RIM Employees Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2010 01:56 pm EDT

BlackBerry PlayBook. Seriously, every night since it got announced all I think about when going to bed at night is the BlackBerry PlayBook and that ohhh soooo sweeet looking QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's exciting times in BlackBerry land.  I wants one. NOW.

Of course you know the CrackBerry team is excited for the PlayBook, and so are a ton of other bloggers in the tech space (see our bloggers reactions to the PlayBook video here). But how about Research In Motion itself? How about the foliks who will be working hard to help deliver the BlackBerry PlayBook to us all? We had a few sit downs with RIM execs and managers last week, and during the interviews were always sure to ask the PlayBook question. Check out the video above for two minutes of PlayBook excitement!

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RIM Employees Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement


Of course, I expect RIM employees to be excited about a brand new product coming out. My question is how will this compare to the Galaxy Tab that is the same size. Noah from PhoneDog did a hands-on at CTIA and that device looks cool. It can be held in one hand. Of course, it's using Android. But I have noticed a trend developing with new RIM products that the reality doesn't match the hype, so I am cautiously optimistic that this PlayBook will be as exciting as the hype suggests. We won't know until it's actually out there and we start reading all the feedback. But, I'd like to take more than the company's employees' word for it.

But really even the doubters are left speechless. Playbook trumps all. The worst anyone has come up with is the negative view of the release date, so what if it is not out by Christmas, it's not going to make me buy anything else. Truely a professional device with personality.

google even said 2.2 is not meant for tablets. And add in the fact that android is super buggy. The tablet market is not for hackers its for mainstream. They dont wanna have to do go xda-dev and hack their device and look for updates every week. RIM is def making a nice play here

I'm a RIM employee and I guarantee that you're not half as excited as you should be. Can't say much, but this will be major!


When I thing about pads/tablets, I think about what I would do with one. It's a lot of the same things I do on my phone. And some of the things I do on my PC.

Email, web, view word/excel/powerpoint/pdf files, occasional photos, occasional music.

Maybe I could use it for a phone, with a bluetooth device, assuming whatever pad it is supports phone calls. But, it seems bulky to have to carry a pad everywhere as my phone.

It's more likely to lean toward replacing my PC. But is there any pad out there that can really replace a PC for everyday tasks? That would be what I'd need, to be comfortable buying one.

Otherwise, it's a cool gadget, but not useful enough for me.

so whats everyday for you. if its just browsing in the internet, opening up documents and playing multimedia then sure this could possibly replace a pc especially on the go but for major editing of video/music/art then this really isn't the tool for it nor is it focused upon doing things like that. Sure it could do some of it but not in production environment.

I'm concerned about battery life and storage. it really needs storage and battery life for me to replace my netbook. my entertainment needs seem to be covered nicely considering I don't do cpu/gpu intensive gaming when im on the move..

though I do feel I will miss the keyboard but on something this size, it'd be less of a hassle then it would realy if using a mobile phone. Hey there's nothing stopping it from having input devices such as this coming down the line.

I don't think anyone will see the playbook for another year, or perhaps more. This is a huge endeavor for RIM, and they can't afford flaws in this new OS. The iPad is running fierce and strong, and any goofs, minor or major in this new OS, would be deadly for RIM. Also, they have to make sure that app makers, from good to even, dare I say it, poor apps, will have to want to truly sign on. Apple seems to have some of the really good app makers cornered. I will take a "wait and see" on this one from RIM.

I don't think they can afford to make an announcement like this and wait a year. That'd be a bigger doom than an OS mistake.

With QNX dabbling in so many embedded systems and having a large say in many markets, one could envisage this QNX software on the PlayBook integrating itself with more than just blackberries/tablets i.e automobiles.

Now how cool of a future would that be :)

Things are looking up.
The play book looks awesome on paper and by the time this thing actually comes out the iPad will be on the next refresh mode releasing an update, windows 7 will have a tablet mode interface and their own phone to boot, android will be out full force with a whole wack of further fragmentation even HP is ready to release their next Palm iteration.
It looks like the next year has all the ingredients to become the year of the tablet.