Is RIM doing enough to make good on last week's outage?

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2011 08:49 pm EDT
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By now every BlackBerry owner who follows Research In Motion is aware of the reparations offered to them due to the major BlackBerry outage that happened last week. The general consensus being that it's a good thing RIM is doing this considering the impact it had on those rely on BlackBerry.

Some folks stated the actions of RIM exceeded their expectations, especially those who happened to be unaffected by the outage while others are hoping RIM offers more in the way of reparations. What do you all think? Is what RIM offering enough or should they take it to next level? We've put a poll above for you all -- let RIM know how you feel by adding your vote today! Drop a comment below and let us know what else, if anything, you think RIM should be doing to make good.

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Is RIM doing enough to make good on last week's outage?


Bloomberg is also suggesting that they are looking into Operator Compensation ...

"RIM will focus on compensation alongside the offer of one month of free technical support to companies and free online applications, Balsillie said in a telephone interview.

“We’re very focused on these carriers and making sure they’re satisfied with the service operation and making sure we comply with all of our agreements with them and making sure we have their trust for the service going forward,” Balsillie said."

Wow. That is so much. Thank you RIM.

I thought that $20 worth of apps would be good by me.

This is amazing.

Thank you again.

Feel free to shut me down anytime you want.


RIM is now offering $100 Visa card for trading up your current BB to a new BB. I think they going above and beyond to compensate for the outage. Unnecessary I think as it was inconvenient but not crippling for me at least. I got my emails via the browser instead of the push.

At any rate, kudos RIM for offering what you have! Thank you!

Is nice gesture, but isn't iSpeech already free ? Wonder how many of these soon to be announced apps are really costing $ ?

And you dare call Apple iPhone users mere sheep and fanbois? Bribery plain and simple. Address the real issues and stop playing games Jim and Mike.

I think so! The problem is the losers are going to go to an iPhone regardless cause they are stupid iSheep that can't take the road less traveled...

I totally agree. BB users that were "threatening" to go to iPhone or Android after this outage were thinking about doing it long before the outage occurred. I say let em go. It slowly weeds out the rest and leaves the best.

I bought an iPhone. Only Apple product I own and I have to say that it does what I need it to do. The BB almost did what I needed but BB fanatics are just a s bad as iFanatics. It has nothing to do with the product just blind loyalty on both sides. I go between both forums and you guys are exactly the same but you just dont want to admit it. Its sad!

Seriously? What is wrong with you? Everybody on this forum complains about the "iSheep" and the cult following that apple has. This forum is no different. It's a site dedicated to blackberry - obviously it is going to have blackberry fanatics. Why can't people who enjoy RIM products just talk about RIM, why is everything compared to Android and particularly iPhone? For all the name calling BB fanatics call Apple users, you never see iPhone users bashing other products - tech journalists aside (cough, BGR).

Grow up. People that enjoy other manufacturer's products are simply expressing their opinion, just as you are with your choice to use blackberry.

And I am sick and tired of the stupid "iPhone is a toy" argument. What exactly makes it a toy? The fact that it can delivery email and messages just as quickly as a blackberry but also have usable apps for fun and productivity? As an iPhone 4 user and a BB 9780 user, I see strengths in both platforms however I can definitely say that the iPhone is no toy - it is much more powerful than my BB in almost every respect. There is an app for pretty much everything I want - Remote Desktop, Office, VNC client, games, music discovery, social services, video/audio playbook is pretty much unmatched and pretty much anything you can imagine doing with a mobile device. I can safely say that if it weren't for BBM, I would just forward all phone calls from my work 9780 to the iPhone and be done with it.
I enjoy my BB 9780 but it is so annoying to hear the stupid statements I constantly hear on this forum. You like blackberry, great! You like Android, great! You like iPhone, great! You don't have to bash other products to stroke your ego. Fact is RIM is in serious trouble, their market share is dipping, mindshare is in the tank of most consumers, their marketing is horrible and the company cannot deliver on any promises and the stock market is punishing them for it. I hope they turn it around because it will only mean added competition and the end result is that all consumers benefit from that.

I dunno. For me it was the last straw. I don't need BB over another device, I had easy enough access to a desktop during the outage (and when I didn't I was at work, or sleeping).

