RIM demos media sharing on BlackBerry 7.1 at Mobile World Congress

By Bla1ze on 29 Feb 2012 10:19 am EST

We've seen quite a few demos from RIM this week at Mobile World Congress and while some of the stuff we saw was just concept ideas, one thing they've been showing off is already available and that is the media server capability built into BlackBerry 7.1. We're not entirely too sure that what RIM's angle is here. They've never officially announced the media server capability in 7.1, in fact -- it's not even in the currently available carrier releases. We only caught wind of it thanks to a heavy set of OS leaks that showed up previously. Either way, RIM has been showing it off at Mobile World Congress and if you want that capability now, you'll have to install a leaked OS.

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RIM demos media sharing on BlackBerry 7.1 at Mobile World Congress


I love this feature - to get to it, get into your media folder and then media options. At the bottom, enable File Sharing. You can then check off what types of files you want to share in the Preferences, and there's also an access control to limit what devices you want to serve.

I only hope that they allow a Player at some point instead of just the Server. I want to stream stuff TO my phone from my NAS, etc. as well.

That's because when you look for the files, make sure you are in the right format section. For example, if you are looking for pictures on your phone, go to PS3 picture folder then go down and choose the phone and you should see them. This is a stupid design by Sony.

I got a message "no supported files found" then I realized I am in video section of PS3 looking for photos. So, I moved to the photos section and now I can see all my images.

Thanks a million that was exactly the problem. I love how apparently all the videos I recorded are unsupported. Smh

Since this is already available there is no shock value at MWC for BlackBerry.

However, I do like the presenter's shirt.

I hope they add this functionality to the PlayBook. I like being able to stream from my BB to my PlayStation, but from PlayBook to PlaytStation would be even nicer.

BB10 devices landing later this year. What will investor and customer sentiment be by then when we are still awaiting a clear and concise road map from Thorsten?


There is a nice little app on App World for BB Phones called "Waveroom WIFI music player". It'll stream music (but will not stream video) smoothly and with no loss of audio quality to your BB Phone (my 9900 and my old Torch are GREAT for listening to streamed music from my PCs - not many people discuss this, but a lot of BB phones play music with really good audio quality!)

It would be sweet if I actually had 7.1. Optus Australia hasn't put the update out for everyone yet(in fact I don't think any carrier has put it out yet down here).

Yes, I could install a leaked or official version from another carrier. For some reason I thought they would be quicker with this since RIM announced it(start of january if I remember correctly)

This is good but also want to be able to stream from my network to the BB phone and PB. Hope RIM is listening. This feature is a couple years old, what's taking so long.

I think it has more to do with DLNA-compatible devices than RIM. There's nothing special about the PS3 (in this capacity, anyway) that allows it to interact with BB7.1 phones, they both just support the same protocol. I don't think the 360 supports DLNA (correct me if I'm wrong) or else you'd be able to do the same thing.

I have a TORCH 9850 with os 7.1, can't find the media sharing option. Is it even available on the 9850 ??

Latest leaked for 9850 has the option (just installed it - look on the forums for the 9850/9860). I don't have any other DNLA devices though. I was hoping I would be able to access files on my Torch from my PB, but PB doesn't have that ability yet (or I don't know how to get it working).