaks. Which raises the question asked earlier...does RIM tacitly approve these leaks?

So hot!!!
I don't like the look of the multitasking I think it should truly replicate the playbook and the pop up play feature of android and the homescreen should look more natural like ios icons not cartoonie. I love the home screen etc it just needs work

First image: 3 icons for camera. Wow.

Edit: Of all the games, Cut the Rope? I thought their CEO doesn't even care.

Overall: I would definitely buy and recommend.

The old saying goes something like this...."if you can't beat'em, then join'em. I don't know about anybody else but this looks very familiar to me

Me too. Is it just me or does it look like an iPhone / Android phone? I thought RIM would have come up with something a little more unique but in the end it's what works for the user.

Hopefully, the smartphone in the pictures is just a prototype and not representative of the actual form-factor of the upcoming BB10 smartphones. "Oh gee! Is that an Apple iPod or Android phone," asks a stranger on the train, while the haired executive repeatedly mashes his thumb into the screen cursing under his breath. Suddenly, Thorsten awakens from the nightmare as he screams "NO!" and Picaso's "The Scream" hangs over his headboard. ;)

It looks a lot like MeeGo, it has no apparent similarity to any other os on the market, though. No more than any other os, I suppose, at this point they all kind of look the same. Seems to be mobile phones are at the point of pc's where a 'desktop' paradigm has been found to be best. For mobile it is just an 'app launcher' paradigm.

read, viewed a few photos and watch a few videos of the new BB10 UI.

The onlything is wanna say is, please retain the BB7 as the backup, i am just a simple phone user, gestures wont be too useful for me, when the screen is too small.............

I might sound like an old guard, but a phone is a phone, its bound to calling, messaging and tools like Calendar/calculator/companss etc etc.....

Its nice to have a phone like a Victornox knive, multi-utility and robust, thats why i choose BB over Iphone or Android cos it WORKs Its tough, and its sufficient for field operators ........

Deffo looks like a Nokia N9 copy, which is dissapointing, as i cant imagine it will be anywhere near as good.

I really dont like the idea of the 4 icons on the screen idea. IMO it will become a hassle rather than something intuitive. Widgets giving live information would be much more useful. Also, how many of the features will be restricted to North America? The UK version of the Playbook still does not have the Podcast app which is baffling and makes me mistrust RIM to fully support their worldwide consumer base.

the minimized app is a live tile, what they essentially have done is merged the live tile and multi-tasking card in to one


Why does this primarily look like Android? The widgets look like WP7 live tiles, which I bet they can/will be. God I hope they don't make this look like Android :/

I'm a brand new Blackberry user, having come from a long line of iOS and Android devices (and I'm still sporting a Nokia N9). I bought the Playbook while visiting the US because it was only $210.00 (including tax, which is £130 GBP) and I like the 7 inch format factor.

Static screenshots of the UI and speculation about zillion core CPUs aside, I hope the OS is buttery smooth and responsive throughout. Intel reverse engineered the "user experience" of the iPad and attributed its success to:

1. Buttery smooth consistent high framerate.
2. Ultra responsiveness (70ms vs. Android's 200ms).

When I swiped around the Playbook in the Best Buy store, I experienced the home screen and browser, both of which were awesomely smooth and responsive. I buy the unit, take it home, then discover the browser's menu is a little jerky. Not too big a deal as the browser is awesome. I then open App World to see what apps I might want to purchase for my brand new device, and this is where my PlayBook lost its magic. Scrolling through the available/featured apps left me feeling nauseous. It's unforgivable in this day and age to deliver such jerky/stutter scrolling to consumers. Even though most consumers will find it difficult articulating why they don't like the experience, it will impact the user experience as a whole.

RIM: please go the extra mile and make the BB10 UI silky smooth and responsive throughout.

Some. Of you are already forgetting about the glance features and how the multi tasking of Qnx allows for showcase mode. I seriously doubt there will be four "static " images on the homescreen.

I think its so funny that people keep saying this looks like iPhone/Android etc.