Now, for North American users, it seems consumers are loosing interest in RIM rapidly. And the impact to commercial users was pretty heavy.

I think RIM should scramble to do whatever it takes to boost confidence in their brand of devices. It might mean a short term hardship, however RIM seems to be struggling as is. Throw heart and soul behind saving your company and making it the reliable, trustworthy, relevant brand it used to be. Or, maybe its too little to late....

I wasn't expecting them to do this but this is a GREAT move offering all these apps for about 2 months for people is pretty cool.

No this is a insane ...anyone saying "hey RIM its ok, you dont owe me anything" is a RIM-Job and thats why Iphone is selling 4 million units in a weekend....Androids doing its thing

RIM is giving away crappy apps on a crappy-ER it guys

Yeah it's so crappy that Apple had to copy the super effective Blackberry Messenger in its recent-zomg-i-must-have-it-they're-so-original ios5.

If they're crappy apps, why some of them first appeared and have good sales volume in Apple's app store? oh no, everything RIM makes is crap, right?

For you to say the OS is crap is to go against ALL the reviews of the Playbook. You certainly have not even tried it, leave alone read the reviews.

They have gone far beyond what they needed to in a situation like this. The sense of entitlement some people have is absurd and doesn't do anything for humanity. Shit happens. Electronics aren't infallible, they fail. People need to stop being such pratts and get over it. If this outage upset the balance of your life that much you may need to reevaluate your position in life.

Some people rely on Blackberry's services (email and what-have-you) for their jobs and lives. Just because you don't rely on it as much as they do, it doesn't mean that they don't exist.

Exactly...this was MAJOR. No one is blowing this up, it was that bad. It so happens BB does the Corp market the best and when they fail Corp's FAIL and thats not going to sit well...nor is 100 in crappy apps. Biz people dont need crap apps think of the people you service RIM. Do crap apps really make up for that Custom Critical e mail. NO

Your home net ever go down b/c there was a outage by your provider in the area or the wires outside were bad? BOOM! Happens .. Get over it! I rely on my home internet DAILY and for a few hours a day. This just doesn't just happen to RIM.

First this happend on a GRAND scale ... and you know what thats the diffrence end of story. You pay up on a GRAND scale. It cost RIM upwards to 100 million for a reason what the customers had to go through in missed info to them is suppose to be more costly and overall it will be ...your comparison is flawed/joke.

A hundred bucks worth of free apps makes me pretty happy. The outage didn't really hurt much, I just used regular txt messages and opera browser. So it's all good with me.

EXACTLY!!!! Why don't people mention that?....They make it sound like their phones were bricked for 3 days

Everything crashes from time to time. All they can do is work even harder to make sure it doesn't happen anytime soon or for as long as it did. I have Comcast and from time with internet/cable it goes out. Get over it!

F***** BB, already have to replace my BB 9900!! just had it 2 months!!!
How can rim put out these kinds of products!!! Thank goodness im not a business man whose life depend on BB!!!!
1. Had to replace os 3 times!!!!
2. Battery drain awful since the outage !!!!
3. Put to charge overnite, woke up next day and bam!!! Dead!!! Figuring it was another os problem!!! But even BB manager didnt recognise it!!!
Crap crap crap!!! And now im stuck for 3 god damns year with this thing!!!
Poor choice !!! Buyer beware!!!!

People don't seem to understand that electronic components fail. Even at a 99.99% success rate in the production line, there will be a few that snick into the hands of tech unaware people. This happens to every single brand. For instance, hang out at any Apple store during the first hour or so any day, and you will see a few people leaving gadgets or laptops for repair. It is clear that your device has to be replaced. You should exercise your rights instead of bashing at what is a reliable phone (yes, I have an unlocked 9900).

To me it was just an outage i dont think they need to do anything special. However I think it is good they show they are more committed to keeping customers happy.

Participating in the Trade Up program isn't what I had in mind. Better than $100 in free apps or $100 towards a phone, how about a phone that is competitive. The $100 app offer is just insulting and desperate. I am a self professed BlackBerry fanatic. I've had one for 7 years going as far back as the 7100t, I even have a BlackBerry tattoo! (check my started threads) This is getting ridiculous though, they need to return to being a leader again. I'm hoping BBX is the answer, and I NEVER thought I would be saying this, but if not I will be taking a hard look at Android.

