RIM hosting free Cascades webcast for developers June 19th

By Michelle Haag on 7 Jun 2012 03:30 pm EDT
If you're a BlackBerry developer looking for more information on Cascades and getting started with development using the new SDK, you're in luck! Research In Motion is hosting a free webcast June 19, 2012, at 11am EST / 8am PST called "Astonishing UIs using the new BlackBerry 10 framework" that will help you get started. The session will begin with an overview of what Cascades is and cover the basics of development before ending with some live coding examples and a brief Q&A period.

If you attended the BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando last month, this course may be a repeat of information you already have, however it could also serve as a good refresher. It's free to register and attend, and if you missed out on Orlando or can't make it to any of the other BlackBerry 10 Jam events going on around the world right now, you will definitely want to sign up. The webcast will be hosted by Garett, a member of the Developer Relations team at RIM specializing in Enterprise Development as well as app monetization and theme development.

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RIM hosting free Cascades webcast for developers June 19th


ill be away from a computer that day. Is there a way I can see it afterward? I want to get a shot at developping apps and BB10 seems the plateform to go!

i was just going to ask the exact same thing!

Hopefully, the webcast is available afterwards for all to watch...even those who don't develop, yet ;)

I tweeted to BBDEV yesterday and got a confirmation this morning that the webcast would be online for later viewing :)

I've tried out the html5 webworks a little so far. I just signed up for this - looking forward to seeing how Cascades goes. I hope it's recorded so I can re-watch it afterwards.

As a retired programmer, I have some ideas for Apps to create as my retirement projects and looking forward to seeing more on building Apps for BB10.

Now they just need to have themes for BB10 where developers can take advantage of the power of Cascades.

I am a young tech enthusiast and am eager to learn a programming language. i wish it were easier to learn how to develop for a specific platform (with all the APIs and other weird stuff that you have to call and stuff) I wish they would release a webcast on how to begin developing for theyre platform (for like basic beginner programmers and such). they should have some sort of student program where they give you a set of tutorials and instruction to learn programming at your own pace. this would ensure a future of young and inventive devs to support their platform.

This was supposed to be a reply to Joe.User:

I'm a programmer/analyst by profession and have only started tinkering around with the Webworks SDK. I would recommend going with Webworks first, because all you need to learn is html/javascript/css and there are TONS of resources all over the internet for learning html and javascript(i prefer using jquery to plain javascript).

I was able to get the free open-source example location-based app working w/the Ripple emulator in a matter of hours starting from nothing (including downloading and installing webworks & ripple, as well as re-coding a lot of the javascript into jquery so it looks neater[imo])