RIM developing BBM Music - Share music and playlists with your friends via BBM

By Michelle Haag on 14 Jul 2011 04:02 pm EDT
BBM Music coming to BlackBerry?

The rumors are flying these days about upcoming RIM releases, be it devices, OS', or applications. The latest word going around is that RIM is working on a social music platform, possibly to be called BBM Music. Utilizing the new BBM Social Platform, BlackBerry users would be able to share music and playlists with other BBM users. Shared music could then be downloaded directly to the BlackBerry via the stand-alone app.

This makes sense, since there is already some integration with music and BBM with the "now playing" option in BlackBerry Messenger - why not take it a step further, integrate it completely and allow for sharing too. Sounds like a great application! Details are slim as of now, but hopefully we'll hear more soon.

Source: BlackBerrySync

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What would be nice is if they mostly just enable API's that 7digital, Slacker radio, or whoever can plug into.


yea, that and not use times new roman in the freekin logo. what is this 1993?


How is the music industry going to take this.


Sharing is a great idea I'm all for. However, if they do this, they are gonna get so sued.


I'm sure this will be done in a legal manner. I hope this process would be similar to how microsoft did it with zune where the people you share with could listen to the song only a few times then would have the option to purchase the song from whichever music service is integrated, whether it be amazon or 7 digital instead of subscription based.


You have my attention. I swear I've lost half my bbm contact list to blandroid and iPhonz in the last year. I hope this and lots of other BBM social platform stuff, plus all the future innovation and possibilities with QNX bring them running back in droves wondering why they left.

I'll still be here, waiting. Let's go RIMpire!


Your friends left RIM?

Are you Canadian, American or ????

How do they like the new phone?


If we are going to share music, wouldn't that mean that we also need to be able to up the limit on the size of our files? As it is, you can't send anything larger than 5 or 6 (cant remember what value it is) megs through BBM. Given that music files can easily reach into the 10 - 14 megs in size (e.g., pieces of music longer than 10 minutes), that would seem to be put a damper on the whole idea. Still, this is an interesting idea.


This would be really cool! I hope its true.


No doubt this will be a 'North American' only service like so much of RIM's software these days.


media companies will be all over RIM if this is true.


Shouldn't this thing be called BLACKBERRY JAM instead of super plain BBM Music???


fuckin love this idea!


Awesome functionallity!!! RIM is getting ready to rock the market again!!!



I think that they have a whole slew of things coming down the pipes. So much that people will be spinning their head wondering, where did all this stuff come from?


RIM is taking all the excuses away to leave....not that I would, but if they continue to intergrate these types of services to there already great product they can't lose. I see them going to compete with other platforms, but I can't see the other platforms coming close to being better at the things BB does best! Messaging, data compression and encryption....that and a media service, i cant wait for the BB media cloud to come next<--that would be awsome!


My friends don't HAVE Blackberries anymore. That's the whole problem! BBM is great, but useless to me except for the one person I know who has a BB.


We are your NEW friends.

You Canadian or American?




correction. SUPERPHONES


what is this nonsense? how about bringing out a modern phone?


This must be your first time on this site huh? In any case, explain how a scholar as yourself with the highest level of education who invented the most significant gadget in the history of technology came to the conclusion that such a great idea is nonsense.


The way in which you articulated your insult was superb. Thanks for the chuckle.


its good too finally hear alot of different rumors on RIM working on alot of different projects for a huge turn around finally!


I just want to see all this stuff come out.
How can a company with 17,000 people hide so many things. There must be people who want to talk.


I think RIM has many ideas, and so far so good. They just have to focus on what they do best....

Long live RIM!!