RIM extends free BlackBerry PlayBook offer to all developers until March 2, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook Offer
By Bla1ze on 13 Feb 2012 01:27 pm EST

With PlayBook OS 2.0 on the horizon, RIM started up a free PlayBook offer for Android developers and then extended it to include all developers. The offer was set to close on February 13th and all submissions had to be in by that time as well. RIM has now extended the offer 11:59 PM EST on March 2, 2012 for all developers who sign up for the BlackBerry Vendor Portal by 11:59 PM EST on February 15, 2012:

Today was going to be the deadline for the offer – but due to the overwhelming interest in the offer, we’re extending it one more time. How much interest? There have been over 1,500 app submissions as of last Friday and over 6600 new developers registered in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.  We have teams working around the clock to approve vendor registrations and app submissions.  Because of the high demand, approvals are taking longer than normal – we appreciate your patience.

There you have it folks! If you're a developer looking to get your app in there, you now have some extra time to do so. Looking for the full details? You can hit the source link below to check out the BlackBerry Developers Blog.

Source: BB Dev Blog

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RIM extends free BlackBerry PlayBook offer to all developers until March 2, 2012


Ditto, but I appreciate the hard numbers they have given in the explanation. Still I see no real reason for the delay. We don't really care if the apps are there the day of release or a couple of weeks after.

They've already answered this. This has no affect on 2.0 release. There's really no reason why it would, whether the apps are there at launch or in the weeks after it's still good for RIM.

I thought the same, but I doubt it. Even as recently as a couple of weeks ago they still said they were on track for a February release.

This is a smart promotion to be running. It doesn't necessarily have to end before the new OS is launched. They're killing two birds with one stone: boosting the number of developers and the number of apps, and increasing their market share by getting more PlayBooks out there. If people are rushing to take advantage of this offer which is a double-win for them, that's the best marketing they've had in a while. Why would they cut out a lot of people willing to develop apps for them that were a bit too slow? This is a good move and doesn't necessarily mean that the release is delayed.

This is a sign that the deadline has been extended. Nothing more nothing less.

OS 2.0 will still be released in February as planned.

Did you read the post? They extended it because there were too many submissions. 6600 new developer sign-ups and 1500+ app submission in the past few weeks

Oh no, is just that people like to pretend they are good at analyzing stuff when they just guess the first shit that comes to their minds... typical sherlock

Was thinking the samething. If RIM is overwhelmed by submissions and registrations why extend the deadline? Sounds more like they have not received the overwhelming interest they anticipated.

A little bit of common sense would tell you that they were overwhelmed because they weren't expecting the kind of results they got. Over 1,500 app submissions and over 6600 new developers registered is a great reason to keep it open for 3 more weeks. I'm confident that they weren't expecting #'s like that when they launched it

Because they also put the clause that you have to get your App World vendor registration in by Feb 15th. The point was that they have too many vendor registrations to process before the old deadlines, and until your registration is processed you can't submit your app. Would be bad publicity and dev relations if devs registered last week Wednesday but then couldn't get a free PB because RIM took too long to process it. If they weren't getting the response they wanted I doubt they'd have set the registration cut-off to the 15th.

Happy to Help! Its a pretty basic app that a friend asked for but its a start. I hope at least one other person out their finds it useful.

Hi @admyths,

Alex from RIM here. Congrats and a big thank you for submitting your first application to App World! We appreciate the hard work and dedication we’re seeing from so many developers – many of them first timers like yourself – who are helping us increase the number and quality of apps available in BlackBerry App World. Stay tuned to our Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog to keep up with the latest offerings for developers: http://bbry.lv/bsbpYQ.


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Same here! I also registered as a developer and submitted my very first app to the Vendor portal over the past couple of weeks! I have always wanted to make my own app, and RIM helped me do it by having so many methods to code in! I'm not even a professional programmer or even in the computer business. It's awesome what you can do with a little Webworks and Javascript programming, some images and HTML hand-coding these days! And using Ripple to load and test it was cool too, although even just Chrome was fine for my purposes since I didn't use any of the special features (like accelerometer, GPS location, etc). Almost anyone can make an app if they know something about making websites! Wow!

