RIM Founder Mike Lazaridis Speaks to Analysts at WES: App World Generates a Million Downloads Per Day; OS6.0 Coming Next Quarter

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2010 02:41 pm EDT
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WES is the biggest BlackBerry show of the year so it only make sense that RIM's head honchos all be on hand. While RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will speak tomorrow morning during the general assembly keynote (we'll be live blogging it,) he spoke to analysts during Capital Markets today. During the event he highlighted a couple of interesting statistics, showed off a preview of BlackBerry 6 (hopefully this will be in the keynote tomorrow and we'll bring you a video) and from their handled some pretty intense Q&A. Some of the big takeaways:

  • App World Downloads - RIM has never been one to hand out App World statistics, but apparently now they are and they aren't too shabby. Mike said App World is delivering a million downloads per day.
  • OS 6.0 Availability - Coming in the next calendar quarter.
  • OS 6.0 Input - As thought (and makes sense) OS 6.0 will work on touch and non-touch devices.
  • OS 6.0 Backwards Compatibility - It seems the analysts in the room had the same burning question we have in terms of what current in-market devices will get OS 6.0. Mike L. didn't answer the question directly, but did make it clear that RIM will continue to do what they always do - carry on support for older devices as it makes sense (within memory limitations). So expect to see 6.0 launch on a new device and from there we'll see it trickle out to at least some current devices.
  • WebKit clarification - Mike L. clarified that the WebKit browser is an integrated part of OS 6.0. It's not a standalone app (you won't be able to install the WebKit browser on OS 5.0 for example). He further elloborated saying that it's not really a "webkit browser" but a WebKit rendering engine, which can be/is leveraged in areas/apps beyond just the browser.
Lots of interesting stuff here that we'll try and follow up with more detail on over the next couple of days. If you want to dig into the nitty gritty, you can listen to the whole keynote above.

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RIM Founder Mike Lazaridis Speaks to Analysts at WES: App World Generates a Million Downloads Per Day; OS6.0 Coming Next Quarter


The webkit can not leak :(. That kind of sucks. An a new device will be running OS 6.0 so no way to know when existing devices will get it :(.

sad very very sad.

dont forget that it will be out on the 9700 though, when they showed the webkit browser they said `theres a reason its on the 9700` which says to me OS6 is coming to 256mb devices (unless it was a bold 9650 it was being shown on lol)

also to add, .3 he actually says `trackpad and touch` (o so e said trackpod but we know what he means), does this mean no 6 for the 8900 and tour 9630?


Gotta have something to laugh about WES 2010 Day 1 was a bust as far as I am concerned. Hopefully they decided to get the obvious out of the way on Day 1 and Day 2 will be the fashizzle.

Note to RIM: Give us a VIDEO of OS 6.0 no lousy stills. An make sure its on an existing device. Seeing OS 6.0 on some future device will do nothing for me, at least make sure its on the 9650!

I agree, and what a great laugh it was. I hope your thinking is correct, otherwise the boards are going to light up with "RIM's going down" threads.

Not only do I want a video, but I want stills of every 6.0 capable device running it and at least one 6.0 equipped device present for Kevin to mess with on camera. Am I asking too much?

betcha he is foaming at the mouth to get his hands on a device with OS 6.0 on it. If he hasn't already ;).

BTW this has to be the longest running reply in the history of CB :)

I'm sure he's already seen one if not got to actually use one. But we really need to get one on video.

I know, we won't ever get beat either lol

So in other words ... Prolly only the 256 mB flash devices in-market will be able to run it. That's my bet. Good thing I have a 9550!

when the 9550 came out. Roll 5.0 out a week before the Storm 2 comes out. Hope to hell this leaks because VZW won't push it anytime soon.

That's kind of cool
Webkit rendering engine....
It means you can write widgets (here a block of javascript+java+html)

RIM's getting new platform for programmers.


not sure that's the conclusion that can be drawn just yet. and Mike Kirkup from RIM told us that wouldn't be the case with webkit... not a new dev platform. 

i think it basically applies to any applications that are using web content. Example html emails will render with the new webkit engine, any other applications that using the render html pages inside the applications will also automatically be using the webkit rendering.

Those pissed that WebKit is not standalone may be missing the big picture. Sure it sucks if your phone doesn't get 6.0 (I highly doubt they will keep the Storm 2 from getting 6.0), but you have to look at the bright side. This browser will interact with the OS and apps because it will be completely integrated into the system. That is great news!

for a company like VZW with a horrendous track record for updating phones to get around to releasing it. I would expect we will see an update to OS 6.0 around a week before the S3 comes out.

