RIM hosting BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase May 30th

BlackBerry Enterprise Application showcase
By Bla1ze on 23 May 2012 03:15 am EDT

If needing to know about BlackBerry Enterprise applications is your thing, then you may want to check out RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase. The event, to be held online on May 30th will offer a look at some of the enterprise solutions available from some of RIM's key partners including Citrix, SAP, and Box.

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Application Showcase is a one-day virtual event that highlights key partner applications that are designed to fully enable a productive mobile office. This virtual conference offers all of the same benefits you'd experience attending a physical conference, all without ever leaving your desk.

  • Timely, Relevant Information - Gain key insights from the leading minds in enterprise mobility today.
  • Savvy Keynote Speakers - See innovative apps from top enterprise partners Citrix, SAP, and Box.
  • Instant Takeaway Collateral - Download all the relevant information to review and share
  • Real-time exhibitor interaction - Visit booths and ask questions in a content-rich virtual 3D environment

Things will kick off at 10:30am ET and run until 2:30pm ET. If you're interested in learning more, you can hit the link below for further details and to get yourself registered if you do so with to attend the event.

Learn more and register for the BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase

Reader comments

RIM hosting BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase May 30th


The event is called BlackBerry Enterprise Applications Showcase. Use your own judgment about any hardware announcements.

I just registered for this event. This is just to get an insight on how your org/business can benefit from their Enterprise solutions, BlackBerries as well as PlayBooks. I do not think there will be any launching info for this event.

Boldly Sent From My BlackBerry Bold 9900

RIM has TOO MANY "Event's" - This (ENTERPRISE) should have been a specific portion of "BBWorld'12".

Less "events" lead to more hype - more importance of existing events.

Basic Marketing - 101.

Could someone ask for me whether PlayBook supports extended desktop mode or just clone.
I.e. could you have your Bridge on the playbook screen, whilst simultaneously have your citrix receiver session via HDMI.