RIM Instant Messaging Clients See An Update

By Bla1ze on 22 May 2009 08:57 am EDT

That time again, for some what appears to be random IM client updates for BlackBerry devices. RIM and their track record of never issuing a change log for their own applications still stands strong this time around as well. The above RIM-built applications are all now sitting at version 2.1.45 after having recieved their 2.1.44 status not too long ago now. Be sure to grab the updates direct from your BlackBerry browser at the RIM download site. And for the love of all things BlackBerry, if you find something new in them please share it with the rest of us in the comments.

PS: Storm users, you all should find the updates as well although the version numbers will be slightly higher.


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RIM Instant Messaging Clients See An Update


I've noticed nothing new, yet.

Yahoo still can't send media like AIM and MSN.

Have to check and see if AIM can send files--some can't be sent if over a certain size.

Also, wish they'd address the issue when sending images, and how it gets automatically cancelled on the other end, or they can't see it downloading. Very annoying.


i had a sidekick lx n now i have a storm n i feel your pain i wish bejive would come out with a final version without the bugs allready

I had most of these installed at least a week ago. Now, I wonder just how long before RIM makes a twitter client.

On Yahoo Messenger on the previous version I changed my nickname to my first name, but it always displayed my email address. Now with this new version it displays my first name.

It also appears a bit smoother/faster sending/receiving, but that could be my imagination.

The versions available through AppWorld remain 2.1.44; why? And when I try to download the new AIM from www.blackberry.com/aim, it tells me "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support AOL Instant Messenger for Blackberry. I have a new 8900 from T-Mobile USA where a previous version of AIM is already installed and has been working fine for over four months.

I don't understand... Are all of those apps listed new today? Is that a new Facebook App that I don't have? No version numbers are listed.

why don't they put these updates in AppWorld or the Application Center. Isn't that the point of these programs?

Appworld is worthless!!!! Huge memory leak problems and slow as whale snot on a cold December morning. I wish they would have taken their time on it and gotten right the first time. Aside from that, why not make a device that can hold a lot of the apps that you are selling!!! Now back to your regularly scheduled program! :)

isn't as quickly updated as their website is. Usually there is about a 24 hour turn around.

For those having issues with downloading it at blackberry.com/aim go to blackberry.com/instantmessaging

Did they ever fix the MSN bug where you wouldn't receive messages after idling for a while, and the sender wouldn't be notified that it failed to send? I had many people tell me they were trying to talk to me but I never got their messages, and they didn't realize it didn't get to me.

I checked my phone through the app center, also I went to the link but it's still the same version, no updates just yet for us.

i checked the link in the blog, app world and via bb help! and still have no new updates. the latest version is .36. btw, i'm using a storm 9530 on bell mobility running .148 OS if that matters.....

i noticed that lately, my msn msngr has been logging off automatically on my storm. it says that i've been logged off cuz i logged into msn on another computer. unfortunately, this isn't true as i am the only person who has access to my laptop and that's the only place that has my msn info. i don't have any of the boxes checked off so i have to manually type in the email/pswrd every time. unless someone else has my info, i think this is the reason for the updates. too bad i can't find them :(

any help is appreciated! :D

The updated version of AIM works on my vzw 8330. I just got this one as a warranty replacement a few weeks ago(it's not refurb, brand new). The older version kept giving me the error message, despite it working on my previous (identical) 8330, and redirecting me to verizon's version (which really, is awful). It works for me now!