RIM doesn't install CarrierIQ on their BlackBerry smartphones but T-Mobile does

CarrierIQ T-Mobile
By Bla1ze on 4 Dec 2011 04:11 pm EST

*UPDATE* - CarrierIQ is ran through the My Account application from T-Mobile. As noted:

On BlackBerry CIQ is attached to My Account. The Customer will need to accept the permissions to allow CIQ to collect and transmit data.

So as long as you never use the My Account app and never agree to the terms and conditions as well as accept the permissions CIQ will NOT run on your T-Mobile BlackBerry.

While RIM has gone on record to say they do not install the hotly debated CarrierIQ logging tool on their devices while also stating carriers shouldn't either, new information shows that T-Mobile has gone against the grain and does indeed have CarrierIQ installed on three of their in market BlackBerry smartphones.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Curve 9360
  • BlackBerry Torch 9810

If you own any of those three devices listed, you do have CarrierIQ installed on them but the claim from T-Mobile is that it is not for nefarious purposes and that personal data is not being tracked. What is tracked however is, battery performance, dropped calls and application failures.

At this time, we're looking into how to possibly remove it from your BlackBerry smartphones but it's not clear if it is as easy as just switching off of a T-Mobile OS onto another. Once we have some more details, we'll be sure to let you all know and hopefully be able to provide you all with a removal guide. In the meantime though, how do you all feel about CarrierIQ being on your BlackBerry?

Source: T-MoNews

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RIM doesn't install CarrierIQ on their BlackBerry smartphones but T-Mobile does


Those spying f**ks!!!
...I jUst changed from T-hem mobile spying f**ks, to VZ.
So, what's the word on Verizon BlackBerrys? Anybody know?

Verizon have come out and publicly said they do not install CarrierIQ on handsets, however that's not to say they don't install software that is somewhat like CarrierIQ (either in house, or made by another company) on handsets.

Currently we haven't seen anything that says that Verizon take part in this, or have their own system to do what CarrierIQ does, so for now, you can rest easy about it.

Is this Carrier IQ thing old news or what? I remember hearing about it a long time ago but maybe it was just on the iPhone at that time? Does anyone remember?
Also, going on Android Central or TiPB, this topic seems to have been brushed under the rug. Funny how those sites hide all negative news yet CrackBerry seems to be only about the bad news lately. Just my opinion.

Just because that information was shown in a sandboxed environment with verbose output enabled doesn't mean that information is actually going anywhere.

You do realize your apps that you use need to know what keys you press anyways, right? I watch for specific keys being pressed or specific areas tapped.

Full disclosure does need to happen, but doesn't mean your carrier is using that information for anything. I mean, they don't need an app on your phone to monitor what you're doing. You know they keep logs of your text messages in full anyways, right? For several years.

Sometimes the sand ends up outside the box cuz kids play crazy...
What do you know about what they use the info for?
There something You know from the inside?
Plain and simple, I don't like the idea of CarrierIQ for anything.

Regarding Verizon this might explain why THREE brand new Torch 9850 phones I purchased from Verizon and shipped from the warehouse came in boxes that were OPENED with the seal broken and battery installed! THREE new phones that I returned and finally went to the store to get a SEALED box. This was a VERIZON BB purchased over the last 3 weeks. After several attempts to ask why my new phones were in boxes with the seal broken and battery installed they had no explaination. INTERESTING! I sent a letter to Verizon customer service and of course no response.

In all likelihood they just upgraded the OS. I've seen this before In most cases a little dot sticker would then be placed on the box label near the bar code. They are NOT supposed to remove the screen protectors or leave the battery inserted though so not sure what is going on there, but I doubt it has to do with Carrier IQ.

Why not? It claims to track dropped calls. It's about time someone figured out how not to make us all sound like lunatics when we call. I dont have Tmobile, but I do know it sucks in NJ. I wish I had this when I went to ATT 2 years ago. All I'd have to do is refer them to my carrier IQ data to get my free month rather than document my dropped calls as best i could.

Tmo keeps pissing me off!!!

First the ridiculously higher prices for BB devices (compared to other carriers) and now this??!! WTH TMO??!

