RIM Data Outage Continuing Today for Wifi Users?

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2010 11:46 am EST

Data Outage

According to dataoutages.com, many users are still having issues with both BIS and BES connections for the second day in a row. It seems like the issue is hovering around Wifi connections, where users are having data trouble when Wifi is disconnected. No official word on what the deal is or when it will be fixed, but hopefully it will get resolved at some point today. If you're having spotty issues with email, web browsing and BBM then this is most likely why. Drop a comment and let us know how data is working for you.

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RIM Data Outage Continuing Today for Wifi Users?


I called at&t and they reset my data plan (took it off and added it back). Web and BBM back up. Just reactivated my BES and it just completed. Appears I am back up and running!

Seems like is back for the moment.....

That's why we cannot rely on technology/mobile only, we always should have a "Plan B".

In St. Louis Metropolitan area (Belleville, IL). Tmobile Bold 9700 working fine today and yesterday. 1 hiccup sending an email, but worked on 3rd try.

You jumped ship but miss the good ol' crackberry?!? How is the grass on that side of the fence? Any greener???

hell yes it's greener. I would never go back to BB. Still love crackberry.com tho and n worries..crackberry has an android section, and it will grow. :)

all the blackberry owners I know are jumping ship to Android and it's definitely looking greener on the other side...much more tasty too. Mmmm open source and no data outages with out warning...HTC Desire hurry up!

an android forum section. I am not goiung anywhere. I'm just waiting for all the BB folks to switch to android then we can get this place really rocking.:) Plus I still have my BB 9000 so stop hating.:)

I actually took my sim out of my nexus yesterday and put it in to my BB 9000 so I could check my @blackberry email, and I encountered this outage. So glad I left, and that's the last time I put a sim back in my BB. I'm officially done with RIM.

Yeah. Having troubles with connection. My connection seems slow and its not the phone cause none web based apps work perfect yet when I go to the internet it is dial up slow

Storm 1 9530 on Verizon. Some phone calls going right to voicemail. Email and bbm delayed by hours along with some apps not responding

Data seems to be working alright with WiFi turned on. Blackberry Storm 2 9550 on Verizon Wireless.





I experienced this issue since the day before yesterday. Only able to connect thru wifi was my case. No browsing thry BIS. Initially when I filed the report with my carrier they were not aware of the issue (yesterday) but throughout the day they bacame aware. Since yesterday afternoon it came back to normal. I'm located in the Dominican Republic.

Didn't had any problems at all, but today a friend of mine had this problem, he's BB was only making and receiving calls, all internet services, weren't working and now suddenly they are working again! BTW I'm on Dominican Republic 2, nice to find some1 from here :)

The thing is i went trough this like 3 weekends ago and apparently nobody else was having this problem 'cause my service provider didn't know anything about it, my girlfriend had the same problem, it began on sunday, and like with myself, after 2 days, problem solve without our service provider's intervention. we are in DR 3

bbm has been a little finicky. Send 4 messages and the second one never made it through, things like that last night.

No BIS email in Miami since about 8 or so this morning. BES is fine, as is the internets.

BBM was slow last night, haven't used it today. Other than that, haven't really experienced any issues, knock on wood.

I haven't had any issues with email, internet, bbm or tweets. I'm not using wifi and haven't since a few days ago. Everything is fine. Internet is fast as usual.

ROGERS Canada. If anyone experiencing the same problem call ROGERS, it took them a while a bring my data back.
I tried several time myself to send service books or to reinstall software.
Tech support experienced problem IS on the OPERATOR side and that in first instance I should have called them without losing my time.

Thanks ROGERS! I don't know what was the problem but it my Berry working now as before.

And no - I will NEVER give up my Berry ! No Android is going to replace my terminal.

Regards to all Crackberry Nation.

Me, too. Honestly, I'm really tired of this. I, like many others it seems, am counting the days 'til my contract's up and I can jump ship. Blackberry has amazing hardware, but the software is horribly outdated, and that the only way I can get my work email and calendar on my phone is to allow the corporate overlords to read my texts and see my phone logs is completely unacceptable in this day and age. RIM has lost the plot, and that they can't fix this recurring problem speaks volumes.