Outages happen. Its part of Technology. If anyone thinks that servers and switches for smartphones (or any other types of phones) will never break down, then they're living in a dream world. Hell, When iOS5 went online, Apples servers locked up due to heavy downloads, and when Android operating systems went online they locked up too so what ever product you decide to use you can count on the servers and switches for that product to crash at least one time during its life time. I think RIM handled it pretty good...I was only offline for an hour with my Torch.

I don't mind the free apps though the one's listed don't interest me. Having said that I'd rather have RIM focus on the source of the problem and implement a solution so that it never or rarely happens again.

Why doesn't @blackberry offer premium themes as well as the apps in the thank you package. Don't theme developers deserve to be included?

We are so fickle. RIM gives away applications because they feel bad for an outage, we want more and complain about the choices. RIM DOESN'T give anything away, people hiss and seethe and immediately threaten to go Apple or Android. Seriously?! When did you ever get anything for free from a major company after a screwup? When my Comcast internet went down for almost 1 whole day, I had to threaten them for a credit. They didn't give it to me without asking. And it was a whole $25 credit for hours of internet and phone being down and costing hundreds in lost business. Yes, I understand people depend on their BBs, especially enterprise users. But what would have been worse? RIM getting back online and losing ALL of their consumer's data? Or having a backlog of emails that were not sent? Of course, we would want neither. And I feel for you out there who lost service for days. No one said technology was simple. Or perfect. RIM is a big, huge pinata these days, and I don't think anything good they do will even matter since there are those out there who want to see RIM die. This is another example. RIM is giving something back to consumers. And they apologized. I don't remember them doing that in the past. And yet, it's not enough. You folks want to leave BB, go right ahead. No one's asking you to stay. If you like iPhone or Android, go. We BB loyalists will stay. Call us "fickle."

"The complete selection of premium apps will become available to download at BlackBerry App World over a period of four weeks beginning Wednesday, October 19th. The selections over this period will include the following (with more to come): "

so the list is not all of them....maybe ones you cna use or want are going to be patient

Screw the outage and apps. RIM should give every Storm 1 and 2 owner a free 9850 for having to put up with that ENORMOUS POS they dubbed "The iPhone Killer".....pffffffft.

I know one BlackBerry user who used outage as an excuse to go out & buy an iPhone him I say "Dumbass!"

btw since the 12th how many times has iCloud gone down?....yes I read "TiPb" too

All I can say is that what became a localized outage became world wide. 2 NOC's and if they go down, everyone is down in some capacity or another (BES users still get email!)

What bothered me is when Mike FINALLY came around to publicly apologize. Where's Jim, buying an NHL team?

When Mike finally came on, it was to apologize for being a huge disappointment but dressed like one of the engineers who's been working on the problem a few days. I appreciate he was wearing a blackberry shirt, but really? You're the CEO in time of a crisis, dress up in some nicer clothing and have this video out yesterday.

The CIO didn't provide much, so Jim or Mike should have been making that call the day before.

The $100 gesture x 70 Million subscribers is $7 Billion. Wait a minute they can afford this? How many BES users are part of that 70 Mil who won't get this? How many people do they expect to take this offer? What percentage is RIM actually paying the makers of the software? Who will feel this really is good enough?

Now we've reportedly got Jim saying that the BBX OS is going to leapfrog the competition? Oh boy, this isn't Steve Ballmer at Microsoft pitching another cooky idea, or saying how an Apple product is going to fail ("$500 for a phone?! fully subsidized?!? are you kidding me?!?")

RIM is really limping these days and it just feels like that notion of change is not coming. I really want to believe, but the leaders seem to be continually out of focus.

I sure as hell hope I'm wrong.

Seriously?....Your complaining about what he was WEARING!!!

go buy an iphone & then when you have an issue, enjoy watching them give you the finger & telling you you don't know how to hold your phone.

BYE BYE…….What are you still doing here? Go get you’re your iPhone.

People are more interested on what happened to the relay, and what they're gonna do to fix it, and to prevent it.

People who were severely affected (and lost money) won't care about free apps.

