RIM delays annual presentation to financial analysts until launch of BlackBerry 10

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By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2012 04:14 pm EDT

Normally around this time of year as we head into BlackBerry World, RIM would be preparing to meet with financial analysts to discuss RIM's strategy and performance over the past little while and what may be ahead in the months to come. BlackBerry World has always had a focus for that dating back to even before it was called BlackBerry World. This year though, RIM has gone ahead and decided to change course and delay those meetings until sometime after BlackBerry 10 has launched:

"We decided to make BlackBerry World more focused on customers, developers and partners," RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy said on Tuesday. "We will hold a separate session targeted at the interests of the investment community later this year, once BlackBerry 10 is launched."

No date for the meetings has been announced; much like how no date for the actual launch of BlackBerry 10 has been announced either. The focus on consumers and developers is certainly appreciated however; how the financial analysts will take the news remains to be seen. Though, we're sure we'll be hearing from them as well shortly.

Source: Reuters

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RIM delays annual presentation to financial analysts until launch of BlackBerry 10


Could be but the analysts are damaging to RIM anyway, so IMO ignoring the folks who seem to do the most damage to their efforts is reasonable.

I agree. RIM is not getting respect of the investment community so don't waste the effort. The stock price is below where it should be so let that sleeping dog lie and focus on the important things like getting a BB10 phone in my hands :-P.

except it's quite obvious that ignoring the analysts are not going to stop them from complaining...it will only make matter worse...

with the negative sentiment associated with the disappointments RIM had been giving out in the past 2 years, the analysts will imagine the worst possible case if you don't give them any information at all...in other words, bad press for RIM up until the launch of BB10, which clearly will not do BB10 much good...and if I understand it correctly, they are having the meetings after the launch which means BB10 will be launching in a negative atmosphere concerning its company...

and not to mention that no one has any idea when BB10 will actually launch since RIM is very good at delaying...late 2012 may end up being 2013...a year of bad financial reviews will be sure to drive away quite a bit of investors....

I think your point of view is very well represented among the analysts, so maybe I should ask you, if RIM demo'd a BB10 phone for you tomorrow, would you even care? How much impact would it have on your overall view of the company?

I think the RIM executive has reached the understanding that no meeting with analysts is going to accomplish anything near what sheer RESULTS will, and so they have decided to forego such a meeting until they have results to present.

Makes perfect sense to me.

so your solution to quiet the people who influence others to buy your stock is to clam up and appear you are hiding something?
Doesn't sound like much of a plan. Although after thinking about it for a bit, it does sound exactly like something Laziridis or Balsillie would come up with.

Hmmm clan up and say nothing until you have something to deliver?... Sounds like a "fruity" strategy. I wonder if any other company would try something crazy like that?

"people who influence others to buy your stock" LOL!! The opposite more like. Silence is golden my friend. This is a new strategy of not making claims they can't fulfil and then coming up woefully short. Much better to say nothing until you have something significant to say. Aren't we all tired of the TAT demos, better to just deliver something than frustrate the customers/analysts. I wanted a PB when they first announced, but I waited for updates etc and now I'm totally over it, unlikely to get one. However if they had said nothing and just dropped it first time in its OS2 state I definitely would have bought one.

It's a good decision. There is no point in talking to analysts now before BB10 comes out because RIM will just be "promising stuff" and the response will be we need to see it.

There is zero point in holding anything for analysts before BB10

Don't forget RIM has one of the savyist investors in the world on it's board now. He probably made the call. I doubt he values analysts highly anyway.

It's worth remembering, too, that the pressure to have something to present for these meetings can be a big distraction to the engineering team.

Ultimately, the downside potential outweighs the upside; the best reaction they'd be likely to get right now would run along the lines of "sure, it looks great, but we're skeptical they'll survive long enough to get it to market".

Worse, the analysts come out generally dismissive, or perhaps wind up leaking something significant.

"Worse, the analysts come out generally dismissive, or perhaps wind up leaking something significant."