What are the chances that CarrierIQ is on T-Mobile BlackBerry phones that they didn't mention? How long has this software been out anyway? Of course, I've done so many unofficial updates on my Bold 9700 now that it shouldn't be an issue... but if there's something using up my precious memory while attempting to run OS 6 I'm going to want to know about it.

I was thinking of returning to T-Mobile after a few years with other carriers, after this news... I think my mind has been changed, as has my decision about moving 14 company lines over as well.

Nice job, T-Mobile!

They should replace everybody's phones especially since it is not manufacturer approved. I find it hard to deal with companies of this sort and wish that CiQ gets taken up for invasion of privacy.

This sort of thing is the reason I refuse to do banking on my mobile.

i saw this blog and i am immediately concerned about it as i have a 9900. Companies always lie about what they do and do not use their equipment for, they find legal loop holes to make what they do legitimate and hide it from the public.

If RIM does not authorize their carrier partners to install CarrierIQ on handsets (as stated in RIMs press release), has TMo violated any agreements through this or do they not required RIMs authorization?

Does anyone have any clarification on this? RIMs previous release seemed to be pretty CarrierIQ would only be found on phones which were run under an independent BES (installed by their own admins).

Put simply, installing CiQ does technically violate what RIM have said is policy on this, but we won't know what the possible "side effects" of this (if any) will be until much later on.

im sure you know how anyone would feel who owns a tmobile phone.....probably like the government has installed a camera on their bathroom.What i would like to know is,they say it only provides info on dropped calls battery like etc..number one what can a carrier do about a phones battery life?Thats the manufactures issue also couldnt cell towers provide feedback on dropped calls? I dont buy that B.S at all.If that was the case why would it be so hush hush? If thats really what carrier iq was used for why wouldnt they tell you from the gate "with tmobile we have a application that tracks performance app errors and battery life so that we can constantly upgrade and build a better network for our customers" Sounds like a good selling point to me but its total bs and thats why this thing has been hush hush until now. Someone wants your info and tmobile is willing to track it and sell it to that buyer. If i was a tmobile owner i would go to the nearest tmobile store and demand it be taking off my phone as im sure this violates some constitutional rights.

I wonder if those are all of the devices it is installed on, or those are just the devices they are admitting to having it installed on. My 9780 is not on a T-Mobile OS, but no one has determined whether it can be pushed somehow to the device anyway. AFAIK.

If they are collecting data on these devices for "battery performance, dropped calls and application failures", then why is it that when we call for support in the issues (specifically my friend with a 9900), do they ask a thousand questions in which they already have the answers to. Why collect specific data from specific users and not use it in the best interest of that same specific user when they call for assistance. I mean, if your calling about dropped calls, why do they ask about when, where, signal strength & consistency, even though they already have all that information at hand?

I want to know how to detect it, and remove it if I have it....
Looking forward to future developments...

While I wasn't able to locate it in the applications listing, if you enter the e-screen, and go to JVM Engineering > Processes you can find an TMO IQ process running.
I'm running 7.1 on a 9900 and the Allow / Deny comes up on initinal boot, which is what gave it away. I've hacked the phone to remove it using BBSAK and the e-screen...

UPDATE 2: After searching the internet I found that "cequint" is used to display caller ID on the cellphone. Service cost $4 a month and app is installed by default and not possible to remove unless using BB Boss or BBSAK to manually remove cod's. Therefore it is not a Carrier IQ app. That one though is not present on my phone, even in e-screen in 'processes'

UPDATE: I went through all the cod's in Java folder of the OS installation and found that the cod's I removed from my phone had keywords "cequint_tmo_bold9900". Is it anyhow related to Carrier IQ?

I'm also running leaked 7.1 on my T-Mobile branded 9900, but I went to e-screen and into processes and I did not see the process you mentioned above. There was some T-Mobile software that installed by default and was not possible to uncheck it even when using the app loader. After the OS 7.1 was installed it was asking permissions at every reboot, then I used BB Boss to remove cod's for the application and it never did appear again. It might have been the Carrier IQ

We need to have a say on this..... We all need to come together via facebook or twitter and take a stand... We should put a stop to this bull shit... Like I always say THESES CARRIERS HAVE TO MUCH SAY..... WE NEED A STOP ONCE AN FOR ALL

if you dont run an official tMo OS, do you still have it? Is it in the OS or a forced download when you power up your phone for the first time?

someone with a tmobile should use a program like bbsak or bb boss to do a system read and see if they can find this and clear it off the device.