BIS still down, and spotty access over UMA/WIFI on my 8120

BIS has been down since i was awake @ 6:50 AM

down still as of 12:09 PM

No problems at all... All services BIS/BES are fast and smooth. Even our users on enterprise over BIS with our fresh install of BESX are ggreat. Both mobile network and wifi work.

Ive had issues since sun night and so did my gf. We're both on T-Mobile in SoCal. I had no email or IM or FB. Web browser worked later yesterday but that was it.

Mine started working at 4:15am this morning cuz all my email addresses got the registered email at that time.

My gf's however was still down at 8am this morning.

I called Rogers, network reset and everything is fine... omg should have just called yesterday rather than waiting :D

BIS back online (after like 24hrs of offline :x)

I am having trouble streaming Pandora today and yesterday. So I have to drop back to slacker. Just not as good. (Slacker plays the same songs over and over, how is it they have 3X the songs)?

Had issues sending and receiving msgs on BBM - emails - texts. Browsing also finicky, as of last night. On wifi now and it seems to be "okay". ::crosses fingers::

its been going on for a couple days now for me. 9700 tmo in PHX az. everything works fine on WIFI/uma.

just now (on 3g service, no WIFI avble), a bunch of emails and BBM came through. is it over? or is it just another intermittancy?

Since coming back to Blackberry devices I have been extremely unhappy with the service. No, more than ever, they are having outages. So now I have to deal with services outages (at times) as well as RIM outages (again, at times). Like many are saying, I will be leaving Blackberrys to perish soon as well.

this is frustrating for users who will work on BIS nobody cares if it works only post that does not work

NYC no incoming emails, no BIS browser unless thru wi-fi. Can send email but not receiving it. SMS & BBM are fine for now

If you get an error message that states: “This is a Wi-Fi service, please ensure you have an active Wi-Fi and try again” and you have already disabled Wi-Fi, follow these steps to fix it.

options > advanced options > browser configuration> change the default browser from hotspot browser to internet browser.

Everything's running fine it seems. Internet is good, texting is good, calls are fine, E-mail is fine, cant test BBM as I only have one friend on it, and she's asleep it seems.

Seems like is back for the moment.....

That's why we cannot rely on technology/mobile only, we always should have a "Plan B".

BIS, BBM and Internet service are back up and running as of this minute, however, it was not just a Wi-Fi issue, it was through 3G too. I'm on the Rogers network in Canada. It has been down for about 3 hours.

When I try to activate my email account I receive an error:


it took 2 mins, had a battery pull while on hpone with carrier, they resent service books and reset data.

there was a BIS outage, the carrier is then required to resend data lists to RIM, but some carriers wait for thre nightly reset @ 2:30 am, and some will do it for you on the spot, rogers does both.

phone in, ask for data reset, takes 2 mins.

Hi. My 9700 on AT&T has been getting messages only sporadically over the last 36 hours. I've done numerous battery pulls and sent service books but it appears that nothing is in the users' control. it's 140p ET and it's still not solid. FML

Not sure if it's the same problem, but a lot of people had an issue like this a few weeks ago. Go to Options> Mobile Network>menu>run diagnostics. Check the PIN-PIN test and see if it says Yes. If it says no, we all had to call RIM individually, there wasn't an overall fix that I heard about. Don't bother with the carriers, they were no help. Hope that helps.

Called AT&T and RIM yesterday to get it resolved, except my POP email didn't start working until I deleted and re-added the account.

I had 3 users out of ~830 report no email or Web. All 3 on T-Mobile 8900, 9700s do not seem to be affected, but again there may be more who just didn't report it.

My email here in San Diego started off real slowly Monday.
I knew something was wrong.....but not too much of a buzz in the chatrooms yesterday am.
No problems today.
Bold 9700 ATT /BIS.

