RIM discontinuing Flickr BlackBerry app in March?!

RIM discontinuing Flickr BlackBerry app in March?!
By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2011 02:42 pm EST

Some reports earlier today made mention of the Flickr app for BlackBerry being discontinued as of March 1. Now, for whatever reason Research In Motion has pulled the referenced document so that users can no longer view it. That of course leads us to believe there is some validity to the fact it really could end up being removed so we went looking for the document. As you can see above, it does look as though it will be discontinued. Honestly, I'm not to sure of how popular an app Flickr really is? Does anyone really use it? Will it be missed if Research In Motion does pull it? I've used it a few times but I can't say it's an app I use all the time so I'd likely never miss it. But really, they still support ICQ. Removing Flickr just seems odd unless they have an alternative in the works.

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RIM discontinuing Flickr BlackBerry app in March?!


I use Flickr but the BB app is useless. Being a one-way upload only photo app is not very functional.

i agree with the other posters, very un-slick app even on a Torch. maybe RIM is working on their own image hosting site (could be messy!) or use another partner like image shack (hope not) or FACEBOOK>>>>? facebook 2.0? where are u?? lol

I agree with the quorum too... Personally I've used it less than 3 times in my life... Im my opinion, Im ok keeping my "photo album" @ Twitpic.. Wont miss Flickr at all!!!

I have it. Hardly use it. The integration of "send to Flickr" was handy, but getting the link URLs is a PITA, and the app doesn't even do that. I'm using Photobucket now. SocialScope has limited Flickr capabilities, but not uploading, not yet. We'll see.

I used it all the time but suddenly, the app gave me the error 200: Error uploading photo. I tried many different ways and still did not get it to work. I found out about the Email options to Flickr and I was happy ever since. The email way was basically overtook the Flickr app and saved memory on my Pearl Flip.

BB had a flickr app? What's flickr? Just kidding, but yeah thats how unplopular it is. Get DropBox, and you can upload to Photobucket later from a computer without even emailing. Would like a Photobucket app too though please.

I actually used the app quite a bit. Flickr is my main photo storage place on the web. I admit that the app could have used some updates, but I'll manage...

@GargoyleDC - They do make a photobucket app for BB. Check appworld and you should be able to get it...

flickr is for high res photos from photographers to share there work, not for social 3mp camera phone shots, and i dont think anyone uses the app anyway! they have photobucket as a replacement anyway!

Interesting. I've never been told that and I've been using it for my "social 3mp camera phone shots" for a while now.

Flickr is for anyone who wants to share their photos, be it camera phones or otherwise. Just like photobucket. (Eventhough Flickr looks more put together than PB.) Still, there's not a requirement of any sort to use flickr. Jesus.

Since everyone's talking about the PhotoBucket app...have they updated it yet so you can actually shut it down and doesn't always run in the background?

It still auto-launches on boot and stays resident in memory until you open it and manually shut it down. Since it doesn't really have any benefits over the mobile site, I deleted it. PB support was clueless when I reported the autolaunch issue. They sent me instructions on how to close the app. When I replied that my issue was that I had to shut it down everytime I rebooted, and I explained it in detail, they blew me off with a generic support template e-mail.

Wont be missing it. Darn thing was useless. Really wished they beefed it up. Heck Flickr Uploader on the computer worked more reliably. I'm partial to Flickr, simply because I am paying Pro anyway, and its not scratch off my back to keep paying for it.

I use an Android Phone now too as well as a BlackBerry Torch and Android Market still gives FLICKR. Wonder why RIM is getting rid of things other platforms still offer? Cutting off their nose to spite their face, lol.

The Flickr app would have been good if you could do more then just upload the crappy 3mp pics, like use the fourms.