RIM hiring iOS developers, confirms BlackBerry Mobile Fusion coming to iOS

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion
By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2012 10:51 am EDT

While we're all still wondering if RIM will ever bring BBM to other platforms, they've already been on the hunt for iOS developers. However; it's not for what you think. RIM isn't bringing BBM to iOS. When the news of RIM seeking out iOS developers appeared, most speculated it was for BBM on iOS almost forgetting RIM's most recent efforts in the Mobile Device Management market, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Since the All Things D article, RIM has clarified the scenario

"As you are aware RIM announced BlackBerry Mobile Fusion on November 29, 2011 and the job posting you are referencing is to help continue the development of this product offering,” a spokesperson for the company said. “In order for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to perform advanced management functions for iOS devices, RIM will develop an on device client to be included as part of the overall solution.”

Indeed, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will end up in Apple's iTunes Store eventually with speculation pegging a release date of before the end of March. Next up to make headlines, RIM looking for Android developers which, of course still won't be for BBM on Android.

Source: All Things D

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RIM hiring iOS developers, confirms BlackBerry Mobile Fusion coming to iOS


This is a good move. If RIM can start offering more paid software solutions to other platforms it's just more income for RIM. If you don't want a BlackBerry, but you still want some of the services, then this could be a win for RIM. The cost of maintaining and improving software vs releasing new hardware I would think could be less. RIM wants everyone's business. If you don't want to buy their hardware, then they still have software for you. :)

I hear it has been pushed to April, not that I care about iOS as much as BB. I hope they can get it out there.

Given the Apple's great history of "reinventing" everything that already has been invented by others, but yet keep suing anyone who get close to iDevices, I am sure Apple will sue RIM.

"Next up to make headlines, RIM looking for Android developers which, of course still won't be for BBM on Android."

I think RIM already hired in-house Android talent when they created the Android run-time on PlayBook.

I wonder if Apple Store can block RIM from developing apps for their platform. Kind of a "Stay off my lawn!" mentality.

At the end of the day, Apple has the last call. If they wan't to refuse an app for the App Store, they simply reject the submission.

As someone proposed in the thread on cross-platforming BBM, why not make BBM available only on iOS and Android devices managed under Fusion?

Mmmm, don't know what to make of this. I can see this helping BB in the immediate future but in the long run Apple will be the over all winner.

If BBM is moved to be compatible with other devices, especially Apple, then you can kiss goodbye to RIM. Msot users now are admittednly holding on to Blackberry devices because of the BBM feature because we cannot argue, as Blackberry users, that despite security and quicker push functionality, the iPhone is a better all around device for media management, viewing, browsing etc. etc. Especially the camera leaves Blackberry in the dust.

We need a device that will beat Apple's recent iPhone offering and hit a grand slam. We can't sell out for the sake of immediate lisencing revenue. BBM needs to remain a RIM Exclusive.

I love you guys but your missing the point.

This is about FUSION and isn't about BBM on other platforms, its about Mobile Device Management and the long term future.

BES is the bench mark for all MDM and if RIM can make money managing iOS and Android, it will be very lucrative for them.

Just do the math! Imagine that each of the 250,000 BES in the world allowing just100 iOS and another 100 Androids to be managed, at about $25 each per year...

That's $5000 per BES per year!
Multiply by 250,000 BES....um, thats huge cash money!!!!

That's cash money for RIM, and more fun for us. RIM is making money off of those other devices with little investment by the corporations...i know, im a BES admin :)

this strategy will pay off...no question!

Mobile Fusion has nothing to do with BBM. Also if BlackBerry were to give away BBM to other platforms or onside with Mobilefusion would be the end of BBphones all together in my mind. I prey they do't do something like that because thats the reason why so much people use or used the phones in the first place.

For example If I love Mario and its for nintendo, but own a playstation cause they keep coming out with cool games and still have hope from nintendo to come back but they than tell the world mario is going to be on playstation No1 in there right mind will have a nintendo device.

In the case of blackberry if they were to put bbm on iphone it prob look better and more people on apple would prob be on it than the people on Blackberry.
BB10 you can do it I believe in you

I have been a dedicated blackberry enthusiast since I got my first one years ago. I will always be a preacher of blackberry. My only problem is not being able to buy them brand new after release. By the time I get it, a new model has been announced. But I will never waver. Especially with Free stuff. :p