RIM Earnings Call Live Blog - Dec. 15, 2011

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2011 04:39 pm EST

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RIM Earnings Call Live Blog - Dec. 15, 2011


We live in a "what have you done for me lately, it's all about me, and I am entitled to it all" society. If RIM thinks customers will stay because of loyalty then they are just stupid and will ride the horse into the grave! Customers expect their phones to do it all and that's what they are paying for. The competion saw that long ago : /

These co CEO’s of RIMM are liars and clowns….They PROMISED BBX/BBX/BB10 at the beginning of 2012 and now it is delayed???? THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED ON ANY LEVEL….

Little disappointed in the comment system on this call,
I understand people wanting to listen but there was such little conversation.

would have been nice to have a wider range of conversation about what was being heard.
I was more disappointed in the comment system than I was in the call, and the call was upsetting

Chris shoudl not have had to deal with publishing posts. As our expert, he should have been allowed to listen and comment and others should have been dedicated to publishing user posts.

And, Kevin, you're writing blog posts? would have liked to have you part of the conversation. 19-year-old jamil didn't cut it for me. He's the cliché master of every misinformed blogger out there.

But hey, that's just my opinion. i could be wrong.

I agree with you Fully, I disagreed with almost everything that came out of Jamils mouth, then I realized when he said he was 19 WHY I did

Chris should have been interacting with the users, and we should have had 2-3 people posting comments

we come to the Live chat event on Crackberry for the community feed back,

blog posts could have waited till after the call

Same old sad story. Here we were thinking RIM was going to come thru and take advantage of Apple's misstep with the 4S. Here we were promised by the end of 2011 we'd have a QNX ph, then pushed to Q1 2012. But wait, now its gonna be late 2012? Wow, just incredible. What are they doing over there? Do they have a clue. And didn't the board of directors give the co-CEO's six months to prove they deserved their positions? Are they honestly going to let them stay (even if they pay them $1 salaries)?

And then we have to deal with the whole PlayBook debacle. The best news from the call was that OS2 is not facing yet another delay(yet).

You know, I'd rather see RIM push back the BB10 launch until they can actually do something amazing.

Yes, I think BB7 can still be viable. Yes, RIM will have to provide a lot of incentives on it in the US, but there's a silver lining to this cloud: developers can start planning for a BB10 migration as they publish apps NOW on BB7/6.

Still have high hopes for PBOS 2.0...

comment was made during the call about blackberry having a "pager" like ui. That is very true. The Rim 950 put the nail in the beepers coffin, but the game has changed. i know rim will find their mojo and things will turn back around. We just gotta have faith.