I hope they approve my app, because I spent quite a few late nights working on it and lots of hours. Also, I am the first with this type of app in Blackberry App World. Similar things exist for iPad and also on the web, but I'm the first to bring it to a Playbook which can be run locally with no internet connection needed. I really want another Playbook, so if you are listening RIM, your *PROMO* definitely influenced a bunch of people to make apps!!! :-) Plus my app is free and has no advertising so I'm contributing what I can to pump up the Blackberry app universe! I'm already excited and thinking about my next app which will be a more intensive and lengthy project. Since I am not in the computer field, all this is just hobby-related late-night work.

I can't say enough about how cool it is to be able to make apps for Playbook and even phones with Webworks. Not only is it free but comes with so many examples which are fairly sophisticated. Overall Webworks is probably the easiest for people like myself to code in, and test with Ripple, since it comes closest to basically making a touch-enabled website. And since I have a Playbook I just needed to side-load it over to test it out. No emulator needed.

One thing I gotta say though, the whole "signing" procedure is a bit difficult to understand, and there are a lot of obscure command-line steps you have to do in order to create keys and passwords and debug tokens and so forth, to get the app compiled properly and allowed to load on a playbook (even when unsigned developer mode). This was something really new and confusing, and it really took a while for me to figure out the first time. Fortunately, I had to rely on some help online from people who have done it before and listed steps. Also needed to read the Webworks SDK development guide a few times to get it. And I still don't see any proper documentation on the config.xml file and the blackberry-tablet.xml file! :-) Anyways, first time around is always hardest... But now I know the steps and should find it easier for my 2nd app. :-)

Same here. If I could copy and paste your comment as my own I would. I submitted my app last night at about 1:45am. I too had some trouble with signing tool and lots of errors with bbwp and ripple. Let us know if you app gets approved. I know my app needs to grow, but i hope my 50+ hours learning how to make an app, and plans to further develop it and more, justify a $200 playbook. Let's see, I made about 4 dollars an hours so far...

Great, gives me a chance to actually finish and application and possibly submit it.

I know a lot of student developers that were pissed as the Feb 13th deadline fell on there midterms.

To be honest I was expecting more then just 1,500 new app submittions :(

Unless that's only new Apps from the last 2 weeks, then 1,500 is GREAT. But 1,500 in the last few months is not...

....still 1,500 is better then 500 ;)

That's 1500 new apps in the past week as of Friday. Given the deadline wasn't till Monday I'm betting at least half of devs were gonna submit over the weekend, this is supported by the fact over 6000 devs registered and those who have submitted can have submitted multiple apps.

Sounds to me like they are not attracting as much devs as they wanted to. Can you imagine an employer saying " due to the overwhelming amount of applicants we have decided to hire more people and extend the application due date by 3 weeks" ? I don't... I hope I am wrong, but this truly doesn't convince me one bit!

If they are overwhelmed and are taking longer to review submissions. why extend and allow more submission? wouldn't that just repeat the cycle?

I'd think that with 6600 new developers, RIM could be thinking: "Wow, we're getting loads more developers with this free Playbook idea, if we keep it going even longer, we'll get even more!"
As so many people seem to think hundreds of thousands of apps is a good thing, then why not entice more people to get on-board?


I could be wrong...

If 1/4 of the 6600 devs have gotten through "so far" then it could be that they are only accepting "quality apps"...
I hope that is the case.

I Still don't buy it though... lol

They extended the deadline to submit apps, but the deadline to register for the App World vendor portal is the 15th. A dev can't submit an app until RIM has processed their vendor application so this actually fits perfectly. They need more time for existing registrations, but not new registrations.

1500 apps in two weeks...I would extend it further to see how much more apps will be submitted. Not too sure about the quality though (fingers crossed!!).

R.I.M: Research in Motion, what part of research in motion dont you understand? will never complete its research in order to bring new innovations. Still in research with new 2.0OS and new bb 10.

how do i become a developr? cause if no one elese wanna make apps for our beloved playbook....somebody gotta do it.....is it hard making apps???

The easiest route is to use WebWorks. So I'd start with Code Academy to learn JavaScript. You'll also need to learn HTML and CSS (Google, there's lots of tutorials).

Making an app definitely isn't easy. But if you're willing to do the work it can be fun. Most high quality apps take hundreds of hours of work, after you've already learned what you need to know.