Out of the list of apps already provided, I have one of them (Vlingo), would probably download one (Photo Editor Ultimate), and don't care about the rest.

I wonder if they are taking nominations for apps to include in the forthcoming lists. What apps would *you* like to see in this list? I have had BBs for a very long time and have pretty much all the apps I need. I'm currently trying to chose an app for remote phone location (I can't use Protect because i'm on BES). Currently I'm thinking about buying Cell Seeker, so of course I'd love to see it on the list. Or something else equivalent. Any ideas on this, btw?

What other apps would people want on the list?

If you are like most of us and either think this kind of thing happens or that it is a good start for RIM, I agree. Things happen and I agree it is more than enough. Nothing was expected.
When people bought the iPhone4 and it was learned that it dropped your call you got nothing except a $5.00 case. The i"PHONE" did not make and hold calls!!!!!! WTF is that?

If you don't believe RIM products are the best for you then please go where you think you will be happy and hang out at the other company's websites.

CrackBerry is a great resource that is getting an awful lot of hater comments clogging up the system. Don't you guys have something better to do?

I can understand people trying out new products, I did and realized BB is still the one. What I did not do was continue to post negative BS after I left and only posted stuff after I came back. What is that about?

If you like the iPhone and hate BB please go get one and stop posting to this website.

RIM, for all its faults is an ethical company that I can rely on better than any other company thus far and as long as that is the case I will use their products. I read about all this OS7 critics and I know you are either cursed or lying. I have a Bold 9930 and it is awesome.

I'm done with RIM and CrapBerry I can't use this crappy phone anymore.. I bought a blackberry because all my friends use bbm and they told me I should get one and I did.. This was the biggest mistake I ever made... The phone freezes all the time,the apps are sh't and expensive, the screen is small and with low resolution... it takes like 20 minutes to reboot the phone every time i update an app.. RIM takes like 5 months to release an update.. I'm getting an Iphone 4S i Just can't keep being so frustrated with a damn phone!! Enough is enough.. So Long RIM

wasn't it a month ago or so that every carrier went down but RIM? Can't remember why, my brain has rotted from all the android and ios spam...

To all the ppl complaining about blackberry: go try the competitors, I did and I did not like them. If you want 100 apps that make fart noises-get an iPhone, if you are ok with waiting for emails to arrive-get an android. If you want a phone that actually gets shit done you will come back to a blackberry. Bottom line is and always has been that if you need to send and receive tons of emails there are none better than blackberry, all this multimedia and entertainment stuff on Blackberry is a recent addition to reach a broader consumer base. So, if you want a toy get one of the other 2 but if you need a professional tool stick with the proven leader in business.

If you need to map something out on your cellphone in less than 20 minutes, try a Droid. If you want to get all your social network updates faster, get an iPhone. If you want to function without freezes, hourglasses and checkerboard, get a Droid/iPhone. If you want blazing fast times on any website you go to, go with an iPhone or Droid.

Exactly, social network and websites = multimedia and entertainment. Of course RIM is going to be behind when it comes to that kind of stuff because that was not their focus for so many years, but now it seems that with BBX coming out that will be one of the main focal points so we will see what happens. Oh and I don't know what mapping app you used but I can just tell my BB an address or the name of a business and have directions in less than 30 seconds.

RIM doesn't owe us anything and it's ridiculous to think so. For those that are saying they're leaving Blackberry, we'll see you again when your upgrade kicks in.

There is a reason RIM is slipping further and further behind. There is a reason that shareholders are calling for the circus act at the CEO position to end. There is a reason majority shareholders are calling for RIM to be split into three separate companies and there is a reason Apple sold 4 million phones.
I really thought long and hard before I switched. I hope RIM can one day get their shit together but I ran out of breath

It doesn't change anything I said. As far as holding the phone wrong, Never had that issue. Push email works just fine on the iphone. Im not here to bash. Its comical the way both BB and iPhone finatics will beat each other to death. Look at financials and company stability. That says everything and its not biased, its facts.if you take all the phones BB has sold in the past year it does not equal what Apple did in one day. say what you want but RIM needs to get their shit together and giving away apps aint the answer. For those that think it is then you are as lost as the two Idiots running the RIM dog and pony show. I would gladly come back, Build a cutting edge phone that works

"Im not here to bash."

