RIM European NOC currently experiencing data issues

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jun 2010 10:52 am EDT

BlackBerry BIS Outage

If you are in Europe you may have noticed that your service is a bit hit or miss this morning. Users are reporting that data services in Europe aren't fairing very well today, and it looks the problem lies with the European NOC. We're not totally sure what the issue is, but things should be in the works of getting resolved shortly. If you are having issues, leave a comment with your carrier/location so we can see just what is what. We'll keep you updated as we find out more and hopefully things will be back to normal in the next few hours.

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RIM European NOC currently experiencing data issues


My friend who has a T-Mobile Blackberry running on a Vodafone Egypt sim card for the month seems to be having issues because I'm not getting any Ds or Rs from him in BBM...and he reported some messages getting hung up. (I'm using my Sprint Blackberry on wifi and I think its ok)

On Orange UK I was experiencing a huge delay in emails coming through to my Blackberry earlier this afternoon. Getting a bit better now, maybe resolved?

However I am getting a ridiculous amount of SPAM coming through to my Blackberry today. It's unreal. One every 5 minutes or less, usually the same email. Could this be related?

Erratic emails and calendar sync this morning (11:30 brussels time)
Note: After a full enterprise sync at 5pm, things seem back in order except for calendar double entries

BBM finally working again in the past 15mins, 4pm, had died out around 9am. Email still a no go. Needed this post to sook 6 hours ago tho...

Experiencing delays on receiving email even in WiFi zone here in Saudi Arabia. BBM working fine. Sending emails fine.

Carrier: TMN (Portugal)

Before 11am (GMT), I started to not receive email, not being able to communicate through BBM, and not being able to use anything requiring Internet (eg Twitter client).

It the past hours, things have improved. BBM is working (albeit with occasional gripes), Twitter client too. Emails (Gmail) are arriving much sparringly. About 10 minuts ago (15h50) I received an email which arrived at 12h00; I've received several other emails during the afternoon, none appeared on my BlackBerry.

Pakistanis also experinecing data issues and no email traffic on blackberry.my operator helpline attendant said that Canadian server of RIM is down for a while because of this you are facing problem in email traffic.

Delayed FB notifications which then come um doubled or tripled, problems using stuff like Google Sync or doing web browsing.

Messy as hell...

Browser very slow, emails arriving 30/40 minutes after receiving on main computer
would be today as I am waiting for important emails

I've been having problems with my blackberry all day. Emails are taking between 3-5 hours to be delivered to the handset after receiving them in Outlook.

Hope they fix this soon. The team at Vodafone haven't got a clue.

emails a bit slow, only a few minutes. About 3 or 5 only.

If this means some kind of updated or news to the BB service for me is ok.

I'm on Orange in the UK and have still got a small (5-10mins) lag in email delivery, very poor internet browsing and seem unable to send and emails.

Been told by Orange that RIM have resolved the root cause and any issues now are due to the backlog of data within the network.

My BlackBerry Bold 9700 hasnt recieved any email since 8.19am and nothing has been working so im using wifi to tweet am i the only one from ireland who commented? lol probably am there are no irish people currently blackberry users their too stupid to hope this all gets resolved soon

Vodafone Ireland down too !! Facebook, Twitter, Internet and emails down all day. Or maybe not cause i'm too stupid to tell the difference ;)

Wow I didn't actually expect to get a response from an irish person I was so pissed cause I couldn't do a thing and if you follow me on twitter @ColinYO and see my tweet count you will know why I was so pissed, anyway I said something that shocked and I got a response and that's what I wanted I actually thought the problem was when I put my sim from my Bold into my Bold2 I didn't really know what was going down until I cam out of school. You should add me on bbm you would be my first white friend and irish person I really don't know many irish people with BlackBerry's except for my friend who has the Curve 8520? What one do you have?

I'm getting my E-Mails (Googlemail) with a huge time delay. My carrier is Vodafone Germany. Seeing the comments above it seems like it's not dependent on the carrier.

In Russia, on MTS. Mail is coming in albeit with a very long delay. I get it on my PC about an hour earlier. Also doubles up some emails.

