RIM employee spotted using BlackBerry 9800?!?

By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2010 02:10 pm EDT
RIM employee spotted using BlackBerry 9800?!?

We'll let this one speak for itself really. You can take it all for what it is. A poster in the forums with a great story and a pic to go with it. Some will scream Photoshop, some will accept it. In the end, it is what it is. As the story goes from GoBlue in the forums:

A few weeks ago I was at my kids event and saw some person sporting a slider....no big deal I thought until I saw him slide it and saw the BB Logo....I asked him it that was the new BB Slider and he yep. Played with it a few, it was running 6.0. No idea what build. He basically said this would be out in November. I asked how he had and he is in public relations for RIM here in Chicago. I was a huge BB fanboy and if I had not gone Android, I would be creaming. The UI was nice, very smooth and FRIGGIN Fast. Again, I mean no disrespect, I can not answer any questions, just here to say those that are staying BB will definitely enjoy.

Was going to post this weeks ago, but had no proof, and well even with my post count, some would be skeptical. However, weeks later we were together at an "event" taking pictures of our kids after wining a "game" and just saw that I had a pic of it.

It is very small, feels very solid, and again if I had not experienced Android I'd want this phone. 

And that's the tale of the spotted BlackBerry 9800. Pretty awesome. Considering I live in Halifax which has a RIM call centre, I've seen my fair share of pre release devices walking the street but, have yet to see a 9800 anywheres while out and about. All I can say is at least it wasn't left in a bar and appears to be getting some real world testing. Hopefully, we'll see a launch soon.

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RIM employee spotted using BlackBerry 9800?!?


Gave my daughter my 9000 in exchange for her 3GS. Problem is she won't give it back. Not that i needed an excuse to get a new phone but now i have one. November... your too far away... get your *** in gear.

I was at a RIM event a few weeks ago and saw an employee using one but he wouldnt show or share. Seems odd that this employee would be so forth coming about a device thats not supposed to exist.

.. think about it. you were at a RIM event. Gotta expect they are going to be on their guard there in protecting unreleased devices ffrom prying media eyes. Compared in this case to a guy very comfortable in hism element at a kids baseball game.. surely not thinking the parent sitting behind him is in "media" mode.

"if I had not experienced Android I'd want this phone." If that isn't a statement that Android is more exciting than Blackberry what is?! I read an excellent article on the Nokia blog of this Smartphone Experts network of blogs, regarding the disadvantages of a touchscreen device. But, if long time BB user like GoBlue is more impressed with the Android platform, what does that say for the future of RIM in the smartphone popularity race? I love my BB Tour, but there are issues with the BB platform that seem to be fixed on the Android.. no truncated emails, better browsing, cheaper apps, for examples. I have even read articles that say your Blackberry has no security advantage over an Android if you use BIS. Ouch! That's a key reason many users pick BB over Android or Iphone, because they think it's more secure. Anyhow, I am looking forward to the slider and holding out hope that I'll see it on Verizon before the temptation to go Droid wins out.

Blackberrys are more secure then the IPhone and Android, because they are the only platform the does not have a backdoor. For example the only phone that the Canadian and US government employees use is blackberry and the Bank of Canada only lets the blackberry with no camera in the bank.

The articles I have read say that BIS, the typical kind that consumers opt for is not more secure than an Android. BES, the typical kind that corporate users employ is more secure than Android. So, yeah, Canada and US government employees would be using a more secure phone if they're using BES phones. As would any corporate user. I don't recall where I read the article, but it may be on Android Central's archives.

I'm SURE if cell phone carriers have the ability to push launchers to our phones they have the ability to remove things from our phone. Though they might not exercise that ability is another story completely. ANY phone that is used on a consumer carrier with no IT department monitoring it is vulnerable.

I still have reason to believe this will be the BB that hits the homerun we've always known RIM could hit. Business centric folks will actually have the device that meets the "Best of all Worlds" experience. This device will perform well 9-5, yet offer that cool factor during happy hour. This is not your kids BB and thats where the 9800 will standout.