No issues here in AZ whatsoever. On or off WiFi. 8900 on T-Mobile for personal and 9700 on T-Mobile for work.

I'd been having issues for the last few days with my Rogers 9700. I thought that there might have been an issue with my WiFi, because it just would NOT stay connected for any length of time (maybe 20 minutes at the most). This morning when I went to check the news, get the weather and whatnot, it just would not connect at all. I couldn't get e-mail through WiFi or through the wireless service, couldn't access FB or use the browser at all until just now.

I called Rogers and they reset my network (BB n00b, I think that's what it's called). I now have my 3G signal back and WiFi, for the most part, seems to be staying connected. The rep on the line said that there was a 3G service disruption earlier today though.

Here's hoping it lasts, too, because I JUST got this thing, like...34 days ago :P. I will keep you posted if it goes out again in Southwestern Ontario :)

ever since i updated my phone with the RIM my services have been all screwed up. i dont recv calls, messages, emails NOTHING! cant even access the web?!?

if anyone has any suggestions please advise asap. thanks

ps. already did a battery pull & resent service books. im out of options ;(

I noticed I had a problem Saturday night when I didn't get any messages on my phone but they were in my Outlook account. I checked the BES but everything looked fine. Did the reboot to the server and phone and still nothing. I tried activation and realized that it did not work. Also noticed that I didnt have internet service. I called Verizon and they did not find anything. I finally had to call RIM and they said there is an issue with receiving email. They reset my PIN and it fixed the problem. 2 days of troubleshooting .....30 min fix through RIM. Was not happy.

I was so excited when it was released that I was at the store on November 16th at 9am to buy one. That very morning service was out. Outage lasted for two days. Then there was another one that hit close to Thanksgiving...closer to Thanksgiving I should say. There appeared to have been another in early December, then one just before Christmas.

I sold the 9700 and kept my Touch Pro2. I never really hear about an HTC outage! Since then I have purchased a Nexus One and couldn't be happier. The Touch Pro2 is still the go to device for work and it always does just that...it works.

I have been a pretty loyal BlackBerry user over the past few years. I have owned pretty much every GSM capable BlackBerry released since 2007 except for the Tour. I decided to let the device go in anger and surprisingly I have not really missed anything about the BlackBerry maybe for BBM.

Thank goodness for first time I am not having a problem, but RIM'S problems seem to be getting more and more common, BlackBerry Messenger usually causing most of them. RIM get your act together and UPGRADE YOUR NETWORK. AT&T could use network upgrades also, while we are at it. :(

i work in a retail store. myself and a few co workers are having the same issues. however this must not be as widespread as the last outage because we havent had a customer complaint yet.

I tried connecting to the App World last night and couldn't, still haven't been able to all day today. I was wondering what the issue was, so I guess this is it. I had WiFi connected, and since I read this article I went ahead and turned off my WiFi - and what do ya know, it worked! Hopefully they'll get the WiFi issue fixed soon. I'm using a Curve 8900, so the Edge isn't nearly as fast as the WiFi connections ... Weird thing is all my other data is working perfectly fine, it was just App World that wasn't connecting.

Had major problems all day yesterday as well, then I went into my local Verizon store. After an hour (fortunately my rep is also a good friend) I left. By the time I got home it was working.

Still think I'm gonna switch to Droid tho. The free software is amazing & no outages like we've been having. It'll be a few more months tho until my annual upgrade is available. Gotta hang tough~

WIFI = everything works when connected to WIFI

Called AT&T, they just do the usual battery pull, go to media net site to show me it's not AT&T's bad and I have to wait for RIM to fix global issue...

As of 5:30pm PST... I did resend service books and tried without WiFi connected and all seems to work now. Not sure if it was the service books or RIM in general.

Mine's been more or less down since yesterday. This sort of shoddy service is going to send people over to Android pretty quickly if it continues to happen. I'm a die hard BlackBerry user, but this is getting ridiculous...