Problem has gone at 19.50 Turkey (GMT 17.50) A hour delay for mail comes 10 seconds. And no problem while opening web pages. If you still havin' problem make battery pull then everything will come normal. Cheers

Hello, I'm also experiencing problems. Not receiving e-mails, BBM delays and Facebook app doesn't send me notifications, web browsing is insanely slow. :(

I called and mentioned this to them (KPN-NL). They confirmed the issue and I posted it on Twitter & FaceBook. They Said it started this morning and affects most if not ALL Providers. Guess us 'Road-Warriors' will have to come home and make an unscheduled pit-stop...:;) At it's peak the difference between Outlook and BBerry Device was almost 5hours (e.g.: email sent @ 11:40 arrived @ 16:21hrs!!!

My delay now is: Sent_@ 17:25 & Arrived_@ 19:05.

Also bear in mind that it'll take some time to Sync-up your Sent Box on your Device...especially since more emails were sent from outlook / Web than we would normally do.

Everything else is functioning normally in my case...(y).

Late and repeating e-mails, slow data service all day long. But BBM was working just fine. And there's still problem with my hotmail, gmail, yahoo and POP-supported e-mails. Only Blackberry e-mail account is workin fine. (@rroyy, you think that problem has gone or you've called Turkcell and them? which one? ) Yok abi pil de çıkardım yine de gelmiyor. Sadece @turkcell.blackberry düzgün durumda

Currently things are really messed up. Irratic seems hardly the word. Facebook Contacts will not complete sync / Worldmate does not sync / google maps having problems / email notifications coming 2 sometimes 3 times. Hope they resolve it quickly.

Has been working fine but then at about 1800 no internet via wifi or 3g network. Facebook notifications coming through fine but am unable to view them on the facebook site.
Not sure if emails are lagging or not.
Blackberry App store working fine, but the one from this site does not.
Sort it out RIM! Not loving this at all!

I'm afraid the more connected we become the more frequent things like this will occur...:-(.

My emails are trickling in...Fingers Crossed!

Yes but when we get used to being connected and then lose our 'link' it's just not nice! lol
My wife is using her Android Desire just fine...Booo Hissss hehe.

i have had no issues with my phone up until now and i am unable to use the internet on 3g or using wifi through my router at home? Does anyone know if there are still issues?

Experiencing lags for the internet browser even with a strong wifi signal , bbm lagging , facebook lagging & email lagging :(

I hope this gets sorted quickly !

Gmail takes 2 - 4 hours to deliver, internet did not work bbm slow.

At the moment mail on gmail still slow all other adresses do not work.

Bbm up and running for about 3 hours now. And internet works since about an hour for me.
Still waiting for mail.

To be honest: kind of kicking the habit but i also kind of like the piece and quiet regarding mail right now. Too bad it will mean extra work when it's up and running again.:)

Calls work... earlier today Facebook had been.... either unable to connect or i get notices of messages and cant D/L them. and then the same messages repeat... with the same results... seems to have cleared up now.

Laggy, at times not working at all, then fine, laggy and dead again: Browsing, AppWorld, Youtube, Weather App, Shazam, Thomson Reuter News and others. BIS connectivity problems. Emails also delayed...

Thought I'm the only one until I checked CrackBerry. Glad to know whats going on and that something is done about it.

I've been without email in Oregon for the last 4 hours. Can't log into the BIS website either (it times out). So its definitely more widespread than just the UK NOC.

@gozirra... that's a different problem. Oregon is on the US/Canada NOC, and getting to the BIS website has always been working for Europe. Just the cellular link for email was slow/down. BBM seemed to be perfect right through the outage.

Ladies & Gentlemen, All Systems are GO! Messages sent are received like they're supposed to be received! Instantaneously!!! Also Sent_Box on Device is Syncing just like the Doctor prescribed...:-) Hehehehehe

@branta I'm aware that the BIS website is a separate issue.

The lack of emails for just over 7 hours, however, was the original problem. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Verizon, they forwarded me to RIM, who, 45 minutes later, "got it working" again.

Its apparently a sporatic issue for the North America NOC that I was one of the victims of. I could send service books and host routing table, and immediately receive THOSE emails, but any email sent to any of the three email addresses on my phone, from OUTSIDE RIM, never arrived. They eventually ended up completely deleting my account and re-setting it up from scratch to fix it.