First of all, RIM doesn't have an office in Chicago. They have an office in Rolling Meadows. (might as well say Indianpolis, because it's the same difference) 2nd of all, it's not a manufacturing facility. Last, the device will be out for AT&T in October.

the poster said they had a call center in Chicago and not a manufacturing facility or an engineering facility

Clearly YOU did not bother to read. Bla1ze said HALIFAX has a "call centre". Open your browser, head to Google, and type in HALIFAX. It's in NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, buddy. Chicago is in ILLINOIS which is in the UNITED STATES.

too bad for RIM they're losing people, like me, to Android because they don't spread the devices around to other carriers such as Sprint who is treated like a red-headed stepchild. A "new" Tour rebranded as a Bold?? Come on. I guess they had to do something after that trackball debacle which was an utter failure, but where are the premier devices for other carriers? Keep pumping these phones to ATT and the churn will continue.

Before the fanboys start defending their precious BB I want to say that after getting my first BB I thought I'd never own a different device, but after seeing more attention given to specific carriers, using an OS that is about five years behind the competition and a weak app market, I knew it was time to move on to something that was actually up to date. If RIM ever wakes up I will have no qualms about coming back. Until then I'll enjoy the Android world.

You could say the same thing about Apple and AT&T.

And frankly, I'm kind of tired of the 9800 blog posts being clogged up by Android trolls. What's the matter, did your battery die again?

AT&T is the one that goes to RIM and says the want exclusive rights to the phone, then RIM give them numbers and if they don't meet those numbers they lose the exclusive rights to it

If you weren't such an imbecile you'd know it's an all-new device on the inside.

The similar exterior case means all of my accessories work - something corporate clients demanded.

Go back to your Android device you low-class blue-collar troll.

He works out here within 50 miles of Chicago. I was not implying there was a Chicago office. He lives here and works for RIM


I had noticed another possible spotting of this device. On the show leverage. The episode where Nate Ford breaks out of jail there's a lady the calls the warden and tell him to recheck the visitor log for nate ford. If you look at the phone she says that on it looks very much like the 9800. If anyone could look it would be nice. I'm just not to sure what other slider with chrome looking edges it could have been.

So I was watching the show Leverage and notice what looked to be the 9800. It's on the episode where Nate Ford Breaks out of Jail. Well there is a Lady in the episode that calls the Warden and tell him to recheck the visitor log for Nate. The phone she is on looks like the 9800. I couldn't tell. But I'm not sure what other slider phone with chrome edging it would have been. Someone (the crackberry team) should look into this.

were are the buttons atb the bottom of the screen the blackberry button the track pad the phone button they should be were his thumb is ?

maybe its the storm 3? give the body a new look, to resemble 9800's shape. maybe thats how newer devices will start looking?

The security wont be an issue for long...same with E mail.

RIM has a chance with the Storm 3, if they screw this up

They blew it.

Im tired of my iphone. Ive been wanting to go to BB or android for a while now, but after hearing about this phone, I have to wait for this to come out before I make my choice.

I'm looking forward to the release of this phone. It's cool that employees are getting opportunities to test it out too. Like stated above, I also believe this will be a "breakthrough" phone for RIM. It definitely will be a great mix between a consumer and corporate form factor.

It's great that OS 6.0 is running fast, that's always a good thing.

I have experience both worlds and there are definitely some things Android does better than BB and vice versa. It all about preference. I prefer a phone that can function as a mini office for me without dying vs a phone that has hundreds of thousands of apps. On my Droid out of all those apps I used three. Android just wasn't for me. There are some things BB can learn from android but right now its fine.

I made the switch from my tour 9630 to the Evo and I've never been happier. I still think that this slider appeals more to the teen crowd. If it has some good specs behind it then it might do ok. But if they come with the same specs as the bold or curve then what's the point

I think most would admit that RIM is playing catch-up. By the time RIM releases OS6, the 9800 and S3, Android will be on 2.2 and probably even faster better phones.

Face it...the RIM culture doesn't have the "stuff" to compete. They will be playing catch-up for as long as they remain in business. The death spiral has started, we just don't know how long it will take before RIM faces the same fate as Palm.

Timing matters and RIM needed OS6, the 9800 and S3 out the door months ago. Given the RIM track record of late, RIM will continue to stumble when their main competitors will running away with market share.

Good luck with the security argument...its' the last one RIM has and it most likely will be irrelevant in a years time.

I will be trying out the Droid X as a replacement for my S2 shortly...if a few of my friends who had BB's and now have the original Droids are correct...I won't be looking back.