You hit the nail on the head.
Anything that RIM would need to show the analysts to make them change their mind, would likely get leaked in a matter of seconds.

RIM has made a lot of mis-steps this last year, but THIS is a good decision. Nothing good can come of letting analysts get a sneak peak at BB10.

I wonder if this means bb10 is coming sooner than we think, or has RIM just finally got fed up with the analysts? I hope this doesn't come back to haunt them.

On one hand I'm saying 'oh crap!' but on the other I'm saying 'stick it to 'em!!'

Good or bad decision doesn't matter, the analysts always react negatively to all news from Rim whether it is good, bad or indifferent.

Hopefully the BB10 date is still in 2012, and will be before Black Friday. I know they say later this year, but they still haven't proven that they are to be believed on any dates.

To me this means BB10 is coming soon, they can't push back the earning's call to 2013, by they it'll be time for a completely new earnings call.

I agree. I read it as a positive for certainty of delivery schedule. I also agree that they really can't SAY anything that will be positively interpreted unless they want to unzip their fly and say "This is exactly what we've got". I'm glad they don't want to do that..... Literally and metaphorically.
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Don't think they're talking about the earnings call, that should still be Thursday at 5pm. I think this is the an annual investor briefing they give at BlackberryWorld/WES.

lol i think we can seroiusly discount the comments of any analyst that claims speaking to customers and devs first is a bad idea.

What ??? Let the speculation begin ?? WTF are you talking about ? It began well over a year ago. Analysts have had a nail in RIMs coffin for far too long, while shorting them at the same time I'm sure....

Good for RIM !! F^%& the analysts, get your product out, and hold the strategy and performance meeting while they are wiping the drool of their jaw dropped chins ;)

Thing is.... the product better be top notch, and making this kind of BOLD move, I'm thinking it will be.

Exactly !! and no matter what RIM said in these meetings, they are going to go in with their negative attitudes anyway. They've been screwing RIM for too long. Good to see RIM push back a little.

At least they may have to set this session well in advance so it will give us an indirect indication of the BB10 launch date

Tim's a cook, you can do 2 eggs over easy on the new ipad without an app...wow apple is incredible a $600 frying pan or you can do what all the ifags do put the Ipad between your legs to heat your balls.

great news!!! I have never in my 20 yrs investing, read such a negitive backlash as i have in rim.... analyst's are the fatest pigs at the trough..... i can honestly say i hate them..... once again good on you rim......

There's been a lot of hype about BB10, and I'm not sure if it's warranted; it may well be that BB10 turns out to be the best thing to happen to the smartphone industry, but I just don't think enough is known right now to make that hype anything more than wild speculation. My hope is that RIM blows us away with it.

BUT...I really, really hope BB10 (and by extension, the "sessions" referenced in the article) are not delayed. RIM has a real credibility problem which, as near as I can tell, began with the delayed release of the Playbook. Even if it's only a perceived delay, it could prove fatal for RIM, particularly in light of the current hype.

I agree they have had their story all wrong.

The beating rim has taken is due to negative media more than anything.

I think RIM decided to hold off on any plans and regroup when sentiment started to go bad. They saw a negative trajectory which had to run its coarse. They must have realized (along with everyone else watching) that anything they did would be frowned upon by analyst and the media.

Unfortunate for shareholders and beloved users to have to endure such misinformation. For a company and it's dedicated people it must have been even worse. To be portrayed as incompetent and insignificant is ridiculous by any measurement.

What I can't understand is how cowardly the Canadian media is by not stepping up and defending one of their own..now that's incompetent and yes I see the Canadian media as insignificant.

I believe in RIM. I believe that they'll come through and deliver and blow us all away. But the possibility that they won't scares me. We, as BlackBerry fans, have been hyping up BlackBerry 10 since April 2011. Even RIM has been doing it. And if BB10 isn't amazing or different or groundbreaking or whatever the media thinks BB10 is going to be, we've essentially shot ourselves (as BlackBerry users) in the foot by hyping up something that wasn't worth it.

Please, RIM, make it happen!!

