RIM extends free premium BlackBerry 7 app offer to Canadians

Free Premium BlackBerry 7 Apps via BlackBerry App World
By Zach Gilbert on 4 Apr 2012 07:09 pm EDT

If seeing those BlackBerry users in the US enjoying their free premium apps compliments of BlackBerry got your gears a grinding then you may just be in luck. Research In Motion has extended the premium app offer for BlackBerry 7 users to those living a little north of the border in Canada. The applications are most of the current best selling titles like Need for Speed, Beweather, Screenmuncher and a whole bunch more.Check out the full list below.

Free Premium apps courtesy of BlackBerry

I’m sure in the list of these 17 free and premium apps you will be able to find yourself something that is both useful and entertaining. The big thing you’ll want to remember is that this offer is only available for a limited time, so get them while you can.

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Reader comments

RIM extends free premium BlackBerry 7 app offer to Canadians


Me too! Constantly everyday I send them emails via beta zone lool, being mad at them encourages them to be better.

good to see this extended to Canadians they should extended it to other countries as well the US isnt carrying RIM all other countries are.

hmm Canadian company has to EXTEND an offer to include Canada... jeez RIM, thanks. On the positive side though, this is pretty cool.

Agreed. Either give stuff away, or don't - but to give some customers gifts and others not isn't good PR as it divides your customer base. In Europe - a huge supporter of RIM - we are feeling like we aren't important to the company...

Because it isn't so simple to just hand out free licences to various countries.

If it was, don't you think they would have done it already?

Thx for the maple leaf love RIM! Once I finish carving out my igloo expansion and feeding my dogsled team I'm going to fire up the wood stove, heat up some maple syrup, and download some of these fine apps.

A very nice surprise. On top of the posted list here, I also see included in the RIM offer " Need For Speed The Run" and "Tetris".

Guys, keep in mind that they have to make arrangements with each developer individually to get approval to offer the program for free in different regions. I'm pretty sure the App World handles payments via a third-party vendor so it's a little more complicated to cover the costs for this than just flipping a switch.

When is Asia's turn? We're one of RIM's biggest contributors.. Especially us in Malaysia & Indonesia..

BeWeather is a nice grab. Not a huge improvement over the free weather app I was using, but it has a nice interface. Grabbed a few others, too, but I suspect I will barely use any of them (good games but at this point all of my gaming has shifted to the PlayBook).

downloaded 1 app and ran out of memory on my device... I knew the new Blackberry 7's didn't have enough memory when they launched.

(yes..i have like 30 apps on my phone..but that should be allowed)

OMG!!!! I almost bit the bullet yesterday and bought Fixmo Tools. I love love love it and had the free trial but it expired. THANKS FOR LISTENING RIM!!!!

And there was much rejoicing from the Canadian Blackberry faithful. Thank you very much RIM and you can count me in on buying your first BB10 with keyboard model available.

Awesome stuff! Thanks Crackberry for the heads-up or I would have missed this bonanza!

Some great stuff in there for sure. I love the weather app, the pinball game is awesome - really addictive, the pool game and Mahjong are fun too. The iSpeech Dictation Pro app constantly wants to modify your dedicated key which I have mapped to my camera so be forewarned for the hassle and you MUST register it with a lot of personal information which I find unnecessary but the application is pretty cool and accurate actually. Oh ya, Tetris is included in this list of free games too as someone else mentioned.