A good app to make significant number of sales, yes, hundreds of hours. Something good enough to get accepted and score a free PlayBook? You could pull something off in 5-10 if you already know HTML5/CSS/Javascript (or one of the other languages there are SDK's for).

Hopefully the ratio of decent apps to fart apps, BMI calculators, and books ends up being pretty high.

give me a T r o l l. I noticed if you rearrange petroucho you get .....hold on.....carry the two......ok......

yup Douche. checked it twice.

I can see why you are making comments and not running a company. Sadly though, your comments are ill informed.

Wow, that's great news! More that 1500 new apps already in waiting for OS 2.0. RIM must be extremely confident that they can make up for the free PlayBooks in sales, which is also a great sign.

I'm sure the quality of apps is decent (Alec Saunders said "no crap apps"), but I don't think it matters too much. If that were the case, Android wouldn't be selling as much as iOS devices. As long as RIM has numbers to show, it should be enough to move PlayBooks, as well as build a solid developer relationship for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

I love my PB but I'm actually getting curious about 2.0. Not that I need it since I have a BlackBerry Bold 9930 but the movies, the android player, new apps and tweaks to the UI will make it even better.

I don't care what the turkeys say, I'm with RIM all the way! Go RIM!

It is funny that everyone who disagrees with the founders of Crackberry.com has been stereotyped as a troll or as some prefer a Turkey. I am a devoted Blackberry user and will never change that fact. I have 2 X PB and several BB devices and will never change that. This does not mean cause I do not have a hand in the creation of a website that I have nothing valid to say. The BBTeam on Crackberry seem to think their opinion is the valid one. If it were not for the great and regularly intervalled and up to date info, and enlightening comments I would subscribe to one of my other 7 bookmarked PB or BB sights.

I get a kick outta you guys. The 17th of Feb 2012 for OS 2.0 was a rumour to start with and was never confirmed as a date of release by RIM. I am waiting for 2.0 as well and hope the RUMOUR does come true, as well.

Honestly, this should be a permanent offer until AppWorld is doing better for the PlayBook and future BB10 devices.

Just an Idea:
Give out a 16GB model for the first app, additional/2nd 32GB model after 10 apps or if they submit highly sought after app (example: Wunderlist), 64GB/16GB 4G model after 20 apps, etc.

The some big companies could careless about getting a PlayBook but they could give them away at corporate events as prizes with a copy of the app.

I agree. The deadline is there because it creates a timeline and perhaps some pressure for developers to release. On the other hand, they should make it a permanent offer. At least the rolling deadline and repeat offers (this time to all developers, not just Android, which pissed a lot of Blackberry developers off) will help drive more interest.

For example, the Playbook "fire sale" back in the fall made me buy a Playbook when they were $199. Of course, this sale has repeated over and over since then, and looks to become a permanent pricing level. That's good, but definitely the fact that there was a deadline at the time made many people buy one, when they may not even have been interested in a tablet. That describes myself... I wasn't in the market for a tablet, but when I saw the sale I decided to buy one. And I don't regret it one bit. If there was no deadline, people may have held out longer to buy it, and never come to appreciate the Playbook and the potential.

Similarly, the deadline for a "free playbook" for developers certainly lit a fire under my arse to develop my first app and submit it last week. Thank you to Crackberry for posting the news on the offer, which otherwise I wouldn't have known. I registered as a developer, registered to the vendor portal, and programmed my app all in a matter of 2 weeks, and I believe I made the deadline so if my app is accepted (which is going to be free to all) I hope my efforts will be appreciated with a free Playbook and some pats on the back. But I also feel this will excite me to develop more apps in the future, whether or not I get a free playbook.

Now, I know my 1st app is simple and not a "quality app", and probably 90% of submissions won't be either, but the point is that the deadline and a free Playbook may be enticing a lot of beginners, students and hobbyists to get to know the Playbook programming environment and there will be 2nd and 3rd and 4th apps from these people which will improve in quality over time.