An with the snails pace we have seen OS's leak out for the 9550 I don't have much hope of seeing 6.0 before September or October.

If the Bold could run it I bet we would see a leak for that device before the 9550.

They said q3 for os6 so that's July - September for it to actually show up on any device, upgrades from os5 devices are bound to be a lot slower than that since both rim and the carriers will be far more interested in selling new devices than upgrading old ones.

To be fair to them though, people should be buying their handsets for what they do now and not based on what it might do in x months down the line.

an carriers shouldn't lock you into a 2 year contract when new devices roll out every 9 months to a year. An you shouldn't have to sell a kidney to afford a device off contract.

You don't actually have to buy every new device and if rim continue to increase the frequency of hardware releases you wouldn't have a hope in hell of doing so.

That my and many others hopes were that RIM would get off their butts and start to improve the devices that they have released in the last year.

I understand the need to sign up more users by offering better options, but what about the consumers like myself who have stuck by them when there were better options out there? We are to be left out in the cold?

As I have said before Google has been working on getting the newer Android OS on the G1, if they can get their newer software on an almost 2 year old device why can't RIM get out an improved OS to the customers who have purchased a totally new device in the last year.

As I have also said shame on us, buyer beware we know what it can do when it comes out, yes we didn't need to buy it, and yes we can shell out the 600 bucks to buy a new device when it too comes out.

If we are going to face that kind of tough love then I would rather take my business elsewhere.

the only reason Google can get the Android OS on the G1 is because the G1 has enough RAM and ROM for it, as well as the proper configuration Lets face it, if RIM had put large enough amounts of RAM on its early models we wouldn't have to question if older devices could run the OS, rather it'd be a question of when.

I would be scared to see the likes of OS 6 on say the Storm1, it sucks as is with OS 5, it could never run OS 6 properly. Not to mention the G1 isn't limited in the same way in app storage. If it was forced to use its 196 of RAM for app and OS storage AND to run said apps and OS it most definitely wouldn't have the newer Android OS. Instead it gets to use its 256 ROM to store such things, and its 196 RAM to run them.

Apples and oranges my friend.

What about potential 9650 buyers? That phone is going on sale a month before the start of Q3. If I were looking to buy the 9650, that would be the first question on my mind -- when will it get 6.0?

I agree 100% if you are planning to pick up the 9650 you should have some sort of idea on when an advanced version of the software and (at least to RIM) revolutionary browser will be available.

Shouldn't need to do any guesswork here, and looking at the carriers launching the 9650, neither has a great track record of releasing updates.

It still sounds to me like the best way to get OS6 is to buy a device that launches with it. Unfortunately that may not be a device you want, such as the 9670. I may just pick up a 9650 instead and wait for somethin to freeze over so I can get the OS.

That's always going to be thebest way to get a new os from any of the handset makers, not just a rim thing.

I wonder what will be the first device to launch with os6, I guess it will be the slider since that leaked before this new clamshell.

Well, they better make me happy with my 9550. We have new iphone coming, Windows 7 phones end of this year, many new android phones....

Competition is gooood.

Unless he can take apart RIM's OS's we will be out of luck. This Webkit will be an integrated part of the OS, not a few .cod files to cut an paste.

C'mon seriously? A million downloads per day? Are these UNIQUE downloads or repeative downloads due to signal loss or other issue that requires you to download app more than once.

Just had an interview.... they re-confirmed the one million downloads a day happening out of app world.  apparently 20 million active users (people who have downloaded at least one free app).

thats still pretty impressive. Everyone talks about the Itunes App Store and the Android Marketplace, but App World is really starting to come into its own. Wasn't a fan, but it has grown on me.

The main issues for app world atm seem to be that it isn't a standard app on every blackberry and the limited payment options, judging by a post on here or another blog then the latter is due to be fixed with the next version and you have to assume that rim will eventually force all the carriers to take app world and not have it as optional.

LOL. Perhaps, it is download of any information from App world.

Like, sure, you just DL'ed the screenshots about app ABC, and since that is 4 screenshots, plus the page itself, we'll call it 5 DLs.

Yeah, I bet they are counting all Appworld "hits" as a DL (of information).

Let's say they did only have 15k, but most of those apps have different versions for each device. That changes it to anywhere from 45k to 75k even if the apps by design aren't different.

Since RIMs phones are global, there are easily what 40+mil active bbs out there? They could easily have 1 mil downloads a day, even if they are re-downloads or even upgrade downloads. There's a number of different scenarios where this could be true. But what needs to be remembered is downloads don't equate to actual app sales.