1)Dev alpha device so the hardware ignore because the all touch looks nothing like this, and a quad core? what is the point to a quad core other than to drain your battery? as a power BB user, I don't want a quadcore. I will take 4G/LTE and a good Dual core processor with 1.5ghz+ and enjoy using my device all day thanks. 8MP rear with flash, and 2MP front would also be great.

2)The apps in a row, apple/android did not invent this LOL, and it is the simplest most elegant way to do it, I do not see an issue with this at all, and if you have one, how on earth would you make this better?

3) what is wrong with BB taking the best of apple/android/windows, and doing their own thing with it to make it better? windows users wish they had some of iphone/android/blackberry features, android users wish they had iphone/windows/blackberry features and iPhone users wish they had windows/android/blackberry features, so why not create a blackberry that has all that and more?

4) the "recently used" widgets are great and a simple swipe to the left to open an app that isn't already running in the background hardly seems like a chore LOL. that top of the "glance" feature makes BB10 look like its incredibly easy to use, sexier than the competition, and unbelievably productive.

not everyone is going to like this, but for someone like me, a power BB user, the few things that have been leaked so far gives me the sex appeal I have been waiting for, and not only that but has upped the productivity level to help me do my job better at home, at my desk, and on the go!


agree with you on the quad core stuff.

I think the app drawer stuff is simple as it is. perhaps a nice little twist to it would be a great way for blackberry to stand out of the crowd..

I quite like that the widgets or tiles are directly in sight all the time... I mean how ugly are widgets on android phones lying about all over the place.

The idea that quadcore is going to be inherently worse for your battery than dualcore is a false one and them choosing a dualcore should not be seen as them settling for a lesser processor due to battery concerns at all, they are going to be choosing dualcore options from either qualcomm or ti for the simple reasons that they are more familiar with those SoC and they are at least as good as nvidia's offering in anything other than artificial demos.

I don't think it is an either or choice, those three screens make up the basic idea of the bb10 ui with your basic rows of icons for installed apps, larger tiles for active apps and then your unified inbox for all your messaging needs.

yeah I'll bite... I don't get your logic. you can make a whole lot of assumptions just by static images but to say that they're down out because it looks like an iphone or android phone makes no sense. I think android and iphone do pretty darn well with their look/ui

but so far blackberry from their presentations and the little things they've showed via bbworld and the playbook there's enough differentiation to be a winner. geez, have you even looked at the playbook and its gesture based/card like navigation. nothing same about that on iphone or android.

And your nickname is composed of two words from the dictionary; therefore, using the logic demonstrated within your post, your nickname is a "look alike" for a Dictionary.

If you want to criticize RIM, then at least make some valid, intelligent arguments otherwise there's a door, dont let it hit you on the way out.

hmmm. this looks like a mix of W7 and iOS.

i've always hated the icon grid on the home screen, its looks so messy and boring to me.

honestly, i dont particularly care for an all touch device, so im really waiting for a keyboard version.

If I were RIM, i would put more focus on creating a new innovative touch phone WITH a keyboard, since that's what Blackberry is best known for, and then have an all-touch device released later on the side.

Putting out a phone that resembles all of the other boring slab phones doesn't seem like a great move to me, but whatever. It will constantly be criticized because its not "like the iPhone or Android" even if it is better.

They are probably trying to suggest that you should not read too much into a couple of random screenshots unless you have watched the videos that show how it works a bit more.

I'm nervous that I don't see a way to place a call from that inbox screen. One thing that keeps me coming back to the Bold's is that I can long-press a key from within any app to speed dial. I hope they are keeping the Hierarchy of Needs handy when they work on this.

Ideally I'd like to see a bezel swipe that pulled up a small menu of shortcuts; which can be speed dials, apps, msg contacts, etc. You would continue swiping to the icon you want and then the one you release on is the one launched.

Actually I don't really like the home screen and app screen. The active apps occupy the whole screen which leaves us no leeway of customizing, can't even see the wallpaper...Which is also why I don't like metro WP7 UI.I like the transparent style UI just like BB7. And the app grid is kind of old-fashion that reminds me of my old Nokia N73. Hope it can be fixed by customized themes.

But I absolutely love the unlock screen. It contains a lot information which is super useful and productive. Keep it up RIM! Striking Back!!!

