RIM extends deadline for the $10K Developer Commitment and Built for BlackBerry program

BlackBerry 10k Developer Commitment
By Alicia Erlich on 21 Jan 2013 05:40 pm EST

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions from the port-a-thons over the last couple of weeks, RIM has decided to extend the deadlines for their 10k Commitment and Built for BlackBerry Programs. The new deadlines have been updated as follows: 

  • Apps that have been submitted on or before 8pm EST on January 21st, 2013 may qualify for the $10k Developer Commitment if the developer agrees to the official terms and conditions and passes Built for BlackBerry testing. 
  • Developers may apply for Built for BlackBerry review and the $10k Developer Commitment offer in the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal by 8pm ET Feb 18th 
  • The qualifying sale dates for the 10k Commitment is 12:01am ET, March 4 2013 to 11:59pm ET, March 3 2014 

For developers concerned over the volume of apps being reviewed and missing the deadline then this extension grants them additional time to complete the process and breathe a sigh of relief. Developers should make sure their applications meet the Built for BlackBerry criteria first and be aware that Android ports and BlackBerry App Generator apps do not qualify. 

Source: Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog

Reader comments

RIM extends deadline for the $10K Developer Commitment and Built for BlackBerry program


Thank goodness. I've been waiting five days for my Tennis Tracker to be approved, and I was worried that I couldn't apply for Built For Blackberry because the reviews are taking so long.

You better get settled in for the long haul. I've been waiting for blackberry world approval for 13 days now. Good to know that the deadline was extended.

I hope that the fine print isn't suggesting that BB10 will be available on March 4. That is too long of a gap between the launch announcement and the actual release. It will kill a lot of the momentum which is built up right now. Plus, I'll go crazy if I have to wait another month for BB10!

I was thinking the same thing. If the sales Window starts March 4th 2013 one can only assume that is when the BB10 users would be able to buy apps.

Jan 30th announce date to March 4th go live, honestly it's only 4 weeks really, if you have preordered gives plenty of time to get devices shipped out to you.

Yep, it looks like March 4th is the release date, it wouldn't make sense to not count sales before then.

They are overwhelmed by submissions so they extend the deadline. Humm. One would think they would be firm on the deadline. Just saying.

Having all these apps is nice to show the skeptics that developers are embracing BB 10, but seriously for those of us who are already sold on BB 10, all these apps does not mean much.
Its the tier one apps that interest me most.
Skype, Google Hangout, Google Now, Netflix, Flipboard and for me most importantly SONOS. I will settle for an Android player version of SONOS controller available on Blackberry world (no side loading please), but gotta have SONOS. And TIGGIT will not do it for me I am afraid.
Please SONOS execs please. Some of you left RIM for SONOS. Surely you still have sentimental feelings for blackberry right? That is one App I will seriously miss on my Samsung GS3 once I move over, if it is not ported to BB. I can live without all the others mentioned.

Surely RIM is working up a very special incentive for Netflix, in particular.

I can imagine a number of potential buyers asking, "So, this can play Netflix, right?".