Think outside the box.

for all of them, it's an IT decision for each individual corporation. I'm sure most of them are blocked though. But Kevin did say about 20 mil earlier so that's still a heck of a lot lol.

Edit, just saw you had "many" in there lol my bad.

I think we will see this trickle down to the 9700,8520,and 8900 but thats is as low as it will go but i guess we all have to move forward sometime or another but i want a BB device talking about 1GB instead of 512MB i mean com'on its 2010? isnt it?

Agree, the more memory the better, and it should be cheap nowadays.

Contract is up on my phone but I'm waiting for a full 6.0 device. I'm on AT&T and they don't send out OTA upgrades. Not even 5.0 for my Bold 9000.

People seemed impressed with the vid, can't wait to see it.

Also Mike is right, try running everything, bluetooth etc. on the iPhone and I'll see you in few few minutes over by the power socket!

More memory uses up more battery and that's why none of the hardware manufacturers chuck memory at their handsets and instead aim to have as little as is required by the os to run comfortably, that's why the max you will find in any handset is 768mb atm.

Really RIM..... That's the best you can do.... Looks like another way to force us all to buy new devices.... Screw that action.... Too little WAY TOO LATE...... On to iPhone I say....

How can anyone say the iPhone is crap. Give me a break. I guess you like waiting 5min to see status updates on FB.. Or 5min to refresh your twitter. Lol... And I know its all about push emails right? Well iPhone has push. And quite frankly their email is way more reliable. Just yesterday I logged on to find my BB failed to receive approx 20 email. One I didn't get probably cost me $8000. Big Time FAIL.

I get it you are loyal to BB.... But open your eyes their way behind the competition....

Mine takes seconds to load. It may be the area your in and may have low cell coverage or maybe the phone itself. I've never had to wait that long for an email, facebook, or twitter. Or maybe ur just looking for an excuse to switch from Blackberrys. Like "jwmax" said go ahead and switch and I also have owned an iphone back in october, worst phone I've ever owned totally useless. Common were grownups here...games? I've had that thing for a month and got rid of it in november and got me a Bold 9000. It can do all the iphone can do and more except the iphone is better in the games and multimedia category but still satisfied with what my Bold has to offer me. Anyways its the best phone I've owned ever and not planning on switching or upgrading unless something happens to it which forces me to upgrade. I'm not trying to hate on the iphone or anything but most of us here have grown out of that era. We have TVs, computers and video game consoles for that. And the reason most of us carry our Blackberrys around now adays is to keep us on schedule and more organized in our busy lives. i'm sorry for the long reply but someone had to speakup for the BB owners already. :)

LOL be serious. You would have been better off with the 9700.

...and not everyone buys iPhones for games, grow up.

I have a verizon tour 9630, and the only reason I'm not on the iphone is the contract. This phone has literally cost me 1000 dollars within the past month because of the 5.0 upgrade errors and almost cost me my job because of the inconvenient times it chose to break. They have replaced my phone 5 times since I got my first Tour in August because of the bad trackball, "fishbowl" syndrome, and two self destructing from the crappy 5.0 upgrade that was recently released.

At least Apple doesn't release software to that self destructs when all directions are followed. Nobody I know with an iphone ever sounds like they are in a fishbowl. No iphone I know will randomly render itself inoperable for 15-20 seconds when resuming from hold, opening a text message, or opening the email app. Without taking games into consideration, apps on the blackberry are generally slow and unpolished... to the point that I bring my ipod touch to class. Oh, and Apple always has replacements in stock if your phone happens to break so you don't have to wait 3 days without a phone while it is getting shipped to you...

Honestly, I can't physically afford to end my plan and switch to the iphone because of the money that using this piece has lost me. I would deal with the dropped calls, and where I live lack of 3g service isn't an issue. If you want a phone that gets internet and has reliable quality control, I can't see why anyone would continue with RIM when they have other options. I know if I had to do it all over again, I certainly would not. I will elect not to have the 6.0 upgrade because by then I hopefully will not own an RIM product

All future bb devices should be touchscreen whether or not it has a keyboard like the bold or the virtual keyboard of the storm 2. I'm envious of all my friends with iphones and droid phones for browsing. RIM better get this right. Not being able to scroll, zoom, and shrink the screen quickly with your fingers for browsing would lose me as a repeat bb customer.

Of course what he didn't mention is that 900,000 of them are immediately deleted because they are crap.

Mike really seems to be talking out of his ass for the browser section. I find the BB Browser to be anything but efficient. And what now, they're planning to integrate the black eyes peas into Blackberries?

Yes the current BB browser kind of sucks, ok as far as a smartphone browser goes it really blows, but Mike is talking about the new Webkit which is said to be on par with both the Iphone and Android Webkits.

