RIM to handle BlackBerry PlayBook Warranty support and repair directly

By Bla1ze on 11 Apr 2011 02:36 pm EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook

If you've ever had an issue with a BlackBerry smartphone that required warranty service then you'll likely know that the process for getting an exchange is typically always handled by your carrier. Of course, that only comes after they have you reload your OS 3 or 4 times for an issue you clearly stated that was something totally unrelated to the OS. Frustrating to say the least -- but, we can take some joy in knowing that if, for whatever reason you should have an issue with your BlackBerry PlayBook you'll not have any carrier getting in the way of it being repaired. In fact, you'll be dealing with Research In Motion directly. As noted in the above document:

  • RIM will provide complimentary out of the box support for 90 days after a BlackBerry PlayBook has been activated. This covers the device and in-box accessories including how-to and setup inquiries. Customers are told to contact these two numbers:

US:  1-877-644-8410
CAN:  1-877-644-8405

  • RIM will have a out of the box limited warranty and repair service directly to end users for 12 months after activation of a BlackBerry PlayBook. It will also offer an Advance Exchange or Same Unit Repair service.
  • RIM will offer additional technical support and warranty coverage for a period of 2 years following activation of the Tablet to end-users who purchase the BlackBerry Total Care Program. RIM will offer Advance BlackBerry PlayBook Exchange as a repair service solution. Consumers can purchase the program anytime within the 12-month Limited Warranty period. 

Personally, in the past I've never had much issue with carrier related repairs but I do know some folks who have. For RIM to be handling the repairs and replacements themselves is a very good thing in the long run. Let's just hope none of us ever really need to use the service to the full extent.

Source: BerryReview

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RIM to handle BlackBerry PlayBook Warranty support and repair directly


Wow, does mean that well soon see rim store like we see apple stores? :P
I just hope the repair group turns out half descent.

so does this mean i should ask back for my money on the staples 3year full warranty that includes spills, and drops and lcd breakage i bought. I only paid $100 bucks due to a discount; how much is the BB total care program going to cost. and how much does it actual cover.

I have to send my PB in for repair (just less than 90 days old). In the early days after purchase, I found their "complimentary support" extremely slow, frustrating, and not all that productive. On the last occasion I had to spend over an hour and a half before they would finally agree that in fact, my unit was not working. I'm waiting for my box to send it back and we'll see how it goes. :o(

After the 30 days, how do you get 'warranty support' without having to pay? All I can find is a number that you have to pay for. Hardly warranty support in my opinion.

My Playbook doesn't charge anymore. Tried 3 Blackberry different chargers including the original it came with, as well as 2 different USBs, again including the one it came with.