RIM has the power now hahahhahaha to the analyst
RIM just gave ya 2 middle fingers
go ahead drop the stocks even more I dare ya hahahhaha
best decision RIM made in a long time.

As a shareholder I hope they have purchased some shares, trading below tangible book value it should be a no brainer

And yes, RIM just gave the middle finger salute to the analysts.

At this point analysts are not going to provide any value to RIM, nor to investors. This is a sound strategy.

RIM...? Are you listening? Your current marketing / media company that you are using needs to go. Marketing failure on BB10 cannot happen.

At this point analysts are not going to provide any value to RIM, nor to investors. This is a sound strategy.

RIM...? Are you listening? Your current marketing / media company that you are using needs to go. Marketing failure on BB10 cannot happen.

The iPhone 5 is dropping in October. RIM knows this. IMO they MUST make a preemptive strike and drop the flagship BB10 phone by August/September. What a coup that would be!! Otherwise if they wait till Apple releases the iPhone 5 or worse yet AFTER its released I do believe RIM will be dead in the water. C'mon RIM!!! We're all waiting for you guys to make this happen!!! Just do it before it's too late!!!

Long Live The RIMpire!!!

well...not really...a few of us have mentioned how RIM missed the golden opportunity this year already...launching in Aug/Sep would still mean the sales would drop by October...Q1 and Q2 are the golden opportunity this year since there are so little handsets being released and releasing a phone in Q4 does mean RIM needs to release it pretty much as a 2013 phone with specs that virtually do not exist yet...

Moving the launch day to Q4 is a very bad decision...and RIM will suffer for it...since their management get paid to make these decisions, I'll just have to assume that there must be some real reason to move it to Q4

Coming from a huge department who carried bb for a long time to now sealing a deal with apple, that's about 680 bb to 750 iphones

And now you have 750 devices that are very vulnerable to security attacks. Good job, you moved from a business tool to a toy.

Don't forget the 750 users have kids. Making their kids hooked to the toy actually boosts business efficiency of the organization. Smart move !

This is definitely a big fuck you to all the analysts that have helped push rims stock down to 13 dollars. It also tells me that rim is once again going to miss its Q4 predictions that they already lowered significantly. If combined with a further delay of bb10 this will be the end of RIM folks.

I've already seen companies getting out of stock markets with making public offers:
- what's the point of staying on market if they can't raise good capital on it or value stock options, take bad publicity with the stock price, but still have to do extensive time-consuming reporting.
- generally doing so is slightly above the recent history high and that screws a lot of investors... kind of revenge for non support, but a lot of small investor are actually supporting and taking the loss.

RIM's recent acquisitions and cut over to a new OS platform are reasons enough to take a wait and see approach. Giving the finger to the analysts is a smart move for BBWorld, it keeps the focus around the devs and clients, two spots that need all the love they can get. Its a smart business move.

I am glad to hear this.

RIM also needs to cut down other activities. Too many meetings; Too many trade shows; too many conferences. The many unnecessary activities and events not only exhaust RIM’s own staff, they also exhaust the customer and developer communities, make them directionless and clueless.

RIM must concentrate resources and energy on building Quality; let Quality speak for RIM, for BlackBerry; Let Quality lead the BlackBerry team as well as its customers and developers.

RIM marketing has been OK on the selling side. The problem of RIM marketing is with vision and product positioning. The many public activities and events don’t help in resolving these problems.

On the R&D and production fronts, the quality of BB has been dropping alarmingly. RIM’s new CEO, Mike, and other RIM board members must work closely together to reverse this trend before it is too late. Cutting down unnecessary public activities and events makes it possible for RIM’s teams to concentrate on building Quality.

RIM’s board and the new CEO made a good decision here.

Somehow I want to interpret this as a sign that BBOS10 might be here sooner than everyone suspects.

Still though, I think it is a smart decision. They are fighting a losing battle concerning analysts now anyway, especially before BBOS10 is here. Why spend your energy and time in that?

Shrinkberry sounds like they are doing there best to avoid disaster! I like rim, wish they had a retail store in nj.