Complete BS! How many people has T-Mibile called to advise them they have a bad battery or charger and that a new one's on its way?

We don't know yet. If you reinstall a T-Mobile OS, there is a good chance it does. We have to wait and see if it is removed when installing another OS from another carrier.

I hear the outrage, but is this truly a bad thing IF they are telling the truth?

And if they are lying or they are still violating some contract or right, what can one do?

What if they also listened in on your phone calls just to make sure the call quality is good, then is that also ok? Where do you draw the line? In my opinion, they're spying, just like Apple does with their GPS/cell-site/WiFi location aiding on their iPhones.

What if you use a T-Mobile OS(on a non T-Mobile phone)? Sure you remove the vendor/carrier part......but is the IQ part deeper/baked into the OS? Just a thought.

I read somewhere that it is actually in the T-Mobile "my account" app so if that is the case and you haven't activated that app then you should be OK.

Last month the battery on my 9700 was draining very fast. Since I have the PHP, I called T -Mobile and their solution was to order a replacement battery from Crackberry. I uninstalled one of the RIM mea culpa apps and that resolved it. At least I now have a spare battery. I doubt it is on my 9700 running 6.whatever and I am really glad I have held off on getting the 9810 or 9900.

Excuse my language but that is a f**cking disgrace and T-Mobile should be ashamed of themselves. Spying on its customers. I hope T-Mobile goes down the tubes because of this. Here RIM is getting a bed rep for no reason meanwhile out of the 5 major companies producing smartphones I personally think blackberry is the most honest, most loyal and most secure platform. F**ck everyone else!

I really don't understand everyone get all bent out of shape over this...

I just got a new Torch a few weeks ago (LOVE IT) and I distinctly remember the TOS mentioning something about this - monitoring for dropped calls or something. Every carrier does it in one way or another.

This company's explanation as to why its on our phones just doesn't add up. Sure its easy to listen & believe their reason BUT c'mon. . . Just like they don't tell you they can watch you through ur phone cam & listen to your convos through your speakerphone

ok, I can understand being upset at the keycopying part of CarrierIQ, but in reality the carriers will ALWAYS have a similar product on our phones to trackmovements ( so know if roaming etc) and track network services and dropped calls etc

funny that people didnt raise this big of a stink when was revealed the beloved iPhone was tracking, saving and sending peoples' movements.

yes in the wrong hands CarrierIQ could be used wrong, but all carriers will always use a similar product. Having said that, the only way to show your carrier you are not pleased is to switch to another service provider.

The AT&T Version of that App "My ATT" or something like that, sure does make your device run slow as heck and choke like a mofo when you use it.

Must be busy doing something else besides looking up your account info, right?

I'm glad I toss all that crap in a junk folder when I load a new OS.

If the user activates it via a pushed app link then is the carrier responsible?

If the user updates the OS via DM without a third party app to wipe the device does this affect CarrierIQ's ability to stay on the Phone?

First, there is a lot we don't know as yet. For sure, there are too many ways companies feel free to track our data and invade our privacy. It makes me REALLY appreciate those who have put so much time and skill into bringing this to our attention. Laws and regulation always lag behind advances in technology, and it is just such efforts that help us all get up to speed. This story is long from over. The implications are huge for individuals and companies. It will probably lead to some type of regulation on data collection.

Secondly, it is not only what companies officially state the purpose of data collection is. There is always the unofficial and occassional dark side to it. How many companies in the last few years have behaved in unethical ways? I believe most companies have no malicious intent at all. They still need to realize that those innocent days are over and it is inappropriate. It does not matter how noble a company's intent, the practice does not fit comfortably within a democracy.

Thirdly, as an American this is concerning and annoying to me. However, think of the role smart phones and especially BlackBerries have played in freedom movements around the world. That is why several countries have banned them. Data collection can mean life and death, success or failure in attempts to gain freedom. Because of that I take GREAT exception to unknown data collection of any type. A company patting me on the head and assuring me they will "only" use information for benign purposes has evidently not watched the news for the last few years. I ask for clarity that is not buried in long privacy policies that I would have to quit my job to have time to read.

