RIM Expanding Into Atlanta Area: 200 New Jobs!

RIM Expanding in Atlanta Area: 200 New Jobs!
By Bla1ze on 26 May 2009 08:28 am EDT

While most companies are busy laying people off these days RIM is looking to hire more. This time around Atlanta is the point of interest where a new data center will open up in the Alpharetta area on a 40 acre slot of land near the North Point Mall.

The data center will house around 200 employee's and RIM is seeking out individuals who want to make around $70,000/year and work on developing "next generation devices". Seriously, who among us wouldn't want to do that job? Now RIM can you take me off the email ignore list so I may apply... Please?

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RIM Expanding Into Atlanta Area: 200 New Jobs!


When you take a look at all official releases of Storm OS and bugs that are still inside from release to release, you can only imagine how unstructured is the organization and how sloppy Storm OS project was running. Not to mention pressure that developers were exposed due to delivery dates. So bugs from release to release, either there is so many bugs they are loosing the track or there is not enough resources on the project, or they are not competent enough to comprehand all that and make good product out of it. Any way if only half of it is true this is not desirable working environment.

It would be cool to work for RIM. And I live only about 20 miles from the site. However, I use such technical terms as "do-hickey" and "thingie". So, there could possibly be a communication issue. Kind of cool they will be close to the house though.

RIM has been busy expanding their workforce. It is tough to get in however. Plus I think they have also been focusing on their IT infrastructure so that it can handle the influx of new clients.

It wasn't bad. I might look into it. I lived there about 12 years ago. I would only do it for 2x that base salary and I want to live on a golf course.

My company is working on that site but I didn't know that RIM would be housed there. It's a huge data center.

I wonder if they need a guy to test the phones??? You know, someone to say "Hey, I like this one" or maybe "No way dude, this one sucks!" Now you're in my wheelhouse! Think there's an opening for that position at $70k? :-)

EFF YESSS!!! I live literally 5 minutes from there (home, not school) and I graduate in a year. Whooppeee!

will be working to release an update for the BB Storm from Verizon... Jesus Effin' Christ it's taking FOREVEREVEREVEREVER for an update to come out!


*smacks self upside head for jumping on first-gen tech*

Its in alpharetta not atlanta, its in a really awful traffic side of the burbs..Not any more expensive than Newyork,Miami etc..

If anyone has gone through RIM's hiring process- its arduous. It takes months unless you personally know the hiring manager or senior exec. Its actually inconsiderate and RIM may be doing financially ok now but the signs are there. The storm does not even compare to the iPhone. Its not about the phone, if someone chooses to buy the storm, it is for other reasons.