RIM hints at announcements for CES 2012 on Facebook

By Michelle Haag on 7 Jan 2012 12:34 pm EST
BlackBerry Facebook CES 2012
With CES 2012 just days away, we are all anxious to see what Research In Motion has planned, and hoping to see some some good things come out of the event for BlackBerry. Adding to the excitement, a post on the BlackBerry Facebook account reminds everyone to stay tuned to the feed there as well as the @BlackBerry Twitter account.
What happens in Vegas... is going to be broadcast RIGHT HERE and on Twitter (@BlackBerry) next week during the Consumer Electronics Show. Even if you're not at the event, you'll get all of the details, so stay tuned for live updates and more from CES 2012. We have some tricks up our sleeves…
What does it mean? Well, we don't know any details, but as soon as we know, you'll know. The Crack Team in Las Vegas for CES will have all the coverage you can handle, so keep your eye on the blogs for all the news! What do you think or hope will be announced?
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RIM hints at announcements for CES 2012 on Facebook


I don't think they will announce anything we haven't heard rumours about. The Facebook page addresses casual fans more than those who troll sites like Crackberry.

It's probably going to be all about 2.0, maybe with a glimpse of features like the video store.

They will probably announce 10 free mouse pads with the BBOS10 logo to the first 10 people to get to their area at the show.

RIM will not be toast if they don't mention Playbook OS 2.0. You could say that about any company. It won't affect them. Give it time. Would you rather have a rock solid OS or a buggy rushed out the doors OS? I think no, you wouldn't.

To the haters: RIM IS NOT TOAST, BEING SOLD, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS OR DYING!!! Get over it. Take a break. /endrant

At DevCon they released the Developer Beta of 2.0, and CES they will release the consumer beta of 2.0. Plain and simple. However, it will not include BBM yet.

which is quite hilarious if they consider this their trick...Taking a year to give a product working function a year after you sold them is only a trick in the sense of committing frauds to finance future products, and they are not very successful at it too...

Someone resourceful please just takeover RIM and save us from the misery...software is certainly not RIM's strong point...

I really fell for the "we will leapfrog the competition" on the October 18th event and that didn't happen... Should I now believe the "we got tricks up our sleeves"? "Coming this summer", " We will leapfrog the competition", " we have some tricks up our sleeves" with no real results have made me just wait and see what happens as opposed to continuing to be let down. I have my 9900 and I am happy with it and my PB has kept me happy playing Angry Birds HD and NOVA 2 HD in Multiplayer mode. So I just wont expect anything "Exciting" to come out of the event next week.

Hooray for more disappointments...
well, just to be fair, there's always a 00.01% chance of it not being a disappointment.

please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 please announce some cool stuff for a 9930 or a new phone that you're giving away please please please

You beat me to it Abrante, with comments like we are going to leap frog the competition and nothing announced. I am not expecting anything to come out of this announcement.

Yeah you guys are all beating me to the punch. There is nothing up their sleeves. Just smoke and mirrors.

These hints they drop are ridiculous. Every time they've done it it's been something silly. They should just avoid trying to create hype like this. Clearly, everyone is going to hope this is leading up to a BB10 device being showcased... hopefully it is. But I won't be holding my breath.

I think that there is a real chance that we will see a CDMA/LTE PlayBook released by the end of March

I imagine it is just showing off PlayBook 2.0/ BlackBerry 10 but not actually announcing or releasing anything new. I've also heard rumours of Netflix (from an inside source) and Skype (less-reliable source so don't count on it) for PlayBook coming some time in Q1 2012, but I imagine if it's up to RIM they'll line that up with 2.0. That said, it'll still be nice to see the progress and get a better idea of what 2.0 will look like, even if we already knew it was coming.

I agree, I don't see RIM announcing anything we don't already know about outside of new developer support announcements.

I'd be very pleased to see a Netflix announcement (since I'm a subscriber and just starting to watch "The Walking Dead"). I've got high hopes for the Video Store app that RIM has hinted about, too.

Skype would be a massive announcement, as would stronger MS Office functionality. Given that RIM and Microsoft have a fairly good relationship, I think there's some chance on those fronts, too.

Most of us seem to agree that BBX has great potential. I feel like RIM really can have a whole bag of tricks up their sleeves. I would like to see at least one new sweet BB feature at CES.

Up until last year, RIM had a pretty decent track record, actually. I personally think much of the bungling over the Playbook has been ego-driven at the executive level.

There's reason to believe that at some point last fall the adults finally stepped in and imposed some common sense, but we won't know for sure for a bit yet.

It means they will pull the "We are replacing our incompetent CEO's trick" out of their sleeves and show you nothing concrete in the way of devices. The biggest possible trick those Bozo's could pull is PB 2.0 and calling that overdue piece of software a "trick" is lightyears beyond pathetic.

The Chairman.

How the mighty have fallen. When Apple, Sony, Google, or just about any other tech company teases an announcement, fans go all giddy over it speculating at what's going to come out.