CIQ is installed on the Tmobile BlackBerry® via the My Account app, so if you installed it then yes you are being watched :D if not you are pretty much safe...

Now if you want to be completely sure open the BlackBerry.axl file and edit it with notepad...

I have not found how to turn off the IQ on my BB phone (Curve 8330), but on the Apple iPhone 4, and or any Apple iPhone with iOS 5.0 (3GS, 4, 4S) it's simply a matter of going into your settings, to general, to about, to diagnostics & usage, and click the "Don't Send" tab. Game over.

Well I don't understand a whole lot about this issue...but I've read the articles and all I can say is that I'm glad AT&T seem to be clear of this so far. When I had the Torch, I went to re-install the NAV function which I had used on my Bold 9700. The program asked me if it could access information from my phone including my media files. That did not sit well with me, so I didn't install the program and cancelled the service with AT&T. And that, my friends, is the most power we have in this circumstance. Let our dollars do the talking and keep the info coming and let's be informed and inform others about what's happening.

So apparently, CIQ is attached to the MyAccount app. I see MyAccount icon on my phone (9900) but its a link to an external website, rather than an app. Also, the website asks to accept their terms and condition before proceeding. I've denied.

In UK, they have this system where they track you in malls to observe your buying habits using your phone's signal. You cannot just delete your OS or delete an app to stop the system from recording your movement. However, you can just turn the phone completely off. The radio signal from the phone is used to track where you were in the mall.

I don't think T-Mo or any other carrier for that matter install anything on the phone themselves. The installation, branding, packaging is done by RIM on their behalf, and as per their specific requirement.

It would appear that its primarily an American issue. My carrier Virgin Mobile tweeted that they do not install IQ on their devices. Rogers, Telus and Bell have claimed the do not as well. Saying that I did see on Mobile Syrup that they found an Android device from Rogers with it installed. Comes down to ensuring your reading the terms and not just clicking Accept. Users need to accept some responsibility if it is written in the terms. Saying that I feel sick to my stomach just thinking that this is going on!
Sent from my 9810

I am going to repost this again from my comment on the Carrier IQ story from the other day (I believe Verizon is adding this or something similiar since this was my experience in purchasing a NEW Blackberry Torch over the last 3 weeks) This was my comment from the other day:

VERY INTERESTING. So this explains why THREE brand new Torch 9850 phones I purchased from Verizon and shipped from the warehouse came in boxes that were OPENED with the seal broken and battery installed! THREE new phones that I returned and finally went to the store to get a SEALED box. This was a VERIZON BB purchased over the last 3 weeks. After several attempts to ask why my new phones were in boxes with the seal broken and battery installed they had no explaination. INTERESTING! I sent a letter to Verizon customer service and of course no response.

Allow me to enlighten you again, Even though others on here already have.

When you receive a device in an open box from Verizon, it's for one of two reasons.

1) Verizon opened the device at their distribution centre and pre-programmed your information into it (i.e your phone number) so that activating the device is fast and simple when it shows up at your door. I've received devices from T-Mobile on new lines with the SIM cards preinstalled and the batteries opened before, and I've received devices I provide to employees in this condition from Verizon like this as well.

2) Verizon commonly will open devices and upgrade the OS on that device to a newer version before shipping, knowing that some users may not ever bother to upgrade an OS during the life of a product. If you look at the device label on your box, at least with the (older) Bold 9650, The OS version should be noted on the sticker. You may or may not notice a sticker covering that OS version sticker on your box (this isn't always the case and the OS version isn't always printed), It's likely with the OS updates for the 9850 that your device had an OS upgrade before being shipped.

While telling someone to search isn't the solution to a question or concern, A search would reveal that receiving devices in open boxes from carriers isn't an uncommon occurrence. It happens, and it sure as hell doesn't mean that Verizon are installing software on your device to track you down, because I highly doubt that Verizon care where you, or I, eat lunch and get coffee every day.

I have a T-mobile 9900 but have installed an updated OS (9900AllLang_v7.0.0.440_P5.0.0.610)
I have accepted the My Account App terms and use it regularly to check my usage.
I looked in the e-screen and do not see any TMO CIQ process running.

what am i missing? is it the OS update?