I don't think such leaks are in favor of a RIM as a company.. it reduces the excitement before the launch and also gives competitors time to copy features and claim them as their innovation..

You know- after reading these comments- I don't know if RIM or any other company could satisfy some of you. They need this - they don't need that- they should do this or FAIL! Why don't some of you get some schooling and go and work for RIM if you all are so brilliant??
We get some good news and the "Debbie Downers" come racing out of the woodwork to complain. Ughh........just another day at Crackberry 2012.

I totally agree. I just recently joined crackberry and no that doesn't mean I am new to Blackberry. I am a long time user and love my Blackberry. I thought I would join to see more about what's going on and how others feel about Blackberry and it seems that no matter what RIM does it's not good enough...we want this, we don't like that, they don't advertise enough, advertising sucks, etc, etc, etc... I like these articles but don't take them for final product as RIM has yet to put forth any advertising saying here is what the phone looks like, here's the specs etc. I think when everyone says RIM doesn't know who or what their customers want, I find it hard to figure that out too! From everything I've seen from BBW12 that came from RIM...I thought it was cool and impressive and look forward to see what the final product will be. I'm not expecting them to become #1 again or even ever again...I just want the choice to be able to use a Blackberry as I have tried others and my preference is BB. Just Saying.

I agree fully - you're not going to please 100% of your customers 100% of the time. However...

It's no longer a matter of becoming "number 1" again - for RIM it's now a matter of survival (RIM's share price for the last 12 months: http://bit.ly/Ic2JNo).

"User experience is king", and it's no longer a matter of opinion. It's a science, a metric that can be quantified, as this Intel have demonstrated by reverse engineering the iPad user experience: http://bit.ly/lBj8uU

The Blackberry Playbook is almost there. Now is not the time to be complacent and to blindly accept that things are "good enough". Now is the time to try a little harder, go the extra distance, cross the finishing line and open a can of "whoop-ass" (i.e. spank the competition).

Icon's look like crap and with what Im seeing makes me want to move to my nokia 900... RIM is falling apart....

you understand it is photoshoped and the purpose of it is demo? correct? oh! now I have to explain you what is photo shop..nevermind

so... no wallpapers?

i don't get the sentiment that the first screenshot is an iphone ripoff. its just x by x grid of icons that looks like the app tray or launcher on any device. my treo 600 had that layout on one of the screens.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Motley Fool says all the features that RIMM show off at the conference last week Apple Iphone and Google Android have these features along time ago. It's hard to believe because I used Iphone 4S and I don't see any of those features.

Here is a quote from Motley Fool:

"Finally, on Tuesday, Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM ) talked up the new BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, featuring the sort of virtual keyboard the iPhone and Android devices have had for years. Whoops. The stock fell 5% the day following the unveiling and is down more than 17% year to date.

At just 5 times trailing earnings and less than 7 times next year's profits, RIM is flirting with deep value territory. But is the stock really a bargain? I've serious doubts existing profits are sustainable when Apple, Google, and the new team of Microsoft and Nokia are after its core business."

Bb10 will dominate. These screen shots are beautiful. Bb10 will astound. More professionally functional than anything, ever. As well as provide those "apps" that consumers whine about... So, win win win really


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

"As well as provide those "apps" that consumers whine about... So, win win win really"

Oh, who knew it was that easy to magic apps into existence? P

This homescreen idea is pretty cool but I do agree, I kinda wish it was a little more intuitive. I love blackberry and all but I do really like the ui on windows phone mango. I think that if rim could incorporate the live tile idea into the ui I think that would seriously be one awesome ui.

if this is going to cost another $600.00 (cash) , then it wont be for people who already bought the 9900 , wait a year or more before releasing this , money doesnt grow on trees !

by the time i get a bb10 i'll have waited over six months since i could have upgraded...

I think waiting till they get it right is the correct thing to do. Imagine how from a marketing viewpoint they they can exploit the queues of thousands of people globally dying to get their hands on a 'blackberry'! The press will go insane at that image and it will create a snowball effect for blackberry like it did for apple. No one expects to see that, buts thats exactly what will happen as soon as us die hards get a release date.

I've never queued before for anything but i have waited long enough for this so i want mine first.

Who's with me??