When RIM teases an announcement, fans simply yawn and say it's going to be another BS announcement that is long on promises and short on delivery.

It doesn't matter if RIM actually delivers on something at CES; they have a much bigger problem to be worried about - their image. If all your teaser announcement does is generate riducle and cynasism from your fans, you've done something wrong.

As for me, I read RIM's facebook announcement and simply laughed and rolled my eyes. It ranks right up there with the "sweeeeettttttt" comment.

i second that comment!!!! its sad when not only rim lets ya down.. but also our fearless leader. i personally would like kevin to chime in on this..... several months ago he saw something.... and we have heard nothing since. the fan sites are almost as pathetic as the companies we claim to support...

LMAO what a joke...Leapfrop now tricks, tricks or for kids you two CEO clowns.
This is why I now have a Galaxy Nexus because of RIM's promises...LOL

Given the current product mix and the long runway to BB10, expect to see lots of BB7 and Playbook "announcements". In my view there will be little, if any mention of BB10 as it will only serve to reduce consumer interest in the current revenue generating product line.

We'll see all the things we (and all the analysts) already know about and expect to see RIM perceived as being stuck in the past. As for something unexpected, it certainly has been their current SOP to underwhelm despite Jim and Mike's pre-session over-the-top comments.

...and this from a RIM fan !!!

Yeah I think they screwed the pooch by saying that bb10 is just like the qnx platform. I think they need to come out with what was promised for the playbook and make bb10 something that makes the new phones stand out at the end of the year and give of a reason to also purchase the ten inch when it comes.

This would be the way to have something to share now. Add a bunch of stuff to bb7 and 2.0 and still pick our pockets end of 2012. right now the only thing I'm looking for is 2.0 since it seems like its all going to be a similar device across the board

Or maybe their tricks will be a major announcement indicating that BBM has more colours that can be used - woohoo, stop the presses. LOL

Mind you, I would be happy if BBM could send files longer than 6 megs. That would make me happy.

This is not for the people in the know. This is for the people who believe RIM offers the best app platform in the industry. These are for the people who never heard of 2.0 or BB10. For those on this blog, there will be nothing new.

I am confused about an article I read today about Playbook OS 2.0.


I understand that BBM will NOT be integrated into this OS Ver, and Bridge will still be necessary, but I was looking forward to Native email, calendar, Contacts, etc...

But this article is stating that OS 2.0 will NOT have those add ons as promisd!? Anyone know if that is the case? And if it is the truth then the only upgrade is the Android Player? Which is great, but still, can anyone confirm or deny that natives are being left out even though RIM promised them.

This it he part of the article that I am speaking about;

"Earlier the update was scheduled to be launched in February during the Mobile World Congress event. However, there is not much to be happy about as the new PlayBook OS will be missing out on the native BlackBerry capabilities. What it means is that even after the update, the PlayBook devices will not be able to access native BlackBerry services like BlackBerry Mail, BlackBerry Messenger and even calendar without the help of the BlackBerry Bridge."

I have no idea where that notion is coming from. No, there won't be BBM in PB 2.0; RIM has been very clear about that.

Native e-mail/PIM apps have been shown repeatedly, though, and are in wide use among internal builds. An freely-available 2.0 emulator (for developers) showed a new "Accounts" tab in the device settings that allows users to register e-mail, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts (possibly Twitter... can't remember for sure).

The emulator did NOT have an actual e-mail interface (deliberately held back), but I could register a POP3 account and I received new mail notifications. That was back in October.

No other media source has said there'd be no PIM functionality in PB 2.0.

That's what I thought, as it's the ONLY thing I have seen that has said this. I just thought I would put it out there.
Thanks for all the replies folks!

the author is not informed, email and calendar will be released with OS2.
in my job if i reported erroneous information i'd be reprimanded.
that's the one thing i hate about the internet too much crap is published and people believe what they read

Tricks up the sleeve huh? Let's hope so. PB OS2.0 would be nice. Really it's all that I'm missing right now from RIM. So if I were to make this all about me, for the foreseeable future it's all I want out of CES 2012. Then you can show all the cool stuff to come all you want, and I will read and drool.

Boldly sent from my 9930

I don't care what new devices they'll announce in CES. What I'm more concerned about is the effin' fix that they should have released for the 9900/9930 and 9860/9850!!

Oh and please replace the two current knuckle-heads-CEO of RIM, they've caused too much downfall for the company already.

RIM will announce multi-colour LED on our current phones....woooohooooo

If I was there I would walk right by that booth. They had a decent gathering last year with the Playbook, this year it will probably be scanty.

The trick will be a magician taking out a BlackBerry PlayBook from his jeans pocket. With one hand. This will certainly leapfrog Steve Jobs' past keynote with the first iPod.