CIQ is attached to the my account app on the phone, so as long as you don't use it, you'll be ok. I went ahead and deleted the myaccount app off my phone, I don't use it or need it anyway. If i need info about my account, I'll use the actual web site.

I've not been able to delete any of the native T-Mobile apps but I would love to! Could you please explain how you went about this? I've done a quick search and maybe CrackMem is the way to go? Or is it best done through the service book? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I saw the app on my homepage, then I highlighted it clicked the menu button, went to delete and deleted it. I then went into options, clicked on device, then applications, then you get a list of all of the apps that are on your phone. I looked to make sure that the app wasn't there just to make sure. I'm going to check the service books and make sure too. It seemed to work since i didn't see it anymore. I think i did a reboot too. Hope it helps.

I've seen a T-shirt that said "that's not a bug, it's a feature." Well, it's funny because people are like that, they never want to admit something is wrong with their phone. My friend is the biggest Android fanboy. Android isn't bad, it's 100 times better than iOS, but still, it has problems, but he will never admit it. Everytime he has to reboot his Android phone because it's locking up, going slow, crashing, etc. "oh, this is normal, no big deal." And when I told him that iOS and some Android phones depending on the carrier might have this logging program on it, I was just trying to give him a heads up, but he was like "Oh, logging software is on a lot of phones, it's no big deal..." Lol, seriously? I bet if I had said it was on iOS and not Android, he'll be more opposed to it, but because a lot of Android devices have it also, then it's ok, hahaha. Seriously now... Anyway, I have a Bold 9900 and don't have T-Mobile, so I'm glad that I (most likely) don't have this running on my phone...

I think RIM should start legal action against T-Mobile.
If RIM has never installed it and never authorized carrier partners to do it, then why is T-Mobile doing this?
I'm with Sprint and even though no BBs have been affected, I'm considering going to Verizon as it seems they are not doing this.

Honestly, why are carriers and some phone company's spying on people? If it is just diagnostic stuff it should be disclosed in a way people can understand. How many people knew about this? I don't think even 1% of users ever knew this.

The problem is that is they do this kind of stuff, who can trust them later (after they get caught) when they say that they took no personal information?

Read my post about 5 posts above before you switch to Verizon. I think VZ is adding this or something similiar on the BB. There is no reason why I get a new phone (torch 9850) shipped from the warehouse that is in a box with the seal opened and the battery installed. THREE phones in a row came this way!

"the claim from T-Mobile is that it is not for nefarious purposes and that personal data is not being tracked. What is tracked however is, battery performance, dropped calls and application failures."

Don't fall for that! It has been shown that Carrier IQ logs EVERYTHING you do, every keystroke you press (including passwords you enter), every website you visit, every phone number you dial... EVERYTHING. Even if T-Mobile is correct and they only care about battery performance and signal issues, the fact is Carrier IQ is way too invasive and hell can break loose if such logs fall into hackers' hands.

I have been using name id (caller id) from t-mo since this past spring on my 9700 for $3.99 per month. After upgrading to the 9900 the service has and is still active on my account, after updating the os to the 7.1 leak there was an app called T-Mobile Name ID by Cequint v1.0.1 (if on the leak check applications its there unless you shrunk it out before the os install).
there are 5 cod modules for name id

CarrierIQ is associated with the My Account app, dont use this app

Carriers have the ability to push applications to your BB. For instance my personal AT&T blackberry has a whole slew of applications pushed to it from the carrier. To name a few: mobile banking, at&t maps + nav, cnn, bloomberg, where, at&t app center, ypmobile, at&t music, live tv, IM apps (multiple), games, etc that i can remove and remove from my service books, but at&t will push it back to my phone on the next reboot. Every carrier does it, some more than others and typically to stuff some store down your throat to buy more stuff from the carrier. There is a way to prevent these applications from being installed with an Enterprise server, but i haven't done enough poking around to find a way to prevent it with a personal BB other than the previously mentioned steps.

This is interesting and answers the question about Carrier IQ on Verizon. I was just on the phone with tech support activating my new Torch 9850 and i asked him is "carrier iq" is on this phone. He said "yes, but I can't say anything more" I asked how can I remove it and he said he is not allowed to give instructions. VERIZON and Blackberry? Come clean.