"then you are as lost as the two Idiots running the RIM dog and pony show."

Its not bashing when its true.
you are a typical fanatic. You dont have a point so you resort to name calling. try growing up and take off the Rose colored glasses

i think thats past "good enough"

if they want to say sorry and fix something....what they need to do is say sorry and shut down the plants in mexico... damn 9900's built like it was michael j fox putting them together with a clue stick

I think RIM owes me a Porch, maybe a cottage up north somewhere too. The least they could do is give me free phones for life, come on. There is NO other company in the world that offers these same services. Whether its FREE BBM or push email or even security and privacy. If it upset you so much maybe you should realize how good the services are and appreciate the gesture they given.

My biggest laugh is when ppl say they hate BlackBerry for the 3 days of disruption and so to punish them they will switch to something else...umm..ok...sounds like you are punishing yourself not RIM.

I think the outage was not the only thing why people were pi**ed so bad!
That was the last thing, that brought people to their boiling point!

They still were loyal after the whole disappointment the last few years - because at least the email & bbm did work as promised, while the other things did fail in a really bad way!!

The last REALLY innovative thing was the Bold 9000! After that - much disapointment!
I mean the Bold 9900 is a great device, but that what people wished expected to see after the 9000, back in 2008! Almost 4 years from now!
Even with a 800MHz processor!

I won't say that the 9700/9780 failed, but that should have been the curves series at that time!

Now the disappointment came out, because even the last thing did not work what kept the last people loyal to RIM.

And no one can tell me, that he/she did not think about switching to an another plattform while the outage!

Sorry but this poll has to have one more option to click. It should be : Are you in a country where RIM is not giving this 100$ offer (infact it is not giving anything)? Is that country where RIM has registered the largest sales YoY growth? Is this the country whose BIS subscribers were most hit but it still holds the biggest potential to save RIM?
That's right. India.
Worst affected. No 100$ compensation. But still surely having the largest YoY growth for RIM. Thanks a lot for the love you show us RIM!

if i want apps i will buy an android or a iphone...i want a business phone , i know tha outages happen but in that case we must have the option to work with wi fi...

No RIM I don't want a $100 worth of crappy apps. How about releasing a phone that can keep up with the competition because right now the phones you have with the software and hardware built into them seems like they came out of the prehistoric age. Your "bbx" phones better be something special or RIMs finished along with my loyalty to your company.

RIM has to learn that if you want to control the flow of data to your devices, unlike other brands of smart phones (some if not all blackberry Data moves through RIM servers), then you need 100% uptime, guaranteed. If not, users should be compensated.
However, the apps so far on offer do not interest me, and I am hoping for something better when they reveal the rest of the list (but I'm not holding my breath).

Lol, people always moan blackberry has no apps and when Rim gives them $100 worth of apps they don't care about apps anymore.

Rim can never win.

I'd rather receive and early upgrade for standard 2-year price even though I'm not yet eligible. 9810 would be so much better than my 9800 right now. Make it happen RIM.

I'd be happier if all the apps were free now, and more importantly if they were all available for blackberry 7 devices.

I would prefer Research In (Slow) Motion focusing on improving their infrastructure so such an outage, any outage, is damn near impossible. All the smoke and mirrors coming from their announcements about root cause analysis underway and appointing yet another executive to head-up this investigation. The more things change the more they stay the same. And with recent word that the US Government, possibly other organizations, are looking for alternatives, specifically Android, to BlackBerry smartphones and presumably tablets the outlook could be very bleak for this once great technology company.

Rim should offer a $100 dollar rebate to Blackberry users who don't want or cant use the free software offer, to purchase a new 0s7 phone or the Blackberry Playbook.This would be a good incentive for people like my self using a 8130 Pearl to upgrade.

I personally do not think RIM owes us anything. I just shake my head when someone thinks they are owed something in return for a minor inconvenience. Folks we live in an entitlement society. that being said, will I down load any of the free apps? I don't know, I will look at them. I have used BB for about 6 yrs. now. I only have three apps more than what came with my phone, never been much of an app guy. I use my phone as a business tool not a gameboy.