The sentiment is right on. I just sold my 9900 to try out an android. RIM keeps saying that they are doing so well in developing markets, I know, I live in one (Dominican Republic). What they don't say is that US market trends tend to hit other markets about a year or two later. Everyone here has a BB but you can already see people switching, and most people thinking that they will switch later on. They have 6-12months before their great developing markets start to tip over just like US. Will keep my PB a little longer, see how I like 2.0. I really do hope they announce something amazing, they need it bad.

An unreliable source within RIM has told me that the CES will be a stage to announce to all PlayBook owners that there's actually a blue LED on the unit!! :-0

I used to care so much last year. Now I have seen the light and can realize this will be a new Twitter App or something that daft.

I spent a lot of money to get on the OS 7 and PB bandwagons and feel RIM successfully took me for a ride. My OS 6 device froze less, and the PB - while great in general - still lacks too many features. You know, like Spell Check.

As far as I am concerned CES has become the lamest show of the year. I say this because unless your an Android fan nothing will get announced that you really care about. We all know that RIM is not going to announce any new hardware at this show, not with DEVCON Europe and MWC happening in Feb. Microsoft will not announce any new hardware (other than the new nokia devices, and maybe the HTC lte device but that's on those companies) they are waiting till they have their big show later in the year, Apple never announces anything at CES (just a bunch of after market accessories). So all this we are going to be disappointed is BS because if you follow the bolgs and actually read them you would all know this. None of this is a surprise nor should it be. The best we may walk away from this show is some new tabs being released, all running android ICS, maybe RIM will release the BT keyboard for the PB, some new accessories for the PB, and maybe some new apps for the PB other than that NOTHING. All major manufactures are doing things on their onw schedules now no more planning to have something to wow us with at CES other than Android.

One last thing, what was the last New pice of hardawre RIM announced at CES....don't worry I'll wait.

We've got some tricks up our sleeves -

In Blackberry talk that means we've disappointed you before but just when you think we couldn't be any lamer we're going set a new bar for customer let downs!

Blackberry WILL NOT amaze anyone, they're not capable of it and anything cool that smart phones can do Apple has already done. Get ready for a NEW disappointment.

The 9850/9860 is a beautiful phone but way too small.
Re-release it with a 4.75" screen.
Something like this with bb10 would be a game changer for Blackerry.
This is what I would like to see at CES, but like everyone else, I am becoming cynical about their ability to deliver the goods.
Mistakes are fine when you learn from them! When will these guys learn from their previous mistakes?


unless RIM has managed to resurrect Steve Jobs and got him to work for 1 billionth of what he was worth to replace the current CEOs, the only things up their sleeves is a load of crap. I love my PB which i currently got, but with out proper management of this company, nothing will happen to get them going. sure there is a potential for the QNX and etc, but there's also potential for any one of us to win a lottery, but how often do we win?

Well, we should see a commitment to release PB 2.0.xxx as promised for February with Native email, contacts, Auto Correct, BBM, etc.... They might surprise us with an earlier release of BBX and a line of 3-4 phones instead of towards the end of 2012...

BUt I would not count on it. I think they are still scrambling to fix the mess they got themselve 24-36months ago!

I expect nothing, this way, I can no longer be disappointed.

If there are no major improvements in what RIM is doing and does not release the OS we need and want...I may just end up with an Iphone and an Ipad! :-( not because I want too, but I am tired of the disappointment of false promises.

IN short, don't expect too much and we'll see!

Kevin for RIM's CEO spot!!! :)


If the "trick up their sleeves" is something not worth mentioning I will not be surprised....hopefully this time the info will actually be something we care about

Microsoft has the keynote speech on opening day. It is there they will announce a Microsoft-Nokia joint acquisition of RIM.

Experience from the last couple of months have lead to low expectations. The announcement of a near term release of BB 7.1 and PBOS 2.0 (both rocksolid and bugfree) would already be a great start.

Looking at all those unfortunate teasers I really get the impression that RIMs marketing is just as frustrated as many fans are and are trying to compensate. However by trying to act as cool as apple with no real gamechanger up the sleeve just makes everything worse. Therefore my personal advice to RIMs marketing (and management) is pretty simple: while taking your time to make BB10 and the new hardware really great and solid, focus on what made BB big and still does best. There is enough to tell, but RIM has just not been good at doing so. Why trying so hard to copy the competition if you can establish your on style. Bottomline the current products are not bad at all! So many people love their device like the Bold 9900. Of course they have some flaws or are missing some goodies, but by setting the wrong expectations the vicious circle will never stop. You are only setting the table for the competition! So focus on what made BB great and develop your own marketing style. RIM seems to be willing to invest strongly into marketing, so with the right messaging they can re-set the table!

The trick is they finally rebrand the new OS with a name that they registered the trademark for ahead of the announcement and won't be sued this time. Sadly, even this would be an improvement for RIM...

CrackBerry Kevin and the Ham Sandwich will be announced as the new CEOs.

I just wanted to throw a little humor to the post. I look forward to seeing what RIM will show.