Since last night I've been having issues with my BBM (even while on Wifi at home). Then this morning I couldn't even connect to the internet. I resorted to using my 8900 which was running smoothly. But the trackball was hurting my thumb so I waited it out with my 9700... seems to be up and running now!

BIS has been working since 11.30am this morning without Wifi activated. There's an outage due to RIM or the Bell network every two weeks since I switched on their new network last december... I'm really tired of this. At least, yesterday, the phone worked, same as last week, it was only a data issue not like last month when I had no phone and data...

My coworker has the same 9700 as me and we are both on TMO. Her's is not working mine is. The difference? I'm on beta .539. She's on .330 official OS.

No BIS, BBM or AIM on my deathstar 8900 in the NYC metro area. Can still browse though via EDGE or WiFi with no problems. What gives? I joined the bb cult BECAUSE of their reliability and security. Gotta say though, in my short time with the blackberry experience I've been more than satisfied. I hope they can resolve the server issues soon so they can keep satisfying their diehard, new and future customers…

I only get data if I'm using wifi at home or at the office. Elsewhere it's a no-go. It's been like this since around noon Monday in Metro Vancouver. I hope RIM gets its act together soon.

Service (Email, Browsing, etc.) was out from sometime around 8am until 3:30 pm on Monday, 8 March. Seems to be fine today.

Data was very spotty anytime I was outside of WiFi availability. Hope it is fixed soon. I miss my slacker :(

I have been unable to get email or BBM messages for almost 2 days now. and I had this exact problem 2 weeks ago.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I called up Verizon and they are totally useless.

I have a 9700 on ATT and was experiencing the issues. I ave finally been able to get data within the last hour or so without a wifi connection. I am in NYC/CT.

Did a soft reset at the advice of a fellow crackberry fiend and everything is working again as though nothing happened. Weird

i have cincy bell 9700, went out last night at 10pm , no bbm, internet etc..... came back around noon today. Outages getting old :[
but I still love my bb :]

Oh, so THAT'S why I was having trouble with my BlackBerry! I was having trouble sending/receiving BBM messages, emails and net browsing for most of the late evening yesterday. All of my BB services are back and are running normally now, except for surfing by wifi, which is still a bit spotty.

Storm 2 9550....WiFi icons been grey for 2 days...mobile network is still 3G....i can surf the net, facebook, bbm, twitter no issues, just a little slower when im home, it shows my wifi connection at home but the wifi logo remains greyed out...on verizon by the way.

Is this a BB problem? or Carrier? I'm about to go into work tomorrow and stop in the Verizon center a few stores down and bring my phone in....

I'm on Rogers in BC Canada and i was getting missed sent or revived messages from BBM. Some of my messages would go through and some would not when i was just on WIFI at home. If i turned on my network then all the missed messages would suddenly flood in like some of the messages would be routed to the cell network and others to the WIFI network.

seems to be stable now but i was seeing that for the past 2 days.

all the rest of the functions seemed to be ok MSN, web browsing etc

OWA accounts are not working.. Mails are not getting delivered.. Network is inconsistent in india now.. whats happening?? OWA accounts are getting automatically invalidated after few moments of validating...

I have been a devoted bb user for years but in the last 12 months the service outages have been too many I will not buy another RIM device

having no BIS,email or BBM problems here (8330m Sprint) but every now and again since yesterday GTALK signs me off saying it had an unexpected error but other than that no huge problems!

I'm still down sadly... running 9700 on Bell with firmware version .423... BlackBerry Withdrawal =.=

Well I didnt start to have a problem until 10:36pm, as of 12:10am March 10, 2010 still WiFi outage. But then this is third time in a month.

Another outage...my wife's 8530 on Sprint (Central FL) impacted, glad I switched to Droid...it's getting tempting to pay retail cost to replace my wife's BB, this is unacceptable by RIM

Experienced data outage Tuesday a.m. (3/9/10). Called T-Mobile, who put me thru to their BB specialist...who told me "no outages reported". After about a half hour of the rep pushing buttons and a few reboots, problem was solved and has been fine since.