RIM files SurfBook trademark - possible name for BlackBerry tablet?

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2010 01:35 pm EDT
SurfBook Trademark

RIM has never been one to wait on things when filing for trademarks and patents. While waiting on any solid news up the upcoming BlackBerry tablet we've seen a few different names tossed around, of which "BlackPad "seemed to stick the most yet prove the most ridiculous. Well apparently RIM had filed for a trademark of the name "SurfBook"  in early August leading us to believe they may have made a semi-decent table name choice after all. There are no documented patents under the same name as of yet, but it looks like things are moving along in tablet land. So what do you think of the name "SurfBook"? Drop a comment with your thoughts.

Chatting with Kevin on this his thoughts are that it totally breaks their standard naming convention. Typically they stick with straight up, one word, one syllable names (Curve, Torch, Bold) so "SurfBook" seems a bit off -- but just calling it "BlackBerry Surf" wouldn't be bad at all and would fit much better with the current brands. Also, they would never cut their gabillion dollar brand name in half and use something like "BlackPad" (and BlackBerry BlackPad) is just wrong. Regardless of the name they go with, don't get your hopes up that you'll be seeing a BlackBerry tablet under the Christmas tree - early 2011 (late January if things go well) is where were thinking the release date is at now. Though that doesn't mean they won't announce it sooner. Fingers crossed we learn more about the tablet at DevCon next week.

Source: CIPO 
Via: Engadget 

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RIM files SurfBook trademark - possible name for BlackBerry tablet?


SurfBook sounds cool, but don't you think they would've trademarked a name for the tablet a while ago? Maybe this is for something else?

Blackboard is a name of a company that provides IT solutions for educators and universities. Do not think that would work.

"SurfBook" is definitely better than "BlackPad" - but i do like the idea of using "black" or "berry" in the name so that it throws back to RIM.

Sounds too much like a netbook, and besides, it doesn't sound strong enough. I think they are just throwing us off with the name. The real news is that there is progress being made and now i have to start saving money... Yes, and No!!! ;-)

They need somthin* more powerful, more appelin*!!! a Name that can strike the audiance... Surf isnt bad.. I would defenetly choose it if it were up to me.. but Surfbook sounds to lazy and Dorky :S

As Adam updated with my thoughts... you have to look at the past to think about what RIM will do in the future. RIM likes these products to have short one word names... Curve, Bold, Torch.

I think BlackBerry Surf would be more RIM's style.

Anything with “pad” in the name is going to sound too similar to the iPad and I for one can not stand Apple products! I like the simple and catchy “Surf” name.

I agree. Anything with pad sounds too cheesy now and a wannabe. However, I think if they change pad to tab that might sound a little better.

Although it's got them oblique PR plus it prevents a competitor using the name. Expect a one-word name for the product, if it exists. RIM's convention seems to be one-word titles with a tenuous link with the device's function or properties.

Wasn't BlackTab one of the registered names that was never mentioned? Somehow BlackTab seems to run through my ears better then any of the suggested names.

Maybe this is all a new plan, they have realised that they can't keep stuff secret properly as seen by the leaked pics of that new device, so spam the net with domains and trademarks to hide the real ones. :-)

Hopefully this isn't intended as a product name for a tablet since it sounds like a netbook or similar.

Is the name "Slate" available? What about the BlackBerry Slate? It relates to the "black" in "BlackBerry" too since slate is black and sleek...

Very bold, short, descriptive, sexy even. Gotta love "BlackBerry Slate". There's no "book" or "tab" or " pad". What's not to LOVE.

Surfbook is corny. I hope RIM sticks to the one word names when this thing comes out. Perhaps that Blackberry Smooth or Blackberry Link

Having "book" in the name would indicate that the device folds like a book, or a laptop,netbook,macbook,etc. This tablet device will not be folding so I do not think RIM would use such a misleading name. Just another patent that will never be used like many we have seen. Atleast not for the tablet...

The name Surfbook sounds rediculus. They ought to name the new Blackberry Tablet - Black Book. Let the name be somewhat mysterious. After all everyone wants to know who & what is in that "Black Book". Let it be known that it is as technologically advanced and secure as the governments "black op, operations" and as secure as "Area 51". Let it far surpass all of the competition.

Let it be the epitome of perfection. In otherwords don't give it a lame name.

Unless they get their act together sharpish they might as well call it that.;-).OK not being entirely serious. But RIM frustrates me with their almost obtuse propensity to get it wrong over the last few years. I still want los incompetentes dos outta that mf and believe that will be the first step to fixing it.

You can hear the commercial already "introducing the new BlackBerry Surf"...let's hope it comes to VZW!!!!!

BlackBerry Booklet -- kind of a cross between the tablet and book?

BlackBerry Bookpad... I think I'm onto something!

Or just simply, the ***BlackBerry Pad***