RIM emails BlackBerry App World 3.0 Upgrade Notice to Vendors

BlackBerry App World
By Michelle Haag on 5 Jul 2011 06:05 pm EDT

RIM is gearing up to roll out a new version of BlackBerry App World! Developers were notified today that changes to the Vendor Portal are happening this week. Phase one is starting July 6th with the Vendor Portal going down for maintenance from 2am - 6am EST, so there will be no access for developers to make submissions or changes to their products. During this time there will be two new fields added in: Short description and Feature Image.

  • Short Description: This is your feature description or your one line sales pitch. Please provide a “short description” of each of your items to make your app more discoverable. We support multilingual short descriptions so you can make your sales pitch more local and relevant to better attract users who speak more languages around the globe.
  • Feature Image: You can now upload a featured app image. This is required if you want your application to be considered for feature. It will make your application much more discoverable. Image Specifications: 1920 x 1186 pixel .PNG file.
If you don't currently have items for sale in BlackBerry App World, this probably isn't very exciting news for you. However, keep in mind that this is the first step towards the rest of us getting some much needed updates to App World. Of course, no word on when exactly we'll be seeing those changes, or what they are, but they are indeed coming. What additions and changes do you want to see come to BlackBerry App World? Let us know in the comments. Thanks Dave!
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RIM emails BlackBerry App World 3.0 Upgrade Notice to Vendors


"Feature Image: You can now upload a featured app image. This is required if you want your application to be considered for feature. It will make your application much more discoverable. Image Specifications: 1920 x 1186 pixel .PNG file."

Is that even right??? That image size is absolute overkill.

It doesn't matter as long as the most basic apps are missing. Would like Android apps but given how slow Rim is and how they miss deadlines after deadlines that is unlikely.
The only thing Rim is fast at doing, is turning itself into a dinosaur.

Yup. Another putz with his two cents. Ooh, please hijack this thread and turn it into how inadequate us blackberry people are!!!! There's just not enough of you enlightened ones on this site.

Just make it work as it should in the playbook, 8 out of 10 times I try to buy something it hangs in or before authentication...

Another very good feature would be to allow you to delete apps from your profile, mine is full of free crap that got uninstalled minutes after trying it yet there no way of getting rid of it...

Who know what the fixes are? I'm just pleased that they continue to improve their products. Let's see the product before forming an opinion about whether or not it is good.

BTW - Anyone have any insight as to why BRG has such a hard-on for RIM? It is very clear that they are very RIM focused and all the stories they have been reporting are very negative. It is actually bizarre regarding the volume of negative pieces they are reporting. It actually appears personal. I suspect that there is some personal connection with someone with an axe to grind.

It is as thought BRG was dissed and now there is a personal vendetta to paint RIM in a negative light. I initially thought that maybe they were trying to force RIM to innovate quickly but I'm now leaning to the personal angle. Additionally, they tend to have the SCOOP. Do you folks remember FUCKEDCOMPANY.COM. They appear to be heading in that direction regarding RIM. They might as well put on their front page "Send me as much dirt on RIM as possible". What do you think?

World, it makes a difference, then I could zoom in and see the app in better detail, once it gets rolled out. I'm counting on it. CRACKBERRY IS NOT BGR. Just so people know. Those claims are bogus. Boy genious report is no more than a troll to me in my honest opinion.

Oh we do. I get tweets and am on this site everyday! Not saying it is BGR '- but slowly turning into one unless it spends more time on positives. One example '- google search for why apple or android turns up many hits and very few if any for BB and none from this site. why isn't there a sticky article detailing why people should buy BB without being apologetic about it?

My wishlist for AppWorld Changes (Playbook Version)

(i) larger images in order to preview the apps;

(ii) make it a requirement that all developers provide images (more than 1) of their apps;

(iii) make it easier to search for specific companies and developers;

(iv) if there is an app that I like, make an option that would allow me to click on the developers/companies name that would then list all apps created by that individual;

(v) increase the number of categories available within AppWorld or provide a better way to organize the existing categories;

(vi) increase the robustness of AppWorld on the Playbook - why can I not download apps if I am tethered to my phone. Data is data. I should not have to be relegated to only doing so over a WiFi connection;

(vii) provide (or at least investigate) the pricing structure of apps. On more than three occasions, the developers list price was cheaper than what was listed on the actual receipt that shows up when you go to purchase an app, e.g., Canada Explorer advertised at $4.99 yet the receipt indicated the price at $9.99. Is this the fault of the developer or of AppWorld's software?

(viii) Correct the error that occurs when apps that were free, e.g., Ruler., now move to a paid structure. Currently, there is an upgrade for the "Ruler" app. AppWorld says the upgrade is free. But when you click to download it nothing happens. Why? Because the app is in fact not free. In order to upgrade, I have to pay for the app. This is not a big deal. But in order to do so, I have to delete the existing app; clear the cache on AppWorld; reboot the device; turn around four times; say a pray to a higher power; relaunch AppWorld; purchase the app. Granted, some of this is sarcastic, but shouldnt it be a seamless process to upgrade to a paid app that was once free? Why make it simply annoying and convoluted?

That's all I can think of for the moment for the Playbook.

For a start, make the AppWorld truly accessible to everyone. It doesn't works in half the countries.

Give us the option to download free version & free trials, with out having to login. You did it with the playbook, now bring that to the phones. I would also like to see the search option improved.