RIM highlights BlackBerry Platform benefits for Enterprise users [video]

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2010 06:06 pm EDT

With the majority of focus being placed on BlackBerry 6 these days, Research In Motion hasn't forgotten that they need to attract business users as well. The latest video posted to the BlackBerry YouTube account does just that. It highlights the many benefits businesses gain when deploying the BlackBerry Platform across organizations. Pretty cool! I like how they made the video that's for sure.

Source: BBNews.pl

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RIM highlights BlackBerry Platform benefits for Enterprise users [video]



RIM on a marketing blitz it seems... I guess to try and save some of the business that's been starting to look at cheaper alternatives that can't afford BES.

Not bad, original. Not so sure about the "english guy" voice. Reminded of those lame insurance ads with the lame lizard.

You mean the Geico commercials that have been wildly successful? Still, you can't just rule out an entire country's dialect to use for narration because of one commercial series, can you? That's pretty narrow-minded! :)

This is off-topic for sure, but can someone tell me why the full-screen button on videos doesn't ever work on Crackberry.com when the same button works fine on other sites?

I almost always prefer to watch videos in full-screen so I have to click the "Watch on YouTube" link first and then open it full-screen on youtube.com... a small, yet annoying step. Is preventing the video from being viewed full-screen something Crackberry.com has chosen to do?... If so, would you please change this?!


I dont deny or debate that, this is where it got its start and made its foundation. Not the best way to display that but whatever....

WOW.... if thats what they want to put out for Enterprise customers..... cheap paper cut outs........ RIM really is in trouble.

you should see some of the stupid advertising for Business to Business sales.

I wouldn't say this was earth shattering, but it was a pretty good add, nothing overly distracting, and very direct and to the point, clearly putting the bug in the ear of the company running a BES that only has upper management on BB's that they might want to try moving them down the chain, and trying to attract new people with kinda silly completely non offensive advertising, it is blue chip.

Cool, original commercial.
It's nice to see RIM spending some money on advertising.
The market has been flooded with droid/apple propaganda lately. With the new phones and OS coming, I predict a very good year for RIM.

Go Blackberry!

I thought it was unique. Sure, it was kind of a gamble directing a cartoonish video at enterprise consumers, but it had a "feel good" theme to it. I liked it.