The other point is that making it EASY and providing free tools and incentives to develop for the Playbook brings in a lot of "non-traditional" developers from outside the computer world who may be doing this in their spare time and without much financial investment, but have good ideas. And I can tell you, when I looked at what it takes to develop for the iPad and iTunes, versus the Playbook, it was not even a contest. For example, I am not in the computer field but have dabbled in websites and know where to find lots of already-made free Javascript code to handle menus, popups, forms, and so on. So with not much effort, anyone with an idea and some knowledge on web-design, an artists and people with some creative ideas can make interactive web-based games, storybooks, calculators, reference books, and many other types of apps and port them over to the Playbook.

Bottom line... it is a drop in the bucket for RIM to give out a Playbook, but it does get people excited about developing for this platform, especially the smaller independent solo programmers, students and hobbyists who may have some great ideas. The large companies couldn't care less about a free playbook to submit an app that cost them 3 months and $20,000 in programmer time to develop. But we all start somewhere... even Angry Birds came from small beginnings. The more Playbooks are out in people's hands, the better it is for all.

RIM has not confirmed launch date. Nevertheless, bloggers have stated several retailers will have release dates during third week of February. It's all rumours, setting high expectations, and disappointment if it doesn't happen as rumoured.

Yep, I doubt the "journalists" are going to take any blame if RIM doesn't release 2.0 on the 17th. It's going to be October all over again, even though RIM had nothing to do with it.

I have a feeling 2.0 is just around the corner. All the Union games got an update. They previously have not worked on the beta releases of OS 2.0.

I'll be done another app and will be submitting it tonight. And a few weeks from now a big update to my alarm clock app.

You so called bloggers on these websights have set RIM up for a fall if they don`t meet the 17th date by starting rumours that are corporately unconfirmed.

I rushed one out in about two days, but I suppose now I have time to actually put in some features so that maybe people will actually want to use it, too.

Would anyone be able to explain how RIM would ensure that these are "quality" apps. Theoretically, wouldn't there be people that could just create an app that works like the memopad or something else equivalently irrelevant for the sake of getting a free PB?

This is what worries me as a developer. Do I want a free PlayBook, yes. Do I want to rush and create a poorly conceived app, no.

I have an app ready to go that's of decent quality, but now I'm almost afraid to release it if there is going to be a flood of new apps. I don't want my app to get buried in a pile of junk apps.

Advertising. Luck. I choose to design for PlayBook because App World for PlayBook was (and still is) in its infancy. It would be easier to get your app noticed.

REAL app developer who makes QUALITY apps is more motivated by $$ they can make on the platform and not the offer of a free tablet...

I suppose we could start seeing 2.0 on valentines day. Blackberry love theme would make sense then.

I notice a lot of articles online say this is only been extended for android developers. Can someone please confirm if this is extended for all new developers (not coming from android) as well?

From BlackberryOS.com

PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.

i signed up feb 07 and submitted 2 or 3 apps on feb 14.i ported my android apps.first time when is submitted it's min os was 1.0 for playbook.and when i read the guidline i saw it has to be min os 2.0.so again submitted 2nd release with min os 2.0.i think it was on deb 14 or 15 any way i am
waiting for reviewing.how many days does it take?
it's been over 4 or 5 days since i submitted?
anybody who submitted apps please tell the process and days taken?
anyone actually got any playbook by developing app?

and also,my first developing was done blackberry and these apps are my first.so waiting for a good response.

I signed up Feb 12 and got approved to vendor portal Feb 15. I hope deadline based on when signed up, not when approved. I submitted my app on Feb 17. It is a webworks app so works on all Playbook OS versions. My submission has 2 reviews or CR's "pending" when I check manager in vendor portal. They are:

- content approval request
- release approval request

I think it will be a while, since they have to go through so many apps and test them. I am not holding my breath. There are probably lots of apps (especially android ports) being checked for bad graphics/button draw placement, user input issues, and overall "broken" features. Also sure to have some apps with design problems or incomplete user-input checking to avoid overflows or calculation problems/errors.

For example, my app requires some number input. I had to do some Javascript code to test that input was proper numbers, and also found some calculation errors which I had to correct (due to Javascript handling number variable as a string). Also needed to restrict entry to fields using my own numpad so wouldn't use the Playbook popup keyboard. Some apps may not account for all possible user interactions and lead to strange results, so this may all need to be tested by RIM before they push it to Appworld.