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RIM hosts new webinar: What You Need to Know To Develop for BlackBerry 7

By Michelle Haag on 28 Jun 2011 05:36 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9900

Research in Motion is hosting a new webcast tomorrow for those interested in developing for the upcoming BlackBerry 7 operating system. The 1 hour presentation will cover topics such as:

  • How to quickly port your current BlackBerry® platform application to BlackBerry 7 and key considerations when designing your app for the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones
  • BlackBerry 7 API Overview: Includes new hardware enabled features on BlackBerry 7 devices such as Magnetomer, Near Field Communications, Augmented Reality, OpenGL ES 2.0 as well as APIs that enhance the Super Apps experience

As always, the webcast will end with a Q&A session with a Research In Motion application development expert. Make sure if you're interested in attending you get registered, and block out an hour in your calendar! Dates have been added for Europe and Asia as well, which you can check out below.

North America
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Time: 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST
Presenter: Paul Bernhardt, Application Development Consultant, Research In Motion Limited

Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011
Time: 2:00 pm BST
Registration: Sign up here for this webcast

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Time: 12:00 pm HKT
Registration: Sign up here for this webcast

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Why would anyone want to develop with OS7 when we know QNX phones will be coming out in Spring 2012??!!


One thing's just popped into my mind. If QNX phones are coming out next year, I'm guessing that the 9900/9930 aren't QNX compatible? Seeing as though OS 7 will seem to become redundant in a year's time at the most.
Don't flame if I'm wrong! :P


From reading this article the QNX phones being built are using similar hardware to the 9900 and full touch Blackberrys we're waiting on. So there may be hope for a QNX upgrade.

Personally, I'm thinking I'll adopt a wait and see approach. I don't want to be stuck on BB7 when QNX arrives and if the Playbook is anything to go by a QNX phone should be pretty slick.


So a possibility for end of july early august? : )


Samething I've been thinking for the longest, I'm still shooting for Mid-July but I see now that it will be a little later :) Cool with me, as long as its not August..If so them I'm going to go get the new "myTouch 4G Slide" (I do love Blackberry though, so I'm not a trader..Just tired of waiting) that got announce yesterday (if I can recall correct), it sucks that other phone manufactures can announce a phone and have it out the with-in a couple of weeks, sad face to that.


OS7 development will be non existent.


I'm no developer, but I agree that OS7 would not tempt me if I were. It will be too short lived.
This is messy. 6 apps won't work on 7.
7 apps won't work on 6, and neither will work on QNX.

I'm a BB fan but if I were a developer I'd wait for QNX and have a fighting chance at having apps on handsets and Playbook.


I still think BB7 isn't worthy of being the 7th os. Wouldn't it have made sense if was like BB6.5? The transition to a QNX based os would be easy. Looking how much was put into Mango for Windows (considering that there was allot missing from the previous os anyways) , it was definitely worthy of being their next os update. Seems like someone just said "BB7 is gonna sound way cooler". It's backfiring and putting them in a confusing situation.

Why do I get the feeling that us CB users use our heads more than RIM.....


the whole stinking thing is a total mess, no apps are working across a myriad of platforms, and to top it off, everyone knows that developing for blackberry, even QNX is seriously mind numbingly difficult in comparison and relative to other already wildly popular platforms. if i was the CEO of a mobile software company and someone suggested we develop for QNX i'd fire them immediately.


This is the first time I've heard the claim that its mind numbingly difficult to develop for the QNX OS. I'd like to see your source that you're basing this comment on.

I haven't built anything for QNX but I'm pretty sure there is the option to use a lot of web technology that many developers are already comfortable with. Also, the NDK isn't even out yet (please correct me if I'm wrong) so I think your comment is unfair at best.


Sorry, just removing a duplicate post.