Get your facts straight before you make fool commments.

He might be talking about the current browser too, the way it works is efficient, unfortunately the fact that it sucks makes its data efficiency fairly irrelevant.

So, this pretty much confirms that O.S 6 WILL come to BB 9700 as we saw RIM demoed the B browser running on the BB 9700 a while back.

Ok so the next Calender Quater starts July! We have to wait that long? If i don't see a leak soon it's on to tha iPhone/Android.

can someone tell me in which minute they start talking about os 6.0 i'm really looking forward to have this on my 9550 :(

You really have to admire his passion for the Blackberry product. It makes you really want to root for RIM and see them succeed. Like many CEO's, though, I sense some tunnel vision in his words. Calling 9650 the most technologically advanced product on the Earth was just slightly over the top.

And what the hell was that horrid music at the thirty five minute mark???

So I just listened to this thing and just have to say Mike does not sound like the friendliest buy in the world lol.

I agree that RIM needs to confirm that the Bold will get 6.0 at its launch. Don't be surprised if it is supported at a "later date"

Seems pretty obvious that OS 6 likely will not work on my Storm 1. The Storm 2 is not that much better than my current phone. So when my contract is up in the fall good by to RIM and hello Android or iPhone. RIM just too slow to adapt to a changing market place.

Can't wait for 6.0!!! While I hope the 9700 will be able to run it (and I'm 90% confident it will)... I won't cry if it doesn't. I'll just get a BB that can if I can't stand to wait for the 9700 successor ;) (which I will if only the 9650 runs it - won't go CDMA - I don't want it that badly ;) lol

Great time to be a BB fan!!

HTC EVO 4G is looking more and more tasty as it is almost available. RIM = FAIL!!! I'd guess it's 2 more years before RIM leaves the consumer area and strictly becomes a corporate tool for big business and government.

It was nice having the BB 9000 and 9700 but you obviously don't care about what the "people" want and are after. People are dropping their BB's for Droids left and right. If you were adamant about keeping those of us who would like to have a more efficient and easier to use UI/OS and a Web Browser that can at least perform like that of all the other competitors, you would have released OS 6.0 with the WebKit this week!! Q3 or even Q4 release? PSSSH! Too little and too late! Research In Slow Motion, chalk up another loss to ANDROID!

How about have a line of BB's that stay essentially the same cosmetically and performance wise (for those of you in business who could care less about a flashy UI and a Web Browser that works) and at the same time, have a line for your CONSUMER base that focuses on an intelligent UI rich in media experience, a decent camera, superior web browsing and more than 512MB of on-board memory?

I am one person, sure, but when HOARDS of people drop their BB's, it will speak loudly to RIM.

I hate to say it but I think the Storm1 and Storm2 were their attempts at a phone for the general consumer. And we all know how pathetically that went. They just don't get it.

BTW, the Incredible is officially being released on the 29th but they are already out of stock. Glad I pre-ordered.

so if i upgrade to the new bold from verizon from my curve 8530 would can i be able to to get the 6.0 installed when available. i am new user here still learning learning these new terms like webkit and other tec words so please forgive me . but i must admit it is fun reading about this stuff.

Im in the shoes (8330). The new bold will have 512mb which would be the most offered for any BB. So yes, it will upgrade to 6.0.

I see rim at least providing os6 to the phones that came out from summer last year forward. They make $$$ from data and if people starte leaving in large numbers they lose $$. The mobile voice service is a good add but I have gv so its the same.

See this is the only part that sucks about BB being more main stream.... Now you have all these whiny immature folks who know little of what they are talking about.. They just whine and whine and whine... Seriously BB will never be like the Iphone as the BB was, is and will always be like a BB. If you don't like it then move on and stop whining sheesh... BB has it's own feel, Android has it's own feel and Iphone has it's own feel... Just pick one you like, stop whining and grow up ..... If all the phones worked the same it'll suck..

It really sounded like Mike has been reading all the negative comments on this and other forums and is trying to do some major damage control. He never really admits it when there's a problem, he just goes on about how successful his company is. The Storm(s) are a great example of that. Well, RIM may be doing great now Mike, but you got to keep innovating if you want to stay on top, and judging just from the comments here, you don't seem to be doing much of that.

IMO this guy just beat around the bush. He said nothing. He would not answer any direct questions, took a crap when someone asked a solid question such as two way video calling (skype). Lazaridis really turned me off. I thought he did a great job beating down the same old door, patting himself and his team on the back. I am serious, this speech was a very big let down for me, I own many BB devices and always stick by the brand but he is a very irritating guy to listen to. He said nothing.