RIM further explains BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BES 10
By Adam Zeis on 31 Aug 2012 11:44 am EDT

There has been quite a bit of confusion regarding BES and BlackBerry 10. Last week we broke it all down and cleared up the confusion regarding all of it. To help out even more, Jeff Holleran, Senior Director for Enterprise Product Management at RIM, has taken some time to explain the background and features of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. BES 10 will be able to manage every device --including BB7, BB10, PlayBook, iOS and Android -- in what Jeff calls "the ultimate management solution for all BlackBerry platform devices, as well as iOS and Android devices". You can read more on BES10 in Jeff's blog post here.

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RIM further explains BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10


cant wait to see how mobile fusion works i know all RIMS enterprise products inside and out being trained internally by them but this will be interesting to learn on my own

Thanks Nameless for not doing the murst/first shtick. It is SO old. I must take issue with Adam saying the Crackberry post linked above cleared up confusion... it didn't as evidenced by the comments... in fact it muddied things up considerably resulting in this post by RIM. This one is very clear but I must admit, I'm very concerned that many companies won't be able to provide emails to their staff on day one if they release BES 10 concurrently with the phones since you need BES 10 to connect with enterprise email systems from BB10 phones. RIM will have a LOT of very unhappy people if they spring for the new devices and then find they can't connect to their companies BES on day of launch. I'm concerned that many companies will "wait and see" to understand the demand and we'll get into a chicken/egg thing. Hopefully I'm missing something here.

BES 10, more specifically the BDS portion of BES 10 will support BB10 phones on Day 1. As a matter of fact it technically supports them now. The beta version of Mobile Fusion also allows for OTA activation. RIM has all the pieces in place, it will, for the time being, be a separate server though. (however it can scale to many thousands of users, so multiple BES boxes can be consolidated eventually)

BB10 and playbooks still work with active sync you dont need BES10 its just better to have it as security is upped greatly

but yea not being with RIM anymore sucks lol learning stuff on my own is not as fun as being trained by the makers/creators of the product :P

ActiveSync provides very basic connection security and that is about it. BDS provides significantly more, and uses activesync as a transport, instead of the management piece.

There is very little to learn with Mobile Fusion. It just hooks into UDS/BDS/BES. BES10 (this iteration anyway) is the name change in Mobile Fusion. UDS/BDS are the ones you should learn, but they are similar to BES (though UDS uses different ports).

it should as active sync is microsofts connection tool and active sync works on IOS android playbook and wps/tablets with this in mind shouldnt be an issue as mobile fusion is just an extension of active sync

No, WP7 does not provide the management tools necessary for this. iOS and Android require applications to be installed on the device as a secure container for information.

Mobile Fusion is not just an extension of ActiveSync. It only uses that as a communication method with Exchange (instead of MAPI).

BES is BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Might want to read up on it a bit more. Personal users don't need it, unless you intend to manage the families devices. BESx is what you need and it's free.