RIM goes on a domain buying spree, hints at BlackBerry 10 app names and features

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By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2012 10:04 pm EDT

If you've been following RIM throughout the years, then you know that buying up domain names before any big announcements is something they like to do (Remember BlackPad?). Every company does it really. It serves several purposes such as protecting their intellectual property as well as giving them landing pages to use when new products are announced.

On September 14th, RIM went on a domain buying spree and took over quite a few domain names that hint at BlackBerry 10 apps and branding. Many of the terms we've seen used before such as Peek, Flow, Newsstand, TimeShift and of course, BBM Video are now registered under the Research In Motion Limited name and belong to RIM.

Most of the domains registered just make sense for RIM to own, even if they do nothing with them. However; as we know from past experience, domain names can often give away upcoming device names as well as upcoming app names and features. If you're looking for the full list of domains registered, jump below to see them all as well as some explanation behind them.


Granted, we're a little bit late in posting this up as we've been fairly busy this weekend preparing for BlackBerry Jam Americas but when taking a look at the domains, it's clear to see some of this stuff is meant for BlackBerry 10 while the others like Newsstand already exist. We've seen voice control on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, we've seen StoryMaker (video editor) referenced to in leaked images and we know RIM is working to bring video chat to BBM for BlackBerry 10. TimeShift of course, is a reference to the BlackBerry 10 camera and its Scalado integration and finally, we see Peek and Flow in the list.

Peek and Flow are the terms often used to describe the BlackBerry 10 UI. As noted, since we are a little later in getting this posted many folks noticed that BlackBerryFlow.com was not listed and Fusible, who does their domain name homework went back and checked into who owned it. They found our very own Founder and Editor In Chief of CrackBerry.com, Kevin Michaluk owned it before handing it over to RIM, free of charge. I asked Kevin why he bought it and here's his reply:

I was sitting in the audience at DevCon Europe in Amsterdam on February 7, 2012, witnessing new CEO Thorsten Heins give a BlackBerry keynote address for the first time. During his presentation, he began talking about BlackBerry 10 and the "flow" experience. 

Immediately, while sitting in the audience, I said to myself… "BlackBerry Flow"… sounds like a good name. I own a lot of domains. Buy them all the time whenever something pops into my head that sounds like a good idea. And as soon as I heard BlackBerry Flow I opened up my web browser -- still while in the audience -- and registered it on the spot. It's a habit of mine that's hard to break. I had no intent to do anything with the domain, but figured one day BlackBerry may want it, so I'd keep it in safe hands in case they ever did. Better me than some squatter. Indeed one day RIM requested the domain, and I was happy to transfer it back. Free of charge. No big deal. I have no idea if RIM will do anything with the BlackBerryFlow.com domain. Though I will say I do like the terminology of BlackBerry "Flow" so hope it is a term they embrace.

If you want to take a historical look at it, when RIM starts registering mass amounts of domain names it usually means they're getting prepared to announce something. With BlackBerry Jam Americas not that far off, it makes sense we'll see some of the stuff listed here appear shortly. But it's also important to remember that RIM does this stuff pretty much daily as well to help protect themselves against people like our editor in chief who will snatch up their domain names without giving it a second thought, clearly.

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Source: Fusible

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RIM goes on a domain buying spree, hints at BlackBerry 10 app names and features


Seriously Bla1ze, the Crackberry Forum has this covered.
Go enjoy your weekend, or go sleep. This is not big news and can wait till morning. lol

Yup, bla1ze and sleep don't mix well together. He's like a computer. Just needs to be put in standby mode once in awhile.

Sounds good. Nice to see things progressing. Im hoping for an early release... I just went to the iphone 4s friday... I hate it but, i plan on being back blackberry everything once BB10 releases.

Go RIM. Nice to see things are coming along smoothly I agree. You know a great release date would be January 1, 2013. A great way to start 2013 :-)
Tablets are incredible

that would be great. since i don't qualify for an upgrade it would be nice using part of my christmas bonus on it haha

You don't qualify for a BB10 upgrade? I heard all Blackberry Playbook and Smartphone users are all getting it for free when it comes out.
Tablets are incredible

Somewhat correct, the playbook is running pbos, which is qnx..which is bb10 os. It'll get an update to bb10, as rim has confirmed this multiple times already. Smartphones,(and I mean all of the blackberry smartphones out there) will not be upgraded to bb10, they will be on legacy bbos(7 through 3.6). Even that shiny new 9900 wint get it.

Not likely to come out right after new years and christmas. Most people are not working during this time period. And I don't mean just RIM employees...carriers, distribution, resellers. It would be hard to release something right after the holidays. Need a couple days to a week after for people to get back into the swing of things.

sometimes, ducking out of the spotlight and trying to re-invent yourself doesn't work. the fact alone that you had to take almost 2 years off to reinvent yourself speaks volumes about your future. just makes everything die slower. no phone on the shelves = fail. buy all the domains you want. i heard www.annoyingcompany.com is available. grab it rim, grab it!

And sometimes ducking out of the spotlight allows you time to get the resources to allow you to rise from the ashes like a Pheonix. Be sure and post my thoughts when you return to your home domain of www.RimTrolls.com.
Tablets are incredible

Smh i almost feel sorry for you Sevoman. Lol talk about having no life.

Couldnt have said it any better Vic.

Thanks digtech, and I know what you mean. Who comes into a RIM board and starts bashing them lol.

BTW Your name sounds like you love tech so have you ever heard of an app called APPY GEEK? Its free and on APP WORLD. It is the coolest tech news app I've ever seen with literally 1000's of hot tech news articles every day. Check it out.
Tablets are incredible

Wow!! Only 2 years?! That is incredibly fast for building an entirely new, not to mention revolutionary, platform!!
For missing the point by a couple of lightyears - FAIL!!!

I have said it over and over when you want a toy you get any other phone/platform , when what you need is a tool we all get a Blackberry , I am a car dealer and i tell you i will no make a $10.000 ,20.000 money transference or any business involving money on any other phone/platform than blackberry ,
so if i have to wait to get the best possible business tool , well i wait

RIM is doing what it should do. It is addressing its weakness in mobile computing and secondarily developing new mobile functionality that moves beyond the limited App experience. What is Apple doing? Well Zip, couldn't be more clear from last week.

Apple's big problem is that it is being led by an accountant and it shows. He is far too preoccupied with maximizing profit and not with innovation. This is never a good sign in the technology field.

I think I'll reserve troll.com before you do. Can we just be a little more positive here for once? Every time RIM does something, folks come out of the woodwork just to piss on it. Get a life!

Is that little rant about Apple in 1999? When Microsoft had to lend them $150 million and agree to support Office on the Mac, just to keep Apple credible in the market - because if Apple collapsed, Microsoft would have a 100% desktop monopoly and would probably be broken up by the competition court?

I also once worked for a company whose major competitor went into Chapter 11. Actual Chapter 11. Five years later I had moved on from the company I worked for, several of my colleagues were now working for the company formerly in Chapter 11, and the company I used to work for was in decline.

Sometimes a serious external threat is what a company needs to get it working again.

Hahaha I really laughed at the last sentence. LOL Bla1ze poking Kevin. xD Good read.


Wow I'm surprised Crackberry hasn't covered that either. Sad RIM is being snubbed like that.

Come to think of it Crackberry probably hasn't covered it because they want to report positive stuff on RIM to get customers, not negative to lose them.
Tablets are incredible

That's an old one. Not new at all. Actually, I think I maybe used to own that one too and gave it back to RIM. Bought back in 2008 before the launch of App World. So not news per this post. Bla1ze is talking NEW domains here.

Battery pull for you, Bla1ze? I would guess that you have more than one battery. Pull the one that fuels your grammar and composition program. Maybe the reset will allow you to produce good writing, or at least correct English. If not, get an upgrade.

Gee...that was really funny...not really. I enjoy Bla1zes articles. You however seem almost jealous or butt hurt over Bla1ze In some way.

I doubt he cares, but I would advise you to reconsider your pointless little dig. I can understand what he means perfectly clearly, and unlike so much marketing and technical writing it doesn't make me want to pull my eyes out. So please enlighten us: what is your definition of "good" writing? Which version of "correct" English are you relying on?

well App world are full apps doesn't really do what they supposed to do. I was wondering why RIM doesn't remove those apps. Right now, you cannot even request a refund for the apps that don't work. we are supporting RIM, but it time to start thinking about us, protect the consumer here

The ones that interest me are the blackberryplayon ones. Is that referring to the PlayOn media streaming software? That could be a nice workaround for the dependency for Netflix and Hulu to make an app.

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