RIM encourages students to "Be Bold" by sponsoring a Canadian cross-campus competition

RIM BeBold Campus
By Zach Gilbert on 4 Mar 2012 01:51 pm EST
While RIM may be placing their American advertising into high gear they certainly aren't leaving out the country in which they are located.  RIM is asking students from across Canadian colleges and universities to Be Bold and become their campus superstar, in a chance to win thousands in scholarship money. RIM is looking to hand out up to $4,000 to the first place student who can compete and successfully come out on top during two challenges, and they are:

Challenge one:  On-Campus Event #1 - Stand out from the crowd and get ready to make the boldest move yet on camera with the Spotlight Challenge from March 15th to March 23rd.

Challenge two:  On-Campus Event #2 - Throw the boldest party yet with the Bring Your Own BlackBerry Challenge from March 24th to April 8th.

All the 18 finalists will get $500 and one of the latest BlackBerry Smartphones and the top 10 will receive scholarships ranging from $250 up to $4,000. So if you're a Canadian student and would like to show BlackBerry that you can "Be Bold" on your campuses grab the link below and may the best BlackBerry fan win!

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Reader comments

RIM encourages students to "Be Bold" by sponsoring a Canadian cross-campus competition


Agreed, as a student I'm happy when I can get some extra €'s. It helps a lot. And I really hope that the comment below isn't sarcastic.

Throw a party and get $$, if I was in school I'd try. Hell we had parties and I only ended up having a hangover!

The be bold adds are terrible. I see them everywhere but they do not make me want to run out and buy a blackberry. I saw a new commercial posted in the forums on the playbook that is wonderful. Please RIM drop the be bold commercials. You need to focus on something else that works.

I agree. Seriously, we're still using the phrases, "Build buzz" and "Rule your School"?? These all just seem so dated. This whole "Be Bold" campaign is so tepid itself. There's nothing BOLD about it. (By the way, I have a Torch. Should I "Be Torch"?) They should be showing the power of the phones, the speed of the phones and what you can do, not photos of college-age looking models that are payed to look happy, and yet NOT SHOWN USING THE DEVICE!! Apple is beating Blackberry because of their advertising, this is poor at best.

Ditto. The lameness of their current marketing efforts show a complete lack of understanding of REALITY at both RIM and their AOR (if they have one). This company deserves to go down in flames for their poor showing.

+1 Whomever at RIM approved this ad campaign should be terminated and the ad agency that authored it should be dismissed. Bold moves badly needed ASAP.

The prizes fall way short. Who in their right mind would go through all that trouble at the thought of $250? They should have either doubled it or made it $100-$1100 to save money.

"All the 18 finalists will get $500 and one of the latest BlackBerry Smartphones and the top 10 will receive scholarships ranging from $250 up to $4,000."

So the smallest prize is $500 plus a new BlackBerry. The top 10 get that PLUS a scholorship. 

It's quite sad that we have to explain the contest to some CrackBerry members in basic terms because they're too thick to understand it and are too quick to hate on RIM.
The moral of the story here is that RIM helps kids stay in school whereas Apple employes Chinese children in their factories to build their devices at an even cheaper rate.

I don't see it mentioned anywhere that this is a stay-in-school effort for kids. Isn't it supposed to be for young adults? And Apple employs Chinese children? Can you provide proof to back up that opinion?

You know- the way some of you are always so negative and whiney makes me think that even though I LOVE my Blackberry- if that is how BB owners behave- I may have to rethink my brand. Jeez.... Just listen to yourselves.

The negativity is ridiculous. I work for apple tech support and you won't believe how many people bought a mac thinking that it would never freeze or get slow. They tell me they were caught up with the marketing, gazing at the mystique that is apple. I politely tell them that like a PC, mac's do freeze and do become slow. Customers don't know what to say. I get a kick out of apple fans, brainlessly following steve jobs, who was a snake oil salesman at best. My girlfriend has the iphone 4S I have the 9900. If I want to type an email on her iphone, I want to throw at the wall. Don't even start with icloud....

RIM has nowhere to go but up

RIM's marketing has gotten better but, it was terrible to begin with.. RIM needs to hire the marketing company who came up with the "Next big thing" spots for Samsung. They are hilarious and really make people who mindlessly stand in line for Apple products look really stupid..

Samsung marketing, just like HTC marketing is targeted at nerds who want the latest in technology at the price of efficiency (battery life for instance). I know the 9900 doesn't last more than a full day, but it's better than 6 hours!

'Be Bold' is the BB slogan this year. If you don't like it, well, that's you. Let them do their job, and stop complaining.

They can do a better job, which is why BB sales are so poor. By the way, I've had a BB since the 6230 and the nerds HTC and Samsung are marketing to were the nerds that RIM targeted when they were carrying palms. Where's palm now?? Don't be a BB apologist

Some money is better than NO money. If I was in school $250 would buy a lot of food. I would of had a month off from Raman Noodles. I might of upgraded to the dollar menu at McDonalds.

I THINK it should be students who encourage RIM to be bold by marketing phones rocking dual-core cpus, maybe quadcore, front camera, xenon flash on some models, and running quality software in a non-fragmented way.

Where is the Playbook Demoscene? I see a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to get young computer science engineering and gaming students and hobbyists developing awesome skills on the playbook. Why not SPONSOR a Demoscene competition for the Playbook? Use that processor power and show people what can be done.

There would be many spin-offs, and the cost minimal given that these are college students and hobbyists doing it mainly for fun and to prove what they can achieve. Also, it would get a whole bunch of future gaming code and potential software startups.


Ummmm....yeah....we need this in the US. Not only will it help me in some extra cred. for my Marketing course, but its MONEY! Im in rears for a semester and this amount would've helped me out of the hole in a major way.

Good luck to those who've applied - we need this BB presence things to be taken care of ASAP in the